Detectorists Series Two on DVD

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Detectorists - Series 2 on DVD nowIn series two of the hit BBC Four comedy Detectorists, Andy and Lance have new challenges to deal with. Epic procrastinator Andy (Mackenzie Crook – Almost Human) has a baby son and the prospect of an exciting opportunity in Africa, whilst Lance (Toby Jones - Capital) has mysterious meetings with a young woman. Their metal detecting club also has to contend with an enigmatic young German seeking the location of his grandfather’s downed war plane.

This second set of six episodes does not mess with the winning formula, and fleshes out some of the background characters. The excellent mixture of quirky comedy and heartfelt character drama makes for very fulfilling viewing, and the beautiful countryside, evocative soundtrack by Johnny Flynn and depiction of tranquil village life lends the series a very relaxing tone. Detectorists is quite unlike anything else on television.

The characters lead what might be considered normal, relatively boring lives but the series’ writing and acting is so good that even the most humdrum experiences become warm and inviting. There is a wonderful innocence to the show that makes revelations such as the Mayor’s rather unseemly night-time behaviour all the more amusing.

The central story arc about Peter’s quest for the World War 2 aeroplane is carefully revealed, and Daniel Donskoy (“The Honourable Rebel”) puts in a subtle performance to keep us guessing as to his motivations.

Pearce Quigley (“The Way Back”) and Divian Ladwa (You, Me and the Apocalypse) benefit most from the extra attention given to minor characters, and they have some very funny scenes together as D.M.D.C. club members Russell and Hugh.

As with all great series, it is agony deciding whether Detectorists should carry on or finish whilst it is at the top of its game. A Christmas special is imminent and may tie everything up nice and neatly, but I hope it leaves things a little untidy to keep the realism of this beautiful series intact.

Bonus features include:

  • Making of documentary
  • Picture galleries

Detectorists Series Two (2015) is out now, courtesy of Acorn. The single-disc set has a running time of 180 minutes approx, carries a ‘15’ certificate and retails for £19.99. A two-disc box set containing Series One and Series Two is also available for £29.99, or less from



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