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Monday, 01 December 2014 00:00

The Cult TV Festival is Back!

Because you demanded it! Returning for one day (and one night) only, it's the Cult TV Festival, celebrating its 21st Birthday in 2015!

Doomwatch Meets Cult TV - The Festival is back for its 21st Birthday

Since the last Cult TV Weekender in 2007, the corridors of television appreciation have remained fallow - nothing has emerged to fill the niche which was the residence of Cult TV and its unique way of celebrating extraordinary fictional television. Dipping the collective toes back in the waters of fandom, the return will be shared over a weekend with hot new show DOOMWATCH - already a year old, and will be celebrating its second anniversary by November 2015.  Two different themes for the Saturday and Sunday, two different pockets of interest, but every possibility that the cosmopolitan groups that appreciate their separate areas will look to crossover and make a weekend of it! Find out more, and book your tickets NOW via www.culttv.biz

Friday, 08 August 2008 09:57

Robot Chicken Star Wars DVD

Revolver Entertainment have unleashed the power of the FARCE, with the release of Robot Chicken: Star Wars, a special Robot Chicken episode of hilarious “Star Wars” inspired sketches on a DVD loaded with extras. This “Star Wars” special of the Emmy Award-winning stop-motion animated show has launched the huge American animation brand [adult swim] on DVD in the UK.

The iconic story of the intergalactic struggle between good and evil gets a unique make-over in Robot Chicken: Star Wars with full endorsement from Lucasfilm and big George himself. And we had three copies of it - plus an exclusive T-shirt for each winner - to give away in a free-to-enter prize competition!

Monday, 04 August 2008 01:00

Sarah Connor comes to DVD

After premiering on UK screens earlier this year on Virgin 1, the hit spin-off series from the “Terminator” franchise, The Sarah Connor Chronicles has just been released on DVD, courtesy of Warner Home Video.  Starring British actress Lena Headey (as seen in “300” and the recent restaging of “St Trinians”) as the title character, the abridged season one packs an action-packed punch which will keep you on the edge of your seat with visual effects that wring the most they can out of a small-screen budget, and an engaging and in many ways unexpected storyline.  The series had such a short run due to the American writers strike, but the good news is Season Two is not far off its Stateside premiere.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles was Virgin 1’s highest rated show ever when it aired earlier this year, averaging 750,000 viewers, eight times the usual rating for its timeslot on the channel.

Sunday, 27 July 2008 12:01

Twilight Zone/UFO Cafe DVDs

The Twilight Zone, the groundbreaking creation of screenwriter Rod Serling, gained instant legendary status in the 1950s and its popularity and influence endure worldwide. In 1994, Serling’s widow Carol discovered an unfilmed screenplay, entitled Where The Dead Are; along with another short story entitled The Theater, the ‘lost’ work was subsequently adapted for television by Richard Matheson.

Also out from Network DVD this month is a release of the cute and comedic movie UFO Cafe, which unites Richard Mulligan and Beau Brudges in a tale of aliens who are more human than most of those homo sapiens who reside on Planet Earth.

Wednesday, 09 July 2008 01:00

X-Files Essentials on DVD

Sci-fi phenomenon the X-Files is back to captivate and enthral fans old and new – with a new movie heading to multiplexes, here is the release of X-Files Essentials on DVD. This two disc set offers an insider’s pass to the award-winning show just in time for its second trip to the big screen. Hand-picked by X-Files creator Chris Carter, the eight episodes are accompanied by special introductions from Carter and producer Frank Spotnitz, revealing why they were chosen and how they relate to the eagerly-anticipated feature film.


Offering an introductory insight into the paranormal exploits of FBI agents Mulder and Scully, in many respects it also acts as a nostalgic reminder of times past for once dedicated fans. Covering a variety of unexplained cases that centre on alien abductions, psychic phenomenon and inhuman life forms, the episodes set the stage for 1st August, when the new film is out in the UK.

Sunday, 13 July 2008 14:08

Jason King on UK DVD

First experienced by fans in the hugely successful ITC series Department S, in this follow-on series, Jason King follows Peter Wyngarde’s character from the previous show in high-spirited and outlandish adventures that for decades have had to stand in the shadows of the series that spawned it.

After a couple of episodes came to DVD a few years ago in the UK, now at last the entire series has been released in the UK by Network, and more viewers than ever will finally see what the real main inspiration for the Mike Myers AUSTIN POWERS character actually was!

Monday, 30 June 2008 05:51

Pushing Daisies on DVD

Pushing Daisies became something of a ‘breakthrough’ series in the UK, becoming one of the first American fictional shows for many years to get a primetime slot on ITV1. In decades past, imports were far more part of the regular diet of Britain’s major commercial channel. However, against what was perceived as a backlash against shows from across the pond, American series have mainly been consigned to late nights and afternoons.

This Golden Globe nominated drama punched through that, received rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic, and with the new DVD release of the first season of nine episodes, you yourself can re-evaluate whether the series deserved to be considered such a leader of a revolution.

Friday, 13 June 2008 11:17

Cult TV Awards 2007 DVD

The first of our DVD releases from the Cult TV Festival Weekender is now Available - and this one is the Awards Ceremony from the Saturday night, released as near-live as we can manage from what we have available! Get it now at our eBay shop at www.culttv.biz ...

This single DVD disc release will be followed a little later in the Summer by a two disc bonanza from last year's Festival, featuring extracts from the majority of the onstage interviews with our celebrities over the weekend, plus loads more highlights from in and around the event.

Tuesday, 03 June 2008 17:30

Operation: Save Moonlight

As some of you may be aware, American network CBS has cancelled the series Moonlight – currently screening in the UK on LIVING. The show’s fans have just begun campaigning to have another network pick up the show.

Recently it was reported the The CW network Stateside had decided against picking up Moonlight; but Harry Werksman, one of the show's co-executive producers and showrunner, told the fans who attended MoonlightCon 2008 during the recent American Memorial Day weekend that the American Sci-Fi Network is indeed interested in stepping in to save the series from the cancellation abyss.

Saturday, 31 May 2008 06:26

Friday Night Live on DVD

Network has just released THE VERY BEST OF FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE. This two disc set contains the highlights of this successful show, released for the first time in any format.

And this is your chance to win one of two copies we have up for grabs in our Comedy Competition.

Moving nights from the Saturday placement where it started, some 20 years on we see many of today’s comedy juggernauts in their formative years within this release. Indeed, Network has previously released two two-disc compilations from SATURDAY LIVE, so this is very much a sequel to those releases.

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