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Friday, 22 February 2008 07:38

Dad's Army

Perry & Croft's timeless WWII comedy ...


UK - 1968-1977 - 80 episodes (30 mins) - B&W/Colour

Easily the funniest, and certainly the most fondly remembered of all British sitcoms, Dad’s Army followed the adventures of the Home Guard platoon, protecting the fictional coastal town of Warmington-on-Sea during World War II.

Inspired by Jimmy Perry’s wartime experiences in the local civil defence force, and co-written by ex-Royal Artillery major David Croft, the BBC were at first wary of broadcasting the show for fear of offending wartime veterans. In fact the show derived its humour not so much from the war itself but the English class system. From the conflict of interests between the blustering, Blimpish, middle-class Captain Mainwaring, superior in rank only to the laid back, public school-educated, Sergeant Wilson, and the continual battle between the Home Guard and the ARP wardens, led by the town greengrocer, Hodges, over who got to use the church hall as their base of operations, Dad’s Army revealed how such an upheaval affects social standing.

All this would have amounted to nothing if it had not been for the creation of such well rounded characterisations and the cast of actors playing them. From Jones, the butcher, regaling the platoon with stories of fighting the fuzzie-wuzzies in the Sudan during The Great War (“They don’t like it up ‘em”) to young Pike’s relationship with “Uncle Arthur” Wilson, and even the never-seen wife of Mainwaring, Dad’s Army exemplified the rule that in sitcoms, the situation is as important as the comedy.


Arthur Lowe as Captain Mainwaring
John LeMesurier as Sergeant Wilson
Clive Dunn as Lance Corporal Jones
John Laurie as Private Frazer
James Beck as Private Walker
Arnold Ridley as Private Godfrey
Ian Lavender as Private Pike
Bill Pertwee as ARP Warden Hodges
Frank Williams as The Vicar
Edward Sinclair as The Verger




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