Sue Griffiths

Sunday, 24 February 2008 21:10

One of Cult TV's presenters and interviewers ...


Sue has been a fan of science fiction and cult programmes since she was at primary school, and loved to watch the likes of Battlestar Galactica and Space: 1999. While still having a fondness for the original Galactica, she’s also partial to the new version, and enjoys the likes of Firefly, Highlander, Andromeda, Doctor Who, Thunderbirds, Stargate (SG-1 and Atlantis).

Sue first got involved with the inner workings of Cult TV by conducting interviews with some of our celebrity guests for The Contact news-zine, Cult TV's one-time official monthly publication. While she used to conduct interviews in a previous job for a bank and therefore has some grounding in that area, trying to think up inventive questions for people involved in television and film is a real challenge ... and provides some much needed exercise for her little grey cells! It was a logical progression to therefore become one of the interviewers for Cult TV, having cut her teeth in a baptism of fire at the 2005 Festival, and further honed her skills in 2006 and 2007.

Sue contributed to The Contact for several years, in the form of a regular "Snippets" column, which consisted of news, reviews, and general banter about the world of SF. Writing wise, one of her proudest moments was finding out that all her hard work had paid off when she passed her Master's Degree in Leisure Tourism and the Environment. Another proud moment was winning the fiction contest at Cult TV 2001, where her entry was a radio script created using guidance from a book, as she'd never written a radio script in her life!

Originally more familiar with conventions from the point of view of being an attendee rather than from behind the scenes, Sue went to her first event in 1998, when a frustration with a lack of a social life following a move to a new part of the country set in. It was then that she discovered that conventions are a great way to socialise, meet new people through a common interest and enjoy lots of parties – and a few drinks along the way, too! She likes to attend at least four a year, but happily increases that figure if time and money allow!

At past Cult TV events Sue has taken to the stage in "Famous 4-3 Minutes" in various guises – from that of one of the Bouvier sisters in The Simpsons (complete with blue wig and yellow body paint), to being a 'yellow coat' and greeting everyone "Hi De Hi" style!

Sue is a member of the League of the Non Aligned, a fun loving science fiction group based in London, who have in the past sponsored guests for Cult TV (in 2004 it was Colin Baker, 2005 it was Annette Badland, and in 2006 Elisabeth Sladen). LOTNA have put in appearances at Cult TV as the Men in Black, UNIT and almost the entire cast of The Simpsons - and cut a dash in their brightly coloured polo shirts from year to year.

Sue's pet hates include train delays (and lack of information), cold calling salespeople offering "fabulous prizes", artificial sweeteners which seem to be in everything these days, and the strange lack of coffee in hotel restaurants at breakfast when she really needs a caffeine fix!


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