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Wednesday, 20 February 2008 16:17

Cindy Cunningham from Hollyoaks ...


Stephanie was born in Urmston, Manchester in 1978 and has appeared in various television series including Nice Guy Eddie, Mersey Beat and Holby City, but is well known for the role of Cindy Cunningham in Hollyoaks. She also had one of the lead roles in the Australian Sky One series, Crash Palace, playing Tina Clark in the backpacker drama.

Stephanie was a long time in the role of Cindy Cunningham - she played the part for four years on Hollyoaks. Initially the character was played by Laura Crossley for a few episodes, before Stephanie took on the role between 1996 and 2000. For those who want a short recap of what the character was about, well, life was running pretty smoothly for Cindy until the night of her 16th birthday when she became pregnant, following the advances of scandalous Stan Stanley. Cindy would conceal the pregnancy from her parents and, when she finally gave birth, abandoned the child. Her parents forcibly reunited mother and child, but Cindy tried to suffocate the baby. The shock of her actions suddenly made Cindy realise that she actually really loved her newborn daughter.

Cindy fell for Sean Tate the decorator, who mistreated baby Holly. An incident with a firework was brought to the attention of Social Services, who then never let up on checking up on her. Eventually, Cindy tried to move abroad to start a new life, but was abandoned at the airport by Sean. Unfortunately, Holly was prevented from leaving as she did not have a passport. Instead, Cindy returned to Hollyoaks, set up her own business venture, "Steam Team", and hooked up with fireman Ben Davies.

An incident involving Holly swallowing an ecstasy tablet, and Social Services quickly being on her tail, meant that Cindy had no choice but to flee the country, involving Ben in helping mother and child make an escape from hospital.

In Nice Guy Eddie, Stephanie played Laura, one of the daughters of streetwise PI Eddie McMullen (Ricky Tomlinson). Other television guest starring roles have included Always and Everyone (as Linda), Sweet Medicine (with Ashley Jensen), Brookside, The Royal, and Doctors.

Her training includes two years at the Oldham Theatre Workshop, followed by two years at the Acting Studio in Manchester. She has devised a treatment for a drama format which is in development with a major production company. Recently, in fact on Christmas Day 2006, Stephanie appeared as Emma, a girlfriend of Jason Grimshaw in Coronation Street.

Some of Stephanie's personal TV favourites are 24, Ugly Betty, Ally McBeal, Will & Grace, Sex in the City, Buffy, Angel and Friends.


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