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Sunday, 27 April 2014 23:00

Ace in the Hole: on DVD and Blu-ray

Ace In The Hole - out on Dual-Format DVD and Blu-rayKirk Douglas stars in this biting drama about the power of the media and one reporter's willingness to do anything to rebuild his flat-lining career. Chuck Tatum (Douglas) muscles his way into a job on a lowly Albuquerque newspaper having been fired from all of previous roles. He happens across the story of a treasure hunter pinned down in a partially collapsed ancient Indian cave-dwelling, and spies potential media gold.

Having gained the confidence of Leo, the unfortunate victim (Richard Benedict, who went on to be best known as a Director on the likes of Run For Your Life and the original Hawaii Five-O), Tatum takes advantage of the local sheriff's absence and seizes control of the situation, rounding up a local doctor, policeman and a mining contractor. On hearing how quickly they can rescue Leo, the reporter craftily talks them round to drawing the incident out by days by using safer but much slower methods, thereby maximising publicity of the event.

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 10:09

Bring Me ... Machine Gun Woman

Bring Me The Head of the Machine Gun Woman on Blu-ray and DVD“Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman” (or MGM for brevity’s sake) is a loving homage to those 1970s grindhouse/exploitation flicks that Quentin Tarantino is so obsessed with. Made by Chilean director Ernesto Díaz Espinoza (“The ABCs of Death”), the movie stars Fernanda Urrejola as the titular, weapon-heavy lady and Matías Oviedo as Santiago, a kind of Chilean version of Chuck, a geeky DJ who gets into very hot water after overhearing some gangsters putting a hit out on someone.

Santiago is given an ultimatum by his unsavoury boss, the absurdly-named Che Sausage (Jorge Alis): kill the Machine Gun Woman within 24 hours or suffer the dire consequences. Fortunately the seemingly useless club employee is more resourceful and observant than he is given credit for, and manages to track the hit woman down. Thereafter the movie descends into a sequence of tense and bloody encounters with a variety of mercenaries keen to put an end to the Machine Gun Woman’s personal bounty hunt.

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Monday, 07 October 2013 09:13

The Witches Blu-ray/DVD

The Witches - out as dual format DVD and Blu-ray releaseOriginally released in 1966, “The Witches” is a portrait of a disarmingly quaint ‘Little England’ for its first couple of reels, before revealing its credentials as a legitimate entry into the Hammer horror film canon. Based on the novel “The Devil’s Own” by Peter Curtis, you know things are going to take a very dark turn when you see its screenplay came from the pen of Nigel Kneale, the creator of “Quatermass”. And here it comes, digitally restored on a dual Blu-ray/DVD release.

The pre-credit sequence sees our protagonist Gwen Mayfield (Joan Fontaine), an English schoolteacher, working as a missionary in Africa. The cliffhanger leaves her being attacked by a tribe of local witch doctors (look out for a young Rudolph Walker as Mark, one of her assistants). All we know for sure is she has been exposed to the occult, but it is only later in the movie that we find out exactly how deeply she has been left traumatised.

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Sunday, 06 October 2013 11:50

Malcolm in the Middle Season 7

Malcolm in the Middle - Season 7 is the final in the seriesAs we enter this final season of Malcolm in the Middle, first screened in 2005, it is worth reflecting on how is all began back in 2000 when 12 year old Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) was just discovering that he was a genius. Reece (Justin Berfield) was 13 and the then youngest brother Dewey (Erik Per Sullivan) was eight. Francis (Christopher Kennedy Masterson) was 16 and at military school.

The years have changed the brothers and their parents Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) and Hal (Bryan Cranston). All have grown, except perhaps Hal who is just as childlike. Malcolm is now 17 and Reece is 18 but has been held back a year and is in the same class at school as Malcolm. Dewey is just starting to get interested in girls and Francis is unemployed and looking for work.

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Sunday, 06 October 2013 11:35

The Kick on DVD

The Kick - out now on DVDJackie Chan may be taking it relatively easy these days, but others in the world of martial arts cinema are certainly not. “The Kick” is a fun-filled, action spectacular from Prachya Pinkaew, Thai director of “Ong-bak” and “Chocolate”. The story focuses on the theft of the mystical ‘Kris of Kings’, a blade said to reward the holder with the power to rule the world. The thieves do not count on the intervention of a brave and gifted family of taekwondo experts, however.

Suck Doo (Kwan-hun Lee), the smartly-dressed leader of a gang of scowling, hoody-wearing criminals desperately wants the sword, but it seems like the family are always one step ahead of him. Queue a string of innovative, high-energy action sequences set in zoos, exhibition halls and dingy warehouses. Those seeking deep characterisation should look elsewhere but if you fancy an exhilarating and entertaining 90 minutes, this movie is worthy of your consideration.

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Friday, 22 February 2008 07:45

For The People

William Shatner fighting for law and order ...


US - 1965 - 13 episodes (60 mins) - B&W

Having followed his first television appearance in the 1956 Goodyear Television Playhouse episode All Summer Long with numerous guest roles, including The Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, For the People brought William Shatner his first starring vehicle, prior to taking the role of James T. Kirk in Star Trek.

Created by producer Herbert Brodkin, the series evolved from the legal drama The Defenders starring E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed as father and son lawyers, which had started life as a two-part Studio One drama in 1957 with Shatner in the role of the younger Kenneth Preston opposite Ralph Bellamy.

As a no-nonsense New York Assistant District Attorney, Shatner's David Koster finds himself up against not just the criminal underclass but also his superiors who found his single-minded dedication for justice abrasive. Only his immediate boss, Bureau Chief Anthony Celese, played by Howard Da Silva who was returning to regular work after being blacklisted in the 1950s, admires Koster’s zeal and offers sage advice, while Lonny Chapma'’s Detective Malloy helps seek out the criminals to prosecute. In private Koster's life was just as tumultuous, married to a string-quartet viola player whose priorities often conflicted with his own.

Although short lived, the series employed one of the first story-line cross-overs between different series as an episode of Brodkin's The Nurses, which followed the lives of two nurses working in a large New York hospital, concluded five days later in the fourth episode of For the People. Several episodes have recently turned up at Festivals around the world.


William Shatner as David Koster
Howard Da Silva as Anthony Celese
Lonny Chapman as Frank Malloy
Jessica Walter as Phyllis Koster



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