Jackie Chan’s Project A Parts I & II

Monday, 29 October 2018 15:16

Jackie Chan's Project A Parts I and II out now on Blu-rayIn a brilliant one-two punch combo, Eureka Entertainment have produced a second Jackie Chan Blu-ray movie box set to complement their recent “Police Story” release. This limited edition collection features “Project A” and “Project A Part II” in which Chan plays Sergeant Dragon Ma, a diligent and courageous coastguard-turned-police man who becomes the bane of Hong Kong criminal gangs, corrupt cops and pirates.

“Project A” sees Ma taking on dastardly pirates who have made a mockery of all those who have previously attempted to locate and apprehend them. Ma realises the only way to succeed is to go under cover and destroy them from the inside. In “Project A Part II” Ma is tasked with cleaning up the roughest district in Hong Kong, no mean feat when some of his colleagues are in league with the local kingpin, never mind more pirates out for blood!

The tone of these two films, set in the 1800s, is lighter than the “Police Story” movies, resembling an action-packed marriage between Indiana Jones and Tintin, only with tons of martial arts skirmishes thrown in. There is a lot of Buster Keaton style physical comedy, something Chan excels in as much as he does punching and kicking someone in the face.

Jackie’s comedic timing is impeccable, and he is not averse to gurning like an utter fool to get a laugh. A couple of examples include a moment when Ma backs away behind a wall whilst taking on a particularly tricky opponent to vigorously rub his wounds, and when he chews an entire mouthful of chillies with the intent of impeding enemies by rubbing the fiery mush in their eyes.

Whilst both movies suffer slightly from pacing issues, each and every action and fight scene is well worth the wait. Chan and his co-stars make full use of the exceptionally detailed Hong Kong street sets, clambering all over furniture and buildings in pursuit of each other. Particularly good use is made of tables and chairs both in terms of parkour-style hurdling obstacles and fighting implements.

Three stand out action scenes include Ma using a bicycle down narrow, walled avenues to both evade capture and as a weapon, an epic boss battle where Chan and frequent collaborators Sammo Hung (Martial Law) and Yuen Biao (“Above the Law”) have to join forces in the pirates’ lair, and finally a madcap rumble in/up/over a building site made of bamboo scaffolding.

Hardcore aficionados will doubtless go for the original Cantonese soundtrack but I prefer to listen to the English dub, partly because it makes reviewing a film easier but also because the variety of accents and voice acting standards is broad, lending even more humour to a couple of already very amusing movies.

As with the “Police Story” box set, this is indispensable viewing so get in there quickly if you want to obtain one of the very limited edition sets.

Special Features:

  • Special limited edition box set of 4,000 copies
  • 1080p presentations of both films, sourced from brand new 2K restorations and making their UK debuts on Blu-ray
  • Original Cantonese audio tracks for both films (mono for "Project A" and stereo for "Project A Part II")
  • Restored 5.1 Cantonese and English audio options
  • “Project A” Alternative English dub track from the original UK VHS release
  • Optional English subtitles
  • Export cut of "Project A Part II", featuring a unique English dub track not heard on any other version of the film (presented in SD)
  • New video interviews with Asian cinema expert Tony Rayns
  • Archive interview with Jackie Chan (30 mins)
  • Archive Introduction to "Project A" by star Jackie Chan
  • Interview with actor Lee Hoi San (22 mins)
  • Interview with actor Yuen Biao (18 mins)
  • Interview with actor Dick Wei (14 mins)
  • Interview with actor Michael Chan Wai-Man (20 mins)
  • Interview with composer Michael Lai (17 mins)
  • Interview with stuntman Anthony Carpio (29 mins)
  • Interview with stuntman Mars (15 mins)
  • “Someone Will Know Me” (13 mins) - an archive featurette which includes interviews with stuntmen Mars, Chris Lee Kin-Sang and Rocky Lai
  • Alternate outtakes for "Project A" from the Japanese version of the film
  • Archival behind-the-scenes footage (24 mins)
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Box set exclusive collector's booklets for each film, featuring new essays by James Oliver; rare archival material; and full credits for both films.

“Jackie Chan's Project A & Project A Part II” (1983, 1987) is out now on Limited Edition Blu-ray (4,000 copies), courtesy of Eureka Entertainment Ltd. The 2-disc set has a running time of 211 minutes approx, carries a ‘15’ certificate and retails for £29.99, or less from www.culttvstore.com.


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