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Wonderfalls: Complete Series DVD

Sunday, 27 October 2013 14:18

Wonderfalls comes to UK DVDQuirky, kookie and very surreal describes Wonderfalls perfectly. This is a series that will confuse some, bore other and bring laughter to the rest. I can easily see some people watching the first episode and just not getting it. But really you should stick with this slow burner, once it gets under your skin you will be eager to watch the next episode and follow Jaye and her friends and family going from one impossible situation to the next.

Jaye Tyler (Caroline Dhavernas – Hannibal) is a store clerk at a Niagara Falls gift shop. She drifts about with seemingly no idea where she wants her life to take her. When a wax lion begins talking to her she does not know if she is going insane or has become picked by some divine power to do their bidding. The wax lion tells Jaye to help a customer who has had her handbag stolen. Against her better judgement and to hopefully shut the lion up she does as it suggests. There follows a series of events that seem unconnected but all come together by the end of the episode to see Jayes sister Sharon (Katie Finneran) meet a women who becomes her girlfriend.

The wax lion and subsequent speaking ornaments all give Jaye very odd or ambiguous instructions. For example in the episode “Wound-up Penguin” Jaye and bartender Eric (Tyron Leitso) help a runaway nun. Jaye believes the suggestion to ‘bring her back’ means to help the nun find her faith again, but she ends up helping the Father who has come to search for the nun to be introduced to the daughter he did not know he had.

Rather like The Simpsons each episode can start off going in one direction only to veer off course and end up somewhere else entirely.

Dhavernas is marvellous as Jaye, she gives the character the sullenness that most disaffected young people develop. Jaye mopes around and tackles life and her issues with ornaments in as unenthusiastic a way as possible. When she is labelled a hero for saving a baby she shies away from the positive events that follow. When she is made employee of the month her parents are very proud but she only wants the attention to go away.

William Sadler and Diana Scarwid play Jayes parents Darrin and Karen with Lee Pace as her Theology studying brother Aaron.

Guest stars include, Louise Fletcher (“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”) and Eddie Kaye Thomas (“American Pie”). The muses are voiced by various people including creator Bryan Fuller and executive producer Tim Minear.

Extra features on this DVD release include Audio commentaries, a ‘Greetings from Wonderfalls’ documentary, and a visual effects featurette.

If this is not your cup of tea it would make a great gift for any slightly madcap friends you may have and let’s face it we all have a friend who could probably empathise with Jaye.  Who hasn’t been in a situation where things just fall into place? Where odd events seem to conspire to get you where you should be, even if you did not realise it to begin with.

Wonderfalls – The Complete Series is out bow, courtesy of Medium Rare entertainment. It has a running time of 550 minutes approx, and carries a ‘12’ certificate. The retail price is £29.99 or less from www.culttvstore.com


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