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Alex J Geairns (aka alex:g)

Saturday, 23 February 2008 09:01

alex:g is the new host of ON THE EDGE, the flagship live Thursday night show from Edge Media (Sky channel 200). The format of the name comes from the 'Free Man on the Land' concept established under common law, but practically it came about because no one can say, let alone spell, Alex's surname (it's pronounced 'Gairns', by the way).  Presenting is something Alex has done for years - from being one of the interviewers at the Cult TV Festivals (1994-2007), to helming the backstage interviews filmed for The Alternative View conferences (AV3 and AV4 - the latter being available on their DVD releases); now he transfers that extremely long apprenticeship to television.

Alex J Geairns - Founder of Cult TV and CineologyAlex devised the term "Cult TV" in 1983, when looking for a name for the Student Union Society he was looking to set up at Wolverhampton University (then a Polytechnic). Within a year, it had over 300 members and was larger than all the political societies in the Union put together!

Since then, as part of his freelance writing and also as one of the presenters of the Cult TV Festival Weekender, he has quizzed over 100 celebrities about their lives and careers, including Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Nicholas Lea and Mitch Pileggi from The X-Files, Catweazle's Geoffrey Bayldon, Claudia Christian, Mira Furlan and Jerry Doyle from Babylon 5, Dirk Benedict from The A-Team and Battlestar Galactica, The Prisoner actors Alexis Kanner and Mark Eden, plus George Sewell, Ed Bishop and Michael Billington from UFO, and Paul Darrow, Jacqueline Pearce and Gareth Thomas from Blake's 7. His favourite interviews have been with the producer Sylvia Anderson.


For ten years Alex wrote for "Satellite Times", contributing behind-the-scenes information and trivia on the Cult shows making their debut on terrestrial and satellite channels. He was also the TV Editor and Video Review Editor for lad-mag "FrOnt" during its first year, controversially taking his name off the credits after just a couple of issues, following editing he didn't approve.

As well as producing uncredited work for UK Gold and Sky TV Guide, Alex rewrote the English version of The Avengers Companion for Titan Books and American publisher Bay Books, revising the original French publication and amending the text to include newly unearthed material.


He was involved with and appeared in Sky One's review of all that's good in SF, Ultimate Sci-Fi Top Tens that was screened during the winter of 2004. He was also seen in Granada's The Story of ITV, a 50 year retrospective of the first established commercial broadcaster in the UK, talking about The Saint and The Sweeney amongst others.  And as we're talking about classic television, he appeared as part of the team 'Crackerjack!' in two episodes of the 1994 season of Telly Addicts - annoying Noel Edmonds, much to the delight of many a viewer!

He worked as a consultant and participant in the "Superfan" strand of UK TV Gold's pilot panel show Classic Comebacks (hosted by Les Dennis), which has since gone to series under the title TV Now and Then, making its debut in April 2007. He also performed a dozen radio interviews for Channel 4 DVD, promoting the release of Hill Street Blues.


Married to Sarah, who was also involved in the organisation of the Festival Weekender, during the event Alex took on the role of Festival Director, co-ordinating the various arenas and activities. He also fronted the Charity Auctions and the Cult TV Awards ceremony, as well as co-hosting the late night discussion forum, Handbags Before Dawn.

Alex has been instrumental in persuading various star guests to come along to the Cult TV Weekender, knowing they would have a great time with our attendees. The Festival raised over £50,000 for various good causes during its time.


Alex is now concentrating on presentation, scriptwriting and event management.  He has been approached to be the presenter of a live weekly satellite and internet television programme, is working on a film script that has producers twidding their thumbs in anticipation, and is working on a home studio for podcasts and video news bulletins.  He is also working on "Cineology - Facts in Fiction", which looks at where extraordinary TV and film unexpectedly has very strong roots in reality. Indeed, the truth really is stranger than fiction would make us imagine!

Alex is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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