Dave Mullin

Sunday, 24 February 2008 20:57

Cult TV's Financial Director  ...


Dave first attended the Cult TV Weekender (Festival) in 1996, the second of the three very popular years that Cult TV spent at Haven Caister on the East Coast of England. While there, he and his family were press-ganged into filming a "Day in the Life"-style account of their experiences at the event for the UK's Sci-Fi Channel.

The following year Dave joined the Production Team, having been persuaded this would be a good idea by long-time friend Alex J Geairns. Dave looked after the interests of the Merchandise Dealers, something he has continued to do for every Cult TV Festival since.

In 1998, Dave's remit for the Festival expanded, as he took on the role of Financial Director, keeping the spending on the event in check whilst encouraging sensible risks where there was a potential benefit to the Festival.

In a previous existence, Dave was a Bank Manager with a leading financial institution, so you know that the event is in safe hands.

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