Jim Mortimore

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 16:34

Acclaimed writer of Doctor Who and Bernice Summerfield novels, as well as a composer and sound designer ...


Early careers as a rubbish shoveller for the Council, a library-assistant for the Council, a social services clerk for the Council, and a graphic designer for Prontaprint finally led Jim to becoming a writer.

The urban myth of choice when Jim was a mere nipper was that working for the Council was the most secure job you could have. He can personally testify this is a total crock. As a rubbish shoveller he nearly lost a leg when a JCB rolled over a 50 gallon drum of paint and the lid, driven by the resultant explosion, flew past him, discus-style, as if hurled by the very Gods themselves at the world’s first Olympic Games, to carve a three-inch deep gash in a nearby brick wall.

As a Library Assistant he was psychologically abused by a series of middle-aged power-addicts with catalogue-card and typewriter fetishes. As a social services clerk, following a fire in which his office was demolished, Jim was physically assaulted by a stoned alcoholic, whose favourite pastime seemed to be walking semi-naked through the plate glass door of that new office without actually opening it, while demanding his benefit cheque in a drunken slur that would make any self respecting football yob glow with pride.

Can you wonder that Jim gave up this life of rich reward and public service? If "Yes", please put your analyst on danger money, baby. However being the no-nonsense, un-self-pitying, all-round remarkable guy that he is, Jim persevered with the kind of charming and humorously positive outlook on life that his friends, Romans and parents assure him will eventually pay whopping karmic dividends.

By 1992 Jim was happily engaged and working as an award-winning graphic designer (portrait of Princess Anne in the Victoria and Albert Museum! Yay!), and all manner of things seemed well. So Jim decided to buy a house, signing the mortgage contract on his birthday. Clearly this was taking the madness of normality one step beyond. That week he was made redundant and his fiancé ditched him. Suddenly Jim had a house he couldn’t afford, no way of paying for it, and no-one to provide unconditional sympathetic sex.

All the signs were there - God was real, and clearly hated Jim. There was nothing left. Nothing but escapist fantasies. That week, he vowed to make his fortune as a writer of science fiction. Jim would write Doctor Who. Or he would bloody well starve trying.

Jim was a guest at the Cult TV Festivals in 2005 and 2006.

Written Work – books, plays and short stories:
Doctor Who
: "Lucifer Rising", "Blood Heat", "Parasite", "Eternity Weeps", "The Eye of Heaven", "Beltempest", "Campaign", "The Book of Shadows", "A Rose By Any Other Name", "Chiaroscuro", "Five Billion Years From Earth", "Dekalog 5 – The Place of all Places", "The Natural History of Fear", "Blood Circuit", "Second Solution", "Carny", "Mythos", "Pendulum".

Bernice Summerfield:
"The Sword of Forever", "A Bell Ringing in an Empty Sky", "Last of the Drop Dead Divas".

"Mad Woman in the Attic", "Men Should Weep", "Brotherly Love".

"Babylon 5: Clark's Law", "Babylon 5: Security Manual", "Farscape: Dark Side of the Sun", "The Tomorrow People: A Plague of Dreams", "Space Truckers".

In Preparation:
"First Frontier", "Dragon Tears", "Skaldenland" (Fantasy Novel), "Nova Moore: Space Detective" (Science Fiction Novel), "Space 1999: The Embers of Eden", "Sherlock Holmes: The Three-Fold Problem".

MUSIC - composer and sound designer:
Doctor Who: Embrace the Darkness, Project Twilight, The Rapture, Davros, He Jests at Scars, The Natural History of Fear, Cloud of Fear, Maenad, The Mutant Phase, The Trilexia Threat, Blood Circuit, Second Solution, Enclave Irrelative, Sword of Orion, Planet of Lies, Requiem, Endurance, Mythos.


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