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Knight Rider 2010 on DVD

Thursday, 22 June 2017 17:38

Knight Rider 2010 - out on DVDBefore getting into the meat of a review of “Knight Rider 2010”, a little aside as to what we have here. Back in December 2003, when a ‘reboot’ of Battlestar Galactica appeared, many of the less-than-convinced original fan base nicknamed it ‘GINO’ – Galactica In Name Only. Original Knight Rider fans, when they saw “2010”, should have had the foresight to name this 1994 attempt ‘KRINO’ – Knight Rider In Name Only. It’s more ‘Mad Max’ than ‘Michael Knight’ – who’s nowhere to be seen in this version of the format. We even get teased to think the Black Trans-Am of the original will be the hook to what has gone before, as various super cars in pristine condition are revealed from under assorted tarpaulins.

What we get instead is a Mustang more suited to a stock car race track. Admittedly, in the “Knight Rider 2000” movie, (CLICK HERE for our review) we were told that KITT’s body had long since been disposed of, but they could have gone for some continuity by showing this was where it had ended up. There’s an attempt to wed the concept to some sort of high-tech wizardry with the way the car is eventually controlled by a crystal with a link to beyond the grave, but I have to say it really is like putting lipstick on a pig. It is a very strained attempt to actually have a car which talks to its driver, but goes one further by having a hologram which, at times, sits in the passenger seat. There is no way this sits just ten years after the events of “Knight Rider 2000” – too much has happened. Sure, 2100 would have made more sense, but all in all, this is a DVD worth getting for anyone who wants to see how NOT to do a revival or a reboot.

So, to the plot. Our star is fugitive Jake McQueen (Richard Joseph Paul – who probably counts this as one of the top entries in his acting CV, alongside guest parts in 666 Park Avenue, Sex and the City, and numerous roles across the Law and Order franchise). He is on the run for smuggling Mexicans into the USA. This causes problems for his brother, Marshall Will McQueen (Michael Beach – Monte Parker in Third Watch, Charles Pike in The 100, Colonel Abe Ellis in Stargate: Atlantis).

Jared (Brion James – a character actor you’ll know the face of from the likes of The A-Team, The Dukes of Hazzard, Hunter and Walker, Texas Ranger) is the Chief of Chrysalis Corporation. He is involved in various bad news, including internal organ theft, taking what he needs to keep his bionic failing physique alive. He wants Jake to work for him.

Jared sends one of his most valued employees, Hannah Tyree, to recruit Jake. Hannah is played by Hudson Leick (then known as Heidi Leick), who went on to give form to Callisto in Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. She is perhaps one of the major reasons for any interest at all in this pilot movie. Post “2010”, Hudson also went on to have recurring roles in the likes of University Hospital and Melrose Place, as well as guesting on Fastlane, Tru Calling, CSI, Nip/Tuck and Shark.

A major plot point is when Hannah informs Jake that she once accidentally downloaded herself onto PRISM, a crystalline solid-state memory unit for her computer. Acquiring the junked Mustang from Dean (Don McManus – The Wildman in Justified, Lowball in Tilt), and a special engine his dying father had kept in trust, Jake is all set up to find a way to stop Chrysalis. While pursuing a lead, he ends up shot, and is witness to Hannah’s apparent death.

And so, tie this in with a street gang, led by Robert Lee (Mark Pellegrino – Lucifer in Supernatural, Jacob in Lost, Jedikiah in the 2013 The Tomorrow People) in his bizarre black concept car who beat up Zeke, (Badja Djola – who guest starred in The X-Files, Millenium and The Lone Gunmen) his adopted father so much he too leaves this mortal coil, and there are so many reasons why Jake needs to see justice be done.

The director was Sam Pillsbury (“Zandalee”, “Free Willy 3” and various TV movies). The movie was written by John Leekley (also an Executive Producer on the project), who created the 1982 mini-series The Blue and The Gray as well as series Wolf Lake and Kindred: The Embraced. Other assignments included writing for the Spawn TV series and a couple of episodes of Miami Vice. The other Executive Producer was Rob Cohen (Vanishing Son, “XXX2: The Next Level”), and the Producer Alex Beaton (King Fu, Harry O, Black Sheep Squadron, Otherworld, The Greatest America Hero, Wise Guy).

Much like the “Knight Rider 2000” car, you can see more of the “Knight Rider 2010” car at the Jay Ohrberg website.

The villain’s black stealth car, which has an air of a Lockheed about it, was once spotted at a Trading Post in Pearsonville, California, minus an engine. Unfortunately, it has long since gone, as has the trading post.

All in all, you are left wondering what sort of apocalypse has happened on Planet Earth to present us with the environment on display in “Knight Rider 2010”. If a series had followed, then one of the core missions must surely have been to reveal the key players and scenarios in the collapse of civilisation, and no doubt there would have been some sort of quest to restore a level of normality.

That’s trying to give a mission to Jake and Hannah, though. The big problem is that there is nothing in the plot we’re given which suggests any reason to want this world to be saved. The two leads are left preferring to spend their time with each other in a virtual reality. And that means your audience thinking the same – do anything other than watch this format.

“Knight Rider 2010” is out now from Fabulous Films / Fremantle Media Enterprises. It has a ‘PG’ certificate, a running time of 91 minutes approx, and a RRP of £14.99 – or get it for less at BY CLICKING HERE.



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