The Riches with Eddie Izzard

Wednesday, 27 February 2008 06:21

Eddie Izzard Stateside comedy drama now available in a season one collection ...


Meet the Riches, high-class, upstanding members of the community, however, all is not as it seems. Now meet the Malloys, gypsy travelling con artists who strangely look and sound just like the Riches …

And that, in a nutshell is the jumping-off point for the season one DVD release of The Riches from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Season one became a flagship show for new digital channel Virgin 1, starring the enigmatic British double act of Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, and for those of you who missed it, this DVD release is the perfect way to catch up.

After they are involved in a car accident that kills a very wealthy couple, Wayne and Dahlia Malloy (Izzard and Driver) and their children Di Di (Shannon Marie Woodward), Sam (Aidan Mitchell) and Cael (Noel Fisher) grasp the opportunity to assume the identity of the well-to-do ‘normal’ family.

Seduced by the idea of a better life for themselves, and armed with the keys to a new house in a wealthy neighbourhood, they soon find that suburban life is more twisted and challenging than any of their previous stings.

As the dark American comedy drama begins, Dahlia has just been paroled from prison. During her two-year sentence, she has developed various drug addictions and in her absence, Wayne and the children have continued to act as con artists across the US. After a brief reunion with their traveller clan, the family flees, stealing a large amount of money from the clan's hoard of cash as they do their best to blend in with their new surroundings.

With series 2 of The Riches due to air on Virgin 1 this autumn, this DVD box set is a great way to become familiar with a show that really needs more mainstream exposure.

The Riches premiered on the Stateside version of the FX channel on 12 March 2007 - the first season of 13 episodes was a ratings success with 3.8 million viewers watching the pilot, which, in the history of the American FX channel, was only second to the premiere of The Shield.

The comedy and fun in the show comes from square pegs trying to fit into round holes. Wayne schmoozes his way into a job in a law firm, acting as point man to an obnoxious real estate developer. Dahlia persuades a local private school to take on her children after the admission deadline. The children use their skills to make the best of the world around them that is obsessed with style over substance. As with any set of lies built on little foundation, circumstances start to catch up with the family – especially as relatives and those who knew them in their former lives get ever-closer to them.

Special Features on the DVD set include audio commentaries with Eddie Izzard and Creator Dmitry Lipkin – these are on the pilot episode and “Waiting for Dogot”, the season finale. We also have “Fox Movie Channel presents Casting Session and World Premiere” on disc one – very much ‘exactly what it says on the tin’, as well as a “Gag Reel” – Dennis Norden would be proud! To cap off the extras, on disc four we find the ‘Webisodes’ - little vignettes that originally appeared online to gain the show some profile.

The four-disc set has a “15” certificate (mainly for swearing and some brief nudity), a running time of approx 591 minutes, and a retail price of £34.99 – but you can get it for less at


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