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Friday, 22 February 2008 08:48

Edge of Darkness

Nuclear terrorism leads to a decade-defining environmental message ...


UK (BBC) - 1985 - 6 episodes (60 mins) – Colour

01. Compassionate Leave
: David Fleeshman (Jones), Sean Caffrey (McCroon), Alan Starkey (Muntsey), Bill Stewart (Dingle).
Plot: After his daughter is murdered, policeman Ronald Craven’s own personal investigation into her death leads him to discover her hidden life as a radical environmental activist.
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin
Director: Martin Campbell

02. Into the Shadows
: David Fleeshman (Jones), Tim McInnerny (Terry Shields), Paul Humpoletz (Elham), Bill Stewart (Dingle), Anthony Douse (Carlisle).
Plot: As the police continue their search for his daughter’s killer, Craven crosses paths with security services in pursuit of a classified file on Emma and her activities with Gaia.
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin
Director: Martin Campbell

03. Burden of Proof
: David Fleeshman (Jones), Allan Cuthbertson (Chilwell), Tim McInnerny (Terry Shields), Roy Heather (Lowe), Paul Humpoletz (Elham), Bill Stewart (Dingle), Struan Rodger (Mac).
Plot: With the police eager to close the file on Emma, Craven is called as a witness when IIF comes under scrutiny at Westminster, after American interests make a bid to acquire Northmoor.
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin
Director: Martin Campbell

04. Breakthrough
: Sean Caffrey (McCroon), Patrick Godfrey (Oakley), Tony Matthews (Toby Berwick), Jo Ross (Miriam Berwick), Allan Cuthbertson (Chilwell), Matthew Guinness (Menzies).
Plot: Suffering a breakdown after confronting Emma’s killer, Craven becomes more determined than ever to breach MI5 security, and find a route through the mine shafts into Northmoor.
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin
Director: Martin Campbell

05. Northmoor
: Trevor Bowen (Childs), Brian Croucher (Conners), Allan Cuthbertson (Chilwell), Sarah Martin (Polly Pelham), Paul Williamson (Bewes).
Plot: As the government enquiry into IIF continues, Craven and Jedburgh follow in the footsteps of the Gaia team, making their way into Northmoor to find evidence of the hot cell.
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin
Director: Martin Campbell

06. Fusion
: David Jackson (Colonel Lawson), Anne Scott-Jones (Jemima), Sean McCarthy (Nallers), Jeremy Child (Minister).
Plot: Knowing that time is running out, and feeling responsible for recovering the plutonium, Craven sets out to track down Jedburgh who has decided to settle the score with Grogan.
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin
Director: Martin Campbell


Bob Peck
as Ronald Craven
Joe Don Baker as Darius Jedburgh
Joanne Whalley as Emma Craven
Charles Kay as Guy Pendleton
Ian McNiece as Henry Harcourt
John Woodvine as Assistant Chief Constable Ross
Jack Watson as James Godbolt
Kenneth Nelson as Jerry Grogan
Hugh Fraser as Robert Bennett
Zoe Wanamaker as Clementine


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