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Friday, 22 February 2008 07:34

Brisco County Jr, The Adventures of

The Wild Wild West gets really surreal ...


USA - 1993-94 - 27 episodes (60 mins) – Colour

Created by Jeffrey Boam and Cartlon Cuse, and modelled after the original The Wild, Wild West, the exploits in The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr followed a Harvard law graduate and romantic dreamer, hired by the Westerfield Club (a syndicate of wealthy businessmen) in his quest to track down the outlaws who murdered his father in cold blood.

Joined by Socrates Poole, a bookish attorney who acts as liaison with his legal employers, and the tracker Lord Bowler, the hunt for the Bly gang finds Brisco Country, Jr and his telepathic horse, Comet, involved in a mystery surrounding mysterious metal orbs, discovered by a Chinese railroad gang, that grant extraordinary powers to whoever possesses them.

Parodying the genre by spoofing the clichés without excessive smugness, amongst the familiar Western tropes of riverboat gamblers, saloon singers and stagecoach hold-ups, found an eccentric professor building a rocket in his barn, Mafia-like Italian crimelords, an Elvis Presley-inspired Sheriff, and a cowpoke who repeatedly gets killed. While in a sly nod to television's past, James Drury, star of The Virginian, plus Rawhide's Paul Brinegar, and Robert Fuller from Wagon Train and Laramie made cameo appearances as the Robber Barons from the Westerfield Club.

Laced with such fantasy elements and expected to be Fox's breakout hit of 1993, an honour that instead went to The X-Files, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr proved to be too left-field and unpredictable for most American viewers and their conservative tastes, and therefore lasted just the one season.


Bruce Campbell
as Brisco County, Jr
Christian Clemenson as Socrates Poole
Gary Hudson as Sheriff Aaron Viva
Julius J Carry III as Lord Bowler
Billy Drago as John Bly
John Astin as Professor Albert Wickwire
Kelly Rutherford as Dixie Cousins
Jeff Phillips as Whip Morgan
John Pyper-Ferguson as Pete Hutter


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