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Saturday, 23 February 2008 08:55


A second year of Cult TV saw us stay in Norfolk, but move down the coast to Caister ...


The phrase "because you demanded it" can wear a bit thin, especially considering more recent events, but in the case of the second Cult TV Weekender it was precisely the case.

A larger production crew assisted with the organisation of the event, and a new location was selected - the Haven Holiday Centre at Caister, five miles down the road from the original venue.

The first UK convention appearances of both Mitch Pileggi and Nicholas Lea - Assistant Director Walter Skinner and Alex Krycek in The X-Files - and Linda Thorson who played Tara King in The Avengers - boosted attendance figures.

Joining them were Sylvester McCoy, Ed Bishop and Jane Merrow from UFO, Carol Cleveland, Ingrid Pitt, director John Hough, stuntman Terry Walsh, Bill Baggs and special effects technician Ian Scoones.

While the weekend itself ran smoothly, it started to become apparent that personnel within the crew were working against the good of the event, in a manner that may have spelled the beginning of the end for the Weekender.

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Saturday, 23 February 2008 08:53


A return to Haven at Caister for a second year, but trouble is brewing ...


The success of the previous year meant a return to Haven at Caister. However in the lead-up to the event a hate campaign organised by a group believed to include former members of the Cult TV production crew meant that the Weekender almost didn't take place.

Proposed guests were sent abusive letters by persons unknown, and rumours of cancellation were rife at rival conventions and in announcements in fanzines. However, the production crew banded together to ensure that the show would go on.

Guests included Gerry Anderson, Barry Morse from The Fugitive and Space:1999, Colin Baker and Elisabeth Sladen from Doctor Who, Kathryn Leigh Scott, ITC producer Johnny Goodman, Sue Lloyd, Valerie Leon, John Carrigan, Red Dwarf actor and comedian Norman Lovett, author Steve Gillis, and composer Mark Ayres.

After an entertaining weekend the event ends on a melancholy note as it was decided that this was going to be the last Cult TV Weekender...

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Saturday, 23 February 2008 08:51


A reversal of the cancellation decision saw Cult TV: Action 97 staged at Haven in Caister ...


A flood of well-wishers and pleas for another Weekender meant that the decision was made in late January to stage another event.

A change of management at Rank's head office (Haven's then-owners) calling for higher attendance figures than could be guaranteed, meant this was the last time Caister was used as the venue.

Special guests included Tom Baker, who took part in his first multi-guest panel in ten years, reunited with his former Doctor Who companion Elisabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney, along with Deborah Watling, Jacqueline Pearce from Blake's 7, Robin of Sherwood's Phil Rose, Caroline Munro, comedian Paul Vallis, and surprise guest Paul Trussell.

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