Justin Allum

Sunday, 24 February 2008 20:58

Cult TV's Director or Presentation ...


Justin is one of the long-serving presenters of the Cult TV Weekender, having worked behind the scenes right from the beginning in 1994 (as a celebrity guest driver), before graduating to presentation in 1998. He has been known to adopt a number of disguises (including the infamous Skippy The Bush Kangaroo). His favourite Cult TV moment was meeting Hattie Hayridge, his lowpoint was SF luminary Harlan Ellison kissing the floor after experiencing Justin's minibus driving.

A fan of Red Dwarf, The Simpsons (favourite character Mo!) and Scooby Doo, Justin fulfilled a lifetime ambition when he met Scooby on a trip to America.


Justin runs some of the fun and games for the Weekender, including our Friday evening escapades, and is the Sunday night cabaret compere, as well as being the Director of Presentation for the Soundstage Arena.

A Film School graduate, Justin swapped working in a bank for now working on the technical side of things at one of the UK's major shopping channels. He is also the main supplier of design and graphics for the Weekender, including those for the annual Cult TV Awards, as well as being the editor of the Cult TV Weekender DVDs.


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