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Space:1999 - The Bringers of Wonder from Series 2 comes to Blu-rayThe wait is nearly over for fans of Space: 1999. The Complete Second Series, digitally restored in High Definition, on Blu-ray and DVD is scheduled to finally be released into the wild in Autumn 2015.

But, there’s time for a little taster beforehand, with a stocking filler for fans this festive season. Network Distributing will be bringing out a special edition Blu-ray release of the two-part episode “The Bringers Of Wonder” - featuring a pair of episodes which were originally conceived to be a big screen feature for some territories. It will be available exclusively through from 8 December 2014 – and available on pre-order right now! The RRP is £13.00, and limited to just 1,999 copies, so get yours reserved now.

Each Blu-ray is presented in an exclusive digipack, and will of course include both episodes of “The Bringers Of Wonder”, but also as an alternative viewing experience in the feature-length version, known as “Destination Moonbase-Alpha”, and all in bright shiny High Definition, giving you around 200 minutes of action in 4:3 format.

For those who don’t recall the plot, one of the most remembered of the second season run, when a Superswift spaceship, crewed by friends and relatives from Earth arrives on Moonbase Alpha, it looks as if rescue is finally within the Alphans’ grasp. Only one man – Commander John Koenig (Martin Landau) – sees the visitors for what they really are: hideous wobbling jelly-style creatures who thrive on radiation. With the rest of Alpha under the aliens’ spell, Koenig must prevent them from completing their mission to detonate the moon’s nuclear waste dumps. are also holding a competition for all customers who order “The Bringers Of Wonder” before 8 December 2014. All customers will automatically be entered into a draw to win one of three copies of Space: 1999 - The Complete Second Series. Three order numbers will be drawn at random soon after 8 December, when the Moonbase Alpha computer will display the winning numbers!

Space: 1999 – The Complete First Series was made available on Blu-ray and DVD on 1 November 2010, so it will be nearly five years later that the final instalment of episodes will be available. A bonus as part of that original First Series set was the debut episode of Series Two, “The Metamorph”. Various rumours abound that the delay for the rest might have been due to problems with the original negatives and footage of the second season, something which has taken quite some time to work on.

Needless to say, everything will have been worth the wait!

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