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Friday, 22 February 2008 08:50

Kindred: The Embraced

Modern day vampires in love and at war ...


USA - 1996 - 8 episodes (60 mins) – Colour


01. Pilot
: Basil Hoffman (Stevie Ray), Kate Vernon (Alexandra Serris), Richard Danielson (Billy)
Plot: With war brewing between rival gangs in San Francisco, Detective Frank Kohanek seizes on the opportunity to put crime boss Julian Luna behind bars. When his lover is killed after revealing the secrets of the Kindred, Kohanek realises there is more at stake.
Writer: John Leekley
Director: Peter Medak

02. Prince of the City
: Scott MacDonald (Paul Boyle), Yuji Okumoto (Lieutenant Kwan), Christian Svenson (Nino Donelli), Michael Bauer (I.A. Investigator), Richard Danielson (Billy).
Plot: Caught with the murder weapon after an informant trying to lure Fiori into discussing union bribes is killed, Kohanek turns to Luna to help exonerate him with Internal Affairs.
Writer: John Leekley
Director: Peter Medak

03. The Nightstalker
: Nicky Katt (Starkweather), Kimberly Kates (Elaine Rabb), Philip Earl Johnson (Eric), Thomas Prisco (Doctor Mestres).
Plot: When a schizophrenic is embraced and uses his powers to go on a rampage through the city, Luna enlists Kohanek and Cash in the manhunt before the truth about the Kindred is made public.
Writers: PK Simonds and John Leekley
Director: John Harrison

04. Romeo and Juliet
: Emile Hirsch (Abel), Brian Lally (Detective O’Fallon), Gavin Ducker (Martin), Judy Kain (Nurse).
Plot: Fiori continues his quest for power, and tries to start a clan war by sanctioning the murder of a Gangrel. Meanwhile, Cash asks Luna for permission to embrace Sasha into the Kindred.
Writer: Joel Blasberg
Director: Ralph Hemecker

05. Live Fast, Die Young and Leave a Good Looking Corpse
: Ivan Sergei (Zane), J C Brandy (Rhiannon), Chandra West (Grace Dugan), Christopher Allport (Mr Dugan).
Plot: When an rock star new on the scene embraces a groupie against her will, a furious Luna orders Lillie to control the Toreador before he causes trouble for all the clans.
Writer: Aaron Meidelsohn & Paul Tomasy
Director: James L Conway

06. The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiorri
: Ed O’Ross (Cyrus), Jack Conley (Benning), Blair Valk (Marissa), Kimberly Hooper (Lorraina), Richard Danielson (Billy).
Plot: While Lillie hires a private investigator to obtain evidence of Luna with Caitlin, the Prince of Los Angeles comes to town, accompanied by a shape-shifting assassin intent on killing Luna.
Writer: Scott Smith Miller
Director: Kenneth Fink

07. Bad Moon Rising
: Skipp Sudduth (Goth), Patrice Charbonneau (Camilla), Una Damon (Mai Sung), Maureen Flannigan (Ruth Doyle), Yuji Okumoto (Lieutenant Kwan).
Plot: When an exiled member of the Nosferatu Clan snatches a baby in Golden Gate Park, Luna organises a search for him while trying to stop Caitlin from sensationalising the story in the press.
Writers: Jean Gennis, Phyllis Murphy and John Leekley
Director: James L Conway

08. Cabin in the Woods
: Titus Welliver (Cameron), Tony Amendola (Sorrel), Gordon Capps (Clyde).
Plot: Ambushed by renegade Brujah vampires while on a trip to the countryside, a mortally wounded Luna tells Caitlin of his rise to power, leaving her to decide whether to save his life or not.
Writer: PK Simonds
Director: Ralph Hemecker


C Thomas Howell
as Detective Frank Kohanek
Mark Frankel as Julian Luna
Kelly Rutherford as Caitlin Byrne
Stacy Haiduk as Lillie Langtry
Erik King as Detective Sonny Toussaint
Patrick Bauchau as Archon Raine
Channon Roe as Cash
Jeff Kober as Daedalus
Peter Rocca as Nino
Brigid Conley Walsh as Sasha
Brian Thompson as Eddie Fiori


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