Emma Ward

Sunday, 24 February 2008 21:06

Cult TV's Registrations Co-Manager ...


Emma has been interested in Science Fiction and Cult TV since her school days. Her first convention was a Star Trek event in London in 1995, where she got to see the late, great Jon Pertwee, and Patrick Stewart.

Emma has been to all but the first two Cult TV Festivals. She first met John Payne, her partner, at a Cult TV Festival, and they eventually "got together" at Cult TV in 1999 (right after winning the "Famous 4-3 Minutes" competition!). They have been 'together' ever since, so Cult TV can almost claim to be the matchmaker!

Emma works for the Hampshire Constabulary, and takes great pleasure in telling people that "yes the police are like on The Bill, and most of the other cop shows".

Originally from Coventry (a place where people DO NOT speak with a Birmingham accent!), Emma now lives in Basingstoke (and she's heard all of those phrases about it - "If the world needed an enema, they would put it in at Basingstoke"; "It always rains in Basingstoke"; and "So many roundabouts in Basingstoke").

A keen jogger, Emma is always taking part in half-marathons and other long distance charity events, and was a volunteer at this year's Sport Relief mile.

She owns two whippets, Wilbur (who's neurotic)and Frisk (who will eat anything, including other small dogs), and two hamsters. Her favourite shows include The Professionals, The Persuaders!, The Champions, Babylon 5, Star Trek: Enterprise and TNG, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Blake's 7, The Clangers and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased).

A minor claim to fame is that Emma had a Great Uncle who used to do 'odd jobs' for Patrick McGoohan! Her favourite Cult TV guests over the years have been Michael Sheard and Willam Gaunt.

Emma first got the call-up to Cult TV Production Team duties in 2005, and in 2006 and 2007 she was again one of the faces you first encounter when you arrive at our venue, being one of our Registration Managers.


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