WIN: War of the Worlds DVDs

War of the Worlds - TV Series Season 1 on DVDIn 1953 the Earth was invaded by aliens from Mars and, on the brink of extinction, the human race was saved by the Martians’ vulnerability to common bacteria. Unfortunately for us, not all of the alien life-forms were eradicated, and now they are secretly plotting our demise once more. So goes the premise of this American TV follow-up to H G Wells’ classic novel.

Made between 1988 and 1990, the series stars Jared Martin (Dallas), Lynda Mason Green (Odyssey 5), Philip Akin (Flashpoint) and Richard Chaves (“Predator”). Martin is Dr Harrison Blackwood, a charming astrophysicist who, with the help of his computer expert Norton Drake (Akin), discovers the existence of radio communications between Earth and outer space. By tracing the local point of origin, the duo uncovers the presence of Martians on our planet.

And now, with thanks to Revelation Films, you have a chance to win one of three copies of the Box Set up the grabs.

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Animal Kwackers on DVD

A UFO shoots through the galaxy before depositing four unusual passengers on Earth via a telescopic fireman’s pole. The aliens are Rory the blue (yes blue) lion, Boots the tiger with an eye-patch, Kwang the monkey and Bongo the dog. Collectively they are a band called Animal Kwackers, and their mission on our planet is to play rock and tell colourful adventure stories. As you might have guessed by now, we are talking about a children’s series from the 1970s, the British answer if you will to the American Banana Splits.

Each ten-minute episode comprises an opening song, then a story told by Rory in large spectacles to the refrain of ‘Rory, Rory tell us a story’, interrupted mid-way through by a second song, and a closing song ties everything up. Then the Kwackers wave goodbye as they climb back up the pole and shoot off in their zippy spacecraft, leaving the audience slightly bewildered as to what they have just witnessed.

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Doogie Howser MD Season 1

These days if you said there’s a new series from combine the talents of Steven Bochco and David E Kelley, it would immediately be categorised as ‘must see TV’. However, if we transport you back to the cusp where the 1980s met the 1990s, and suggested a series where we have a child star at its heart... you can hear the noise of TV remote buttons being zapped to change channels.  Unfortunate, as this is a little gem of a show, which lives up to the later credentials of its production team.

So, do you remember Doogie Howser MD? A child prodigy, a fully qualified doctor by age fourteen, and a surgeon by age sixteen. Well, thanks to Revelation Films, he’s back thanks to DVD with their Season One release. Indeed, Revelation have been releasing much of David E Kelley’s back catalogue, having already begun working their way through L A Law and Chicago Hope. We had two copies of Doogie on DVD to give away in a prize competition.

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Wilfred: Australian Version

You may think you have seen the messed-up comedy about an anthropomorphic dog called Wilfred before, but if your experience only encompasses the recent US remake starring Elijah Wood, you would definitely be missing out if you let this new release pass you by. My review relates to the Aussie original’s two seasons, freshly released as a pair of DVD box sets. Rarely has a series entertained, amused and disturbed me quite as much as Wilfred.

In common with the US version, viewers and the central male character witness Wilfred as a tall man in a ridiculous, floppy-eared dog suit. Jason Gann does the honours, and he obviously impressed the Americans as they kept him on, Australian accent and all. Other people appear to see Wilfred as a regular, 9-year-old mongrel, seemingly unaware of what a crude, crass and downright manipulative character he is.

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Who Pays The Ferryman? DVD

Originally broadcast in 1977, Who Pays the Ferryman? is a dramatic and deeply tragic mini-series set on the picturesque island of Crete in the same decade. Jack Hedley (Colditz, “For Your Eyes Only”) stars as Alan Haldane, an ex-soldier who fought alongside the local resistance thirty years ago and is now returning to mourn the death of Melina, an old flame. Soon after his arrival, Alan bumps into Annika (Betty Arvaniti – The Dark Side of the Sun) and they instantly hit it off.

It is only later that Alan discovers that Annika is Melina’s sister, a fact he keeps secret because he fears she will blame him for deserting Melina, even though a meddling third party was to blame for their separation many years ago. To complicate matters further, Melina had a daughter, now grown up with a son of her own – Alan’s grandson. Standing between Haldane and his newly discovered family, and a successful relationship with Annika, is Katerina - matriarch of the family and a bitter opponent who will stop at nothing to be rid of him.

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