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Friday, 22 February 2008 08:49

Fantastic Journey, The

Ten adventures in the worlds within the Bermuda Triangle ...


USA - 1977 - 10 episodes (1 x 90min pilot, 9 x 60 mins) - colour

01. Vortex
Guests: Leif Erickson (Captain Ben Wallace), Ian McShane (Sir James Camden), Scott Brady (Carl Johanson), Scott Thomas (Dr Paul Jordan), Susan Howard (Eve), Karen Somerville (Jill)
Plot: Shipwrecked on an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle, the survivors of a scientific expedition encounter a traveller from the 23rd Century who saves them from Elizabethan privateers.
Writers: Michael Michaelian & Katharyn Michaelian
Director: Andrew V McLaglen

02. Atlantium
Guests: Gary Collins (Dar-L), Mary Ann Mobley (Rhea), Jason Evers (Atar), Albert Stratton (Itar)
Plot: Given the opportunity to return home, half the group are sent through a time portal before the Source controlling the city of Atlantium weakens and Scott is selected to re-energise it.
Writer: Katharyn Michaelian Powers
Director: Barry Crane

03. Beyond the Mountain
Guests: John David Carson (Cyrus), Marj Dusay (Rachel), Joseph Della Sorte (Aren)
Plot: Separated during a storm, Liana finds herself in a settlement led by a scientist from the 1960s, while the others, lost in swampland, encounter aliens claiming ownership of the villagers.
Writer: Howard Livingstone
Director: Irving J Moore

04. Children of the Gods
Guests: Mark Lambert (Alpha), Stanley Clay (Beta), Cosie Costa (Delta), A Michael Baldwin (Rito)
Plot: After making camp amongst the ruins of a Grecian temple, the travellers are captured by a colony of children with special powers who hate their elders.
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Director: Alf Kjellin

05. A Dream of Conquest
Guests: John Saxon (Consul Tarant), Bobby Porter (The Neffring), Robert Patten (Luther), Morgan Paull (Argon)
Plot: Captured by soldiers hunting a creature from another world, the travellers are taken to a city where the Consul plans to invade all the connecting time zones one his gravely ill ruler dies.
Writer: Michael Michaelian
Director: Vincent McEveety

06. An Act of Love
Guests: Christina Hart (Gwenith), Jonathan Goldsmith (Zaros), Ellen Weston (Maera), Belinda Balaski (Arla)
Plot: Falling for an alien woman, Varian elects to stay amongst her people leaving the remaining travellers to continue on their way, unaware that he is to be sacrificed to appease their god.
Writer: Richard Fielder
Director: Virgil Vogel

07. Funhouse
Guests: Mel Ferrer (Appolonius), Mary Frann (Roxanne), Richard Lawson (Barker), Christina Hart (Gwenith)
Plot: The travellers encounter a deserted carnival where a powerful sorcerer’s offer to entertain them in a funhouse is simply a ruse to steal their bodies for himself and his companions.
Writer: Michael Michaelian
Director: Art Fisher

08. Turnabout
Guests: Joan Collins (Queen Halyana), Paul Mantee (Morgan), Julie Cobb (Adrea), Beverly Todd (Connell)
Plot: Saved from a society that holds females in contempt when the women stage a revolution, Liana is offered a home by the Queen who intends to keep her fellow travellers’ as breeding stock.
Writers: D C Fontana and Ken Kolb
Director: Victor French

09. Riddles
Guests: Carole Demas (Krysta), Dale Robinette (Kedryn), Dax Xanos (The Rider), Lynn Borden (Scott's Mother)
Plot: Trying to decipher cryptic clues to the location of a key that will take them home, the travellers are welcomed into an unusual house where all is not what is seems.
Writer: Katharyn Michaelian Powers
Director: David Moessinger

10. The Innocent Prey
Guests: Nicholas Hammond (Tye), Cheryl Ladd (Natica), Richard Jaeckel (York), Lew Ayres (Rayat)
Plot: Befriending two men from a crashed spaceship has far reaching consequences for everyone involved when the travellers encounter a community of innocents with no concept of evil.
Writer: Robert Hamilton
Director: Vincent McEveety


Jared Martin as Varian
Ike Eisenmann as Scott Jordan
Carl Franklin as Fred Walters
Katie Saylor as Liana
Roddy McDowall as Jonathan Willoway


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Friday, 22 February 2008 07:42

Fantastic Journey, The

Holiday makers get the Bermuda Triangle Blues ...


USA - 1977 - 10 episodes (one 90 min pilot, 9 x 60 mins) - colour

Playing in the UK on BBC1 between March and May 1977, just weeks after it had screened for the first time in America, The Fantastic Journey was a mid-season replacement, brought in to pick up viewers where a cancelled series had failed. In fact, the pilot movie had been made the previous Summer, and the delay getting the green light to go into production meant massive cast changes for the nine episodes that followed.

The Bermuda Triangle has for decades been the source of conjecture. Dozens of ships and planes have vanished in the area since World War Two, a 100,000 square mile body of water in the South-Western quadrant of the North Atlantic. Its apexes join Bermuda on the North, Puerto Rico on the South-East, and a point in the Gulf of Mexico west of Florida. Unimposing coral islands, sun-soaked beaches and clear-blue waters do not calm the nerves of visitors to the area. Naturally, the believers in the phenomenon have their theories as to what may be hidden in the area. Is it inhabited by extra-terrestrial visitors? Could there be the remains of a giant prism left by a past civilisation that sends out focussed beams when particular lunar and astral conditions re-activate it? A great void that leads to the centre of the earth? Or is it, just possibly, as "The Fantastic Journey" leads us to believe, a space-time warp that traps its victims in another dimension?

The original premise involved a Professor Jordan (Scott Thomas), leading an archaeological expedition by boat into The Devil's Triangle (an alternative name for The Bermuda Triangle). He is accompanied by his son Scott, Eve (Susan Howard - before she went on to play Donna Krebbs in Dallas), medic Jill (Karen Somerville), and Doctor Fred Walters (Carl Franklin). They borrow Ben Wallace's boat for the trip (Leif Erickson - famous from starring as Big John Cannon in The High Chaparral), but all does not go to plan. Soon, they find themselves engulfed in an unexplained green cloud, a bell tolling in the distance, and they lose consciousness.

They awaken on a beach, some of them injured, but at least most of them are alive. It's not long before a figure dressed in a loincloth appears, armed with a magic crystal tuning fork which can miraculously heal the travellers' injuries. They have encountered Varian, an earthman stranded in this dimensional paradox too, having originated from the year 2230 AD.

Their first adventure sees them battle Ian McShane as a 16th Century villain called Sir James Camden. Desi Arnaz Jr is also on hand as a Second World War Navy pilot who's lost his marbles. With characters being killed off, and the party of survivors splitting up into two, we are left with just Varian, Fred and Scott to continue onwards into series television.

They are joined by Liana (Katie Saylor), a descendent from the civilisation that was Atlantis, whose mother was apparently from another solar system. She has a constant companion in the shape of a skilled and intelligent cat called Sil-L, with whom she can communicate telepathically (Sil-L was played by a trio of cats, collectively known as "The Felix Team"). Liana's reason for joining the travellers is to get back to her mother's home planet.

The ace up the producers' sleeves came in the form of the actor they brought in to join the ensemble in the third story, "Beyond The Mountain". Genre heavyweight Roddy McDowall played Dr Jonathan Willoway, a rebel scientist from the 1960s, who has created a hideaway where androids serve his every need.

Jared Martin as Varian
Ike Eisenmann as Scott Jordan
Carl Franklin as Fred Walters
Katie Saylor as Liana
Roddy McDowall as Jonathan Willoway

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