Ken Basford

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 16:33

A popular guest at Cult TV, this television and film writer lives in Lithuania ...


Ken became a professional writer at the age of 11 after winning a national essay competition. His prize was a box of Cadbury’s chocolates. Since then, he has continued to write, to gain weight and gain honours. So far as is known, Ken is the only creative writer that has been vetoed by NATO ... TWICE! He sees his strengths as characterisation and plotting, and his weakness as "Kalnapilis 7.30" beer!

This British born writer now lives and writes in Lithuania. For Danish Television he developed, storylined and wrote the first 26 episodes of their first ever television soap opera, Ugeavisen. The shows were always in the weekly top ten most-watched programmes, with many reaching the coveted number one spot.

Ken developed the TV character of Piggy, an animation series based on a strip cartoon that had run in a daily newspaper for many years. Ken introduced an antagonist, Batty, and wrote the scripts. The series of five minute films without any dialogue were produced by the Lithuanian Film Studio.

Ken scripted "Rebuild the Rainbow", a semi finalist at the 2004 Moondance Film Festival. The plot follows two children who have witnessed the theft of the gold at the end of a rainbow – an act that turns the world into black and white. They embark on a series of journeys to bring colour back to the world.

Ken wrote "Plus One" ("+1"), a comedy about global warming. It’s about how a legend grows around the name of Professor Noah Baker and the thirty six thousand three hundred and seventy two trees he planted while he was alive and a further one – the most important one of all – after he died. This was a finalist at the 2003 Moondance Film Festival.

A Member of the British Society of Comedy Writers, Ken does many English language voice-overs for Lithuanian Television documentaries and is a Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. Amongst his other talents are those of water diviner and electric cable detector!

Ken was a guest at the Cult TV Festivals in 2001, 2002, 2005 and 2006.


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