Parks and Recreation: Season 4

Monday, 13 January 2014 09:49

Parks and Recreation Season 4 on DVDThe fourth season of the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated comedy series focuses on Leslie Knope’s campaign to run for office in Pawnee City Council, naively expecting it to be a cakewalk. This being Pawnee, anything and everything will conspire to trip up the go-getting local government employee (Amy Poehler - Saturday Night Live), and threaten her relationship with colleague Ben (Adam Scott – “Step Brothers”).

Season 4 features 22 episodes of disorderly fun and endearing interaction between the show's whacky cast of characters. Take for example Tom (Aziz Ansari – “Epic”) and his business partner's absurd efforts to run a promotional business by hosting luxurious parties but not actually selling anything. This happy-go-lucky attitude is common amongst Parks' characters and is partly what makes it so uplifting.

Fans of Axe Cop will wonder whether the legendary Ron Swanson is finally going to emerge as the live-action version of the axe-wielding superhero, such are the similarities between the two. Both are played by Nick Offerman (“21 Jump Street”), both have a steely gaze, are fazed by nothing (except Ron's scary ex-wives) and both have scant regard for rules. Ron also has some choice, boastful one-liners that would feel right at home on Offerman's other series, such as 'Every two weeks I need to sand down my toe nails. They're too strong for clippers.'

Young couple Andy (Chris Pratt – “Zero Dark Thirty”) and April (Aubrey Plaza – “Monsters University”) continue to wreak havoc like Bonnie and Clyde only slightly less unlawful. Andy's lovable, dim-witted buffoon and April’s super-sly, manipulative administrator are highlights in a show that is bursting to the seams with classic comedy moments and crafty scripts.

Guest stars this season include Paul Rudd ("Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues"), Megan Mullally (Will and Grace), Louis C K (Louie) and Carl Reiner (“Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid”).

Fans of the show will know by now that they must consume more of it; newcomers should go back to Season 1 and catch up as soon as possible. Believe me, it will not be a chore!

DVD extras include:

  • Deleted scenes
  • Four extended episodes
  • Uncensored gag reel
  • Webisodes
  • Campaign ads
  • “Catch Your Dreams” music video

Parks and Recreation: Season 4 (2012) is out now on DVD, courtesy of Fabulous Films. The 4-disc set has a running time of 471 minutes approx, carries a ‘12’ certificate and retails for £34.99, or less from

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