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Announcing The Alternative View 3 - Bristol

Thursday, 16 July 2009 01:00

By now, if you weren’t there, you will have heard the excellent reviews of the recent AV2 event in London. If you now have your ‘universal translator’ fixed to interpret (correctly) what is being said in the mass media, you will be well aware of the rapid acceleration of the Global Fear Agenda.  Others see the following topics just as those in power want them to be seen:

  • The Swine Flu ‘Epidemic’ (the media are desperate to link ANY deaths to it);
  • Mandatory Vaccinations (and YES, the WHO has a way to force this);
  • Financial Meltdown (You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet …);
  • House Price Crash (with a further 50% fall in value to happen over the next 12 months);
  • Parliamentary Sleaze (and STILL people trust one or other mainstream political party);
  • Illegal Wars (most folk have forgotten that there is NO MANDATE);
  • Imminent Attacks on Iran (watch out for that next ‘False Flag’ terror to be the spark to the kindle … coming very soon!); and, amazing but TRUE …
  • The US Plan to Bomb the Moon! (Coming 9 October 2009).


With the agenda quickening like never before, it means the organisers cannot possibly wait a year before bringing you the next Alternative View event. By popular demand, and global need, we are pleased to announce Alternative View III (AV3), to be held at The Grand Thistle Hotel, Bristol over the weekend of 13-15 November 2009, commencing at 7.30pm on the Friday evening (registrations from 5.00pm Friday).

We are delighted to announce that AV3 will provide a platform for a trio of guests, who will be speaking in the UK for the first time:

Leonid Sharashkin (USA/Russia) – Translator of the Anastasia (Ringing Cedars) Books.

Mary Croft (Canada) - Natural Man vs Artificial Person: Law, Money & Banking.

Greg Nikolettos (Australia) – The Micro-Chipping Agenda.

Other Speakers already booked include Trevor Gunn (Vaccines and immunisation), and by popular demand the return of Brian Gerrish, Terry Boardman, Andy Thomas, and Ian R Crane, with others to be announced soon.


Shining Light on the Darkness of Truth

As with previous Alternative View events, the primary purpose will be to provide a forum for like-minded people to come together for a weekend of information exchange and camaraderie. The importance of providing the venue to discuss issues which cannot be discussed at home or in the workplace - without eyes glazing over - cannot be underestimated. It is apparent that the pace at which people are awakening to the reality of unfolding events is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Witness how many people actually don’t dismiss what you tell them anymore. The Alternative View is quickly becoming the information desk for those looking to expose every facet of the emerging police state.

AVIII - Working to stop George Orwell's warning becoming our reality.

Information & On-line Booking: www.AV111.co.uk

Telephone Information and booking: 0207 558 8869   or   0779 151 8740

The biggest lies are the easiest to protect …


Meanwhile, spare us ten minutes of your time to watch the video below - you'll then realise what is being done in your name, and your civic duty is to spread the word:

The Alternative View is more than a Conference ...
it's a Community!



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