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Tim Vine all Tim Timinee on DVD

Monday, 28 November 2016 00:00 Written by 

Tim Vine - new Tim Timinee DVD now availableIf one-line puns machine-gunned at you are your thing, then time to make an appointment to watch as award-winning British comedian Tim Vine, in a new show where he emerges from a chimney to take the roof off (it says here…). If Dick van Dyke was a stand-up, and from this side of the Atlantic, well, it’s nothing like that at all!  “Tim Timinee Tim Timinee Tim Tim to You” is the latest mix-and-mirth from a man who breaks up the unyielding procession of off-the-wall corner-turning rat-a-tat spiel with silly songs, and one prop after another with a slick and simple pay-off.

This was a sell-out show which took Tim around the country and beyond. Take a deep breath everyone, because there’s a lot to get through. Stand by for a large number of stupid jokes, (and platypuses on poles, plus an interloper). Packed with a range of extras, this is the full-on exposure of the concept, and a breathless experience – if you don’t like one particular joke, another will be along before you have chance to blink, let alone frown.

So, who exactly is Tim Vine? He made his first attempts at stand-up comedy in 1991 at the Comedy Café in London. He began to attend the New Act competition nights regularly. While continuing to attend the café, he started to do numerous open spots in other clubs throughout 1992. In 1993 he came second in the Hackney Empire New Act competition and by 1994 he was a regular on the London comedy circuit. That year he made his first TV appearances on BBC Pebble Mill.

In 1995 his show “The Time Vine Fiasco” won him the Perrier Best Newcomer award at the Edinburgh Festival. He hosted the morning game show ‘Housemates’ on BBC One the same year.

In 1996 he returned to the Edinburgh Festival with a sell-out show called “The Tim Vine Shambles”. In 1997 he became the first man to appear on Channel Five, co-hosting the very first show called This Is Five with Julia Bradbury.

He also hosted the game show Whittle on Channel Five and his own comedy game show called Fluke which ran over the same period on Channel 4. He sold out Edinburgh again with his shows “Tim Vine Flat Out” (1998) and “I’m Vine Thanks” and “Tim Vine and the Minotaur” (1999).

In 2000 Tim performed in the Royal Variety Show in front of Prince Charles. From 2001 to 2002 he appeared in two series’ of ITV’s The Sketch Show which won a BAFTA. In 2004 he broke the Guinness World Record for the most jokes told in an hour (and that was 499).

Tim has appeared in five series’ of the award-winning sitcom Not Going Out and he played Beach the Butler in series two of Blandings. Other TV appearances include Live at the Apollo and Q.I, and he hosted ITV game show Don’t Blow the Inheritance. He appeared in Fame Academy for Comic Relief also featuring in a Downton Abbey spoof, and even had time to win Celebrity Mastermind.

In 2010 and 2014 Tim won the Dave Television award for ‘Best Joke at the Edinburgh Fringe’. He has successfully toured all of his stand-up shows and has released four DVDs of them: “Tim Vine Live” (2004), “So I Said To This Bloke” (2006), “Punslinger” (2008) and “The Jokeamotive” (2009).

This new DVD release is loaded with special features, including:

  • “BACK IN TIM” – During a Live performance in Croydon Tim goes back in time to 1989, when he smuggled himself into the venue, getting the performing bug (4 mins)
  • “GOOD TIMES” POP VIDEO – Tim’s Dance moves are off the charts as he creates this MTV-friendly short ditty. (1½ mins)
  • “TIMINEE ON TOUR” – A photo montage of ‘Team Timinee’ on the road during the tour (8½ mins)
  • “AUCTION STORY” – Tim recounts an inspirational story from an auction. Gavel round everyone (!) (2½ mins).
  • “ALTERNATIVE START” – Tim performs a different option to open the show, with mixed results (2 mins).
  • “DART FOR DART’S SAKE” – Tim is challenged by a world champion, in the shape of Scott ‘Scotty Dog’ Mitchell at the Bournemouth gig (8 mins).
  • “DVD COMMENTARY” – Tim talks the viewer through the whole show with a whole host of his memories.

For those thinking of Christmas, the material is very ‘family friendly’, hardly a swear word is audible, and there are enough visual gags to please children. Some of the puns are a couple of stages removed from being linear, but that only adds to the laughs when the penny drops and the wordplay clicks in your head. It makes a refreshing change to have a stand-up that can actually raise laughs without a sharp intake of breath in sight, or you having to worry whether the seniors in the audience will have taken offence, or have difficult explanations to make to the kiddies.

There is a certain riff in the material which reminds me of Ken Dodd, although Tim will have to go into training to be able to perform for three times as long – anyone who has ever seen Mr Dodd at work knows that he always gives value for money!

All in all, Tim has a niche in the comedy circuit which is well worth checking out. It is very unlikely you won’t find a laugh a minute.

TIM TIMINEE TIM TIMINEE TIM TIM TO YOU is out now on DVD from Spirit Entertainment. It has a running time of 100 mins approx, a ‘PG’ certificate, and a RRP of £19.99, or get it for less at BY CLICKING HERE.


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