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Friday, 22 February 2008 08:14


British SF comedy sees the present defended by a starship from the future ...


Starhyke is a British Science Fiction comedy from creator and director Andrew Dymond. The show stars Claudia Christian (Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5) and Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett, "Star Wars"), along with a long list of talent well recognised in the world of SF TV, including Suanne Braun, Rachel Grant, Brad Gorton, Danny John-Jules and Mike Edmonds.

The show is set in the present day and revolves around a misfit starship crew from the year 3034. Captain Blowhard and her team on board the Dreadnought Nemesis are ordered to travel back in time to Earth in 2006. Their mission - stop the Reptid army from releasing a biological weapon that will change Earths history.

The Nemesis crew are from an Earth where all forms of human emotion are suppressed, which makes them cold and ruthless. During the time slip, an explosion unleashes their dormant emotions and then the real fun begins!

Captain Blowhard and her crew must find a way to complete their mission without changing up the entire human race, forever.

If they’re our only hope, we're all screwed!! A musical trailer can be found at Google Video.

Claudia Christian as Captain Belinda Blowhard
Jeremy Bulloch as Dr Yul Striker
Suanne Braun as Dotty
Brad Gorton as Commander William C Cropper
Rachel Grant as Wu Oof
Stephanie Jory as Sally Popyatopov
Wayne Pilbeam as Bull Ox
Gene Foad as S.E.R.C.H.
Sue Witheridge as Daphne (Nemesis Computer)
Simon Lewis as Reg Duck
Fiona Reynard as Vilma
Jason Bailey as Christian
Rebecca Nichols as Nurse Beach
Simon Gilvear as the Reptid Race & Dick Wang


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