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John Freeman

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 10:17

Writer and editor at large ...


John Freeman is a freelance editor, writer and creative consultant. His current work includes being the News Editor for Star Trek Monthly and feature writing for Dreamwatch and other Titan Magazines.

In the comics world he recently worked with Striker3D (publishers of the "Striker" football strip in "The Sun"), sourcing new artists for upcoming projects. He's also working with CJL Publishing in Italy on a variety of strips. The Grand Tour, drawn by Mike Collins, is now being published by them in their flagship title, Daisy Hamilton's English4Life.

Online he's maintaining the official Hammer Films web site at www.hammerfilms.com, and investigating other projects, including new comic strips and some new media stuff. John recently edited the Planet of the Apes licensed comic for Titan Magazines and contributed a "Clapperboard" column on new film and TV projects to Dreamwatch.

Between November 1999 until December 2000 he worked as Project Manager for the online community-based site VZSciFi (www.vzones.com). That job included the creation of the framework for a new "virtual chat zone" using avatar technology. It mixed editing SF magazines and comics with new media applications. Unfortunately, it seems the technology was ahead of its time and the parent Avaterra.com pulled the plug on many of its operations just as its European arm was about to secure some major media deals back in June 2001. VZones is now back up and running and has a new project, The Second Kingdom, on the way.

Until November 1999 John was Managing Editor at Titan Magazines in London, publishers of a wide range of licensed science fiction magazines. Managerial duties included the hands-on editing of Babylon 5 Magazine and Star Wars Comic, and overseeing the creation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek Monthly, Star Wars Magazine, The X-Files, Xena, The Simpsons and Manga Max. Titan Magazines is part of the Titan Publishing Group, publishers of Titan Books and owners of many Forbidden Planet shops around the UK. John continues to work in a freelance capacity for Titan Magazines as a Creative Consultant, which means they can ask him all sorts of questions at any time of night and day!

Between 1987 and 1993 John was at Marvel UK and work there included being editor of Doctor Who Magazine and, later, several Marvel UK titles, including Death's Head, Warheads, Motormouth (its last few issues) Digitek and the weekly Overkill. He has also written a few comic strips for Marvel (among them, Warheads and Shadow Riders) and Fleetway (Judge Karyn); self-published a fanzine, SCAN, which counted comics luminary Alan Moore amongst its minuscule number of subscribers; and started writing a novel - and that's still a work in progress!

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