Bender's Big Score DVD

Saturday, 05 April 2008 07:17
Fry, Leela, Professor Farnsworth And Bender Triumphantly Return On DVD in the UK


The future is back! Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment presents the first of four direct-to-DVD Futurama adventures when Futurama: Bender’s Big Score makes it to UK shores.

With three more adventures expected in the next 18 months (the next movie in the series, “The Beast with a Billion Backs”, is released in the UK on 30 June 2008), this first feature-length epic finds the Futurama crew fighting to save Earth, in an epic battle against nudist alien Internet scammers.


It’s nearly Christmas 3007 when evil naked aliens launch a cyber-attack on the Planet Express and make a shocking discovery - the secret of time travel, mysteriously tattooed on Fry’s buttocks. Using their devious nudist software to control Bender, the aliens send him through history where he has run-ins with the likes of Al Gore, Mark Hamill, Coolio, Tom Kenny and Sarah Silverman.

Bender's Big Score DVDFor those of you who don’t know the history, Futurama was cancelled prematurely, in an extremely short-sighted move by the Fox television network in the USA. However, the DVD revolution saw sales of the box sets of the show exceed all expectations, which have led to the commercially viable move of creating this series of direct-to-DVD features. By its very nature, the pacing of this movie is much different to the series itself, as this isn’t a 22 minute tale, but one stretching over the equivalent run-time of four episodes. So, the plot is bigger and more complex, and it would be interesting to discover the opinions of people who didn’t see the original show but stumbled on this version of it – perhaps a topic for discussion over at our forums at

Interestingly, while the online reviews thus far have been generally positive and welcoming (mainly for the previous Region 1 American release), it certainly seems to be the case that some fans have a real problem with the movie format. By its very nature you are going to have to devote more time to plot than one-liners, but this seems to have escaped some of the commentators. Interestingly, there is also a considerable backlash by fans whose problem with the feature isn’t so much the complex plot, apparent continuity errors and character inconsistencies, but the participation of Al Gore! For those of you who thought the ‘global warming’ debate was done and dusted, the reaction of such fans may be a reason to stop and think why they have become so venomous about someone who could still, quite possibly, become the next President of the United States!

In addition to the never-before-seen movie, in glorious widescreen, the Futurama: Bender’s Big Score DVD features commentary from Matt Groening and David X Cohen, cast members Billy West (Fry/Zoidberg/Farnsworth), John DiMaggio (Bender /Robot Santa/Sal/Panucci/Barbados Slim) and Phil LaMarr (Hermes/Ethan 'Bubblegum' Tate), director Dwayne Carey-Hill and writer Ken Keeler; an animated promo for “An Inconvenient Truth” starring Bender and Al Gore, with commentary by the former Vice President, Matt Groening and David X Cohen; an all-new special entitled “Everybody Loves Hypnotoad” - the ‘future’s most popular show’ including TV commercials of the future; a live comic-book reading by the Futurama cast; “Bite My Shiny Metal X” - a Futurama mind-shattering maths lecture; a Five-Minute Chicago Comic-Con Promo; character and design sketches; the original first draft of the script; and deleted scenes.

Futurama: Bender’s Big Score is in a single disc set with a running time of approx 85 minutes, plus all those extras, and has a recommended retail price of £15.99 (and there’s a limited edition featuring a really neat lenticular sleeve that animates Bender on it), or less from

Thanks to Cult TV and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, you could have had the opportunity to put one of three copies of “Bender’s Big Score” available to win on to your mantelpiece, in our prize competition. All you had to do is tell us the answer to the following question: Who provides the voice for Bender in Futurama? The answer was John DiMaggio, and the winners were Daniel Sinclair of Scarborough, Helen Parry of Brentford, and Laura Cable of Winchester - well done all!



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