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L A Law - Season 6 on DVD

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 14:55 Written by 

L A LAW - Season 6 comes to DVDThe hit American legal drama returns for a sixth season, originally broadcast in the early 1990s and out now on DVD for the very first time. Fallout from the bitter internal conflict at McKenzie Brackman last time resulted in the resignations of Michael, Victor, Grace and Abby, and a sizeable deficit in the company's workforce. The firm's financial and employment woes mean that it needs to act fast or go under forever.

Bossy entertainment lawyer Susan Bloom (Conchata Ferrell - Two and a Half Men, “Edward Scissorhands”) is given office space in a deal to help bolster the finances, and with her comes smug Englishman Frank Kittredge (Michael Cumpsty – “The Ice Storm”). Senior Partner Leyland (Richard Dysart – “Being There”) also manages to persuade Grace to come back if only for a while to boost the firm's profile. Perhaps now the company has a fighting chance at survival.

As a big fan of L A Law, I was concerned that Season 6 might be the point where it 'jumps the shark', and embarks on an inescapable downward trend both in quality and appeal. In truth, whilst the first few episodes feel a little like they are from a different series as we are introduced to the new characters and getting to grips with a fresh cast dynamic, it does not take too long for the show to regain its footing. Bloom and Kittredge are colourful personalities and they make their presence felt immediately.

Spicy new romances abound as the entertaining blend of office life, politics and courtroom drama continues. Will serial adulterer Arnold Becker (Corbin Bernsen - The Glades) finally settle down?

High calibre guest stars include Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire, “Reservoir Dogs”), Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager), Kevin Spacey (“The Usual Suspects”) and Jerry Hardin (“The Firm”).

No special features are included but then, with the exception of Season 5's 100th episode celebration, which is par for the course as far as L A Law releases are concerned!

L A Law - Season 6 (1991-92) is out now on DVD, courtesy of Revelation Films. The entire six-disc, 22 episode season has a running time of 17 hours approx, carries a ‘15’ certificate and retails for £34.99, or less from


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