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Saturday, 23 February 2008 08:44


For the 10th Anniversary, the Cult TV Weekender returned to the Sand Bay Holiday Village, just north of Weston Super Mare.


The location for 1999's "Telly Breakaway" event, in the intervening years the site had come under new management and had been the subject of a huge investment programme that had upgraded facilities.

On-hand to help celebrate the tenth year were returning guests Gareth Thomas and Paul Darrow from Blake's 7, the multi-talented Michael Hurst who got a chance to screen his hilarious mockumentary "Love Mussel" (starring the late Kevin Smith), the always entertaining Julie Stephens, Nicholas Courtney, writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, and Michael Sheard. New guests included actors Richard Hatch, Bernard Horsfall, Shane Rimmer, Mark Gatiss and Jeremy Dyson from The League of Gentlemen,, writer Keith Lindsay, and comedians Jack Douglas and Don Maclean.

Surprise guests Maurice Gran and Nicholas Parsons, who had planned to join the Weekender in 2002 but had been forced back by the weather, finally got to take to the stage. In the workshops, Mark Spencer from Dysfunction Group gave a demonstration on DVD authoring and gave the audience an insight into how he designed the Blake's 7 DVDs. This second talk was complemented by director Kevin Davies discussing the extras he had produced specially for the box sets. Tony Currie demonstrated the art of radio and television continuity announcing. Keith R Lindsay from the British Society of Comedy Writers gave a workshop on comedy writing, while Alan Gilbey and Dave Freedman from Peafur Productions provided a screenwriting workout before demonstrating how an animated series goes from the first drawings to final product.

The Sunday night cabaret was provided by Michael Hurst who began his act with a ‘haka’, stripped to the waist, and the equally welcome return of Mitch Benn. With glorious sunny weather throughout, the weekend proved to be such a success that a record number of people signed up for the following year before heading home.

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