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Paul Darrow

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 13:51

The man who was Avon continues to act prolifically ...


Best known for playing the glacial computer genius Kerr Avon in Blake’s 7, Paul Darrow defined the amoral antihero. Motivated by personal gain and lacking true revolutionary zeal, Avon became increasingly paranoid after taking over as leader following the disappearance of the fanatical Blake.

Trained at RADA like his Blake’s 7 compatriot Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow has worked extensively in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Beginning his television career playing Mr. Verity in the hospital drama Emergency-Ward 10, Paul’s links with Cult TV series go back to a guest appearance in The Saint episode The Gadic Collection. Since then he has played two roles in Doctor Who, appearing first as Captain Hawkins to Jon Pertwee’s Doctor in The Silurians, then as Tekker to Colin Baker’s Time Lord in the adventure Timelash.

Along with guest appearances in a wide range of comedies and dramas, he played the Sheriff of Nottingham in The Legend of Robin Hood, Oliver Bridewell in the psychological drama Maelstrom and George Parnell in Making News.

More recently he appeared as The Ghoul Master in Sky TV’s Goulashed, Gusset in The Gruesome Grannies of Gobshot Hall and C.D., the owner of a downmarket hotel, in Rob Grant’s surreal comedy The Strangerers.

A presenter of 2001’s Ghostwatch Live, which included mixed-media web-casts, Paul has since recorded the voices for numerous computer games. As a writer he has produced scripts and short stories, and written the novel Avon: A Terrible Aspect.

Having acted with most of Britain's leading repertory companies, including four seasons with the Bristol Old Vic, Paul has enjoyed an equally prolific career on stage. Amongst his numerous theatrical credits he has appeared as Jimmy Porter in Look Back in Anger, Elvis Presley in Are You Lonesome Tonight? and Captain Vimes in an adaptation of Terry Prachett’s Guards! Guards!

Paul had a cameo role in the James Bond film "Die Another Day", and at one time had been involved in the planned Blake’s 7 revival.


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