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Friday, 22 February 2008 08:20

Vengeance Unlimited

Mr Chapel makes villains repent ...


USA - 1998-99 - 16 episodes (60 mins) - colour

Co-created by John McNamara who had produced a number of quirky, off-beat shows like The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. and Spy Game, the short-lived Profit with David Greenwalt, and more recently Fastlane with director McG, Vengeance Unlimited put an eccentric spin on the established figure of the avenging angel.

Whereas Edward Woodward in The Equalizer and Danny Aiello’s Dellaventura had a well-known past and invariably resolved situations with guns blazing, Vengeance Unlimited’s Mr Chapel, played by Michael Madson, was a character with an elusive background who worked to the edict, let the punishment fit the crime, constructing elaborate, gleefully sadistic schemes to make the guilty confess to their misdeeds.

Like the Stephen J Cannell produced Stingray, in which Nick Mancuso’s Stingray asked for a favour in return for helping those that could not help themselves, Mr. Chapel offered a choice between paying him one million dollars or agreeing to a future favour. Once that had been repaid, his response “I’m out of your life forever,” would come as a blessed relief. The only person to stick around was KC, a former victim Chapel had helped out. Working in the District Attorney’s office she passed on information while trying to stop the chocoholic with a twisted sense of humour from going over the edge.

When it first screened in America, Vengeance Unlimited had the misfortune of being scheduled opposite Friends, ironically the title of the show’s final episode, where not even KC could save it from the comedy juggernaut.


Michael Madsen as Mr Chapel
Kathleen York as KC Griffin


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