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Sunday, 27 April 2008 06:16

ENEMY AT THE DOOR series 1 and 2 released on DVD by Network

Wartime dramas ENEMY AT THE DOOR has landed on DVD as two sets of four discs. Each of these 13-episode releases weighs in at a RRP of £29.99, and the episodes are complete and uncut.

The Channel Islands, the only piece of British soil to be occupied by the Nazis during World War II, are the setting for the story - a gripping, and sometimes harrowing, account of the Islanders living under German rule. Starring Alfred Burke as Major Richter, viewers had previously seen Alfred as Frank Marker in Public Eye – so this was very much a change of pace.

Enemy At The DoorCharacter actor Bernard Horsfall took on the role of Dr Philip Martel, and Simon Cadell was SS Hauptsturmfhrer Reinicke – this will be a casting revelation for the modern audience, as Simon went on to play wimpy Jeffrey Fairbrother in hit sit-com Hi-De-Hi!

The series was produced by Michael Chapman (Public Eye) and Tony Wharmby (Supernatural, Bones).

For the second season, events are moved on. It's 1942 and the Channel Islands are still held tightly in the grip of the Nazis. Dr Martel is currently serving a term of imprisonment in France and his family is finding it hard to get along without him, as are the Germans, who cannot get along with his replacement on the Civilian Controlling Committee.

There’s several opportunities for other star-spotting in this series. Look out for Pam St Clement (Pat Bucher in Eastenders) in a couple of episodes as Fat Molly (“No Quarter Given” and “The Laws and Usages of War”). Anthony Head even puts in an appearance in the episode “Steel Hand from the Sea” as Clive Martel. Richard Hurndall plays a character called John Ambrose in the episodes “Committee Man” and “By Order of The Fuhrer”. Tony Scannell, famous as Ted Roach in The Bill, turns up in the episodes “Judgement of Solomon” and “After The Ball”. Gary Waldhorn, who played David Horton in The Victor of Dibley, plays Teddy Lupus in the episodes “Post Mortem” and “Steel Hand from the Sea”.

Each set runs for around 650 minutes, and has a RRP of £29.99 (or less from www.culttvstore.com).

And now, thanks to Cult TV and Network DVD, you could have had the opportunity to put one of three copies of both sets of the series, available to win and put on to your mantelpiece, in our prize competition. All you had to do was tell us the answer to the following question: Which star of Enemy at the Door went on to be one of the leads in Hi-De-Hi? The answer was Simon Cadell and the three lucky winners were David Gorton of Tividale, Janette Stonehouse of Hartlepool and Mark Tucker of East Ham. Congratulations all!



Major Richter - ALFRED BURKE


Clare Martel - EMILY RICHARD


Hauptsturmführer Reinicke - SIMON CADELL

Peter Porteous – RICHARD HEFFER


Producer - MICHAEL CHAPMAN (series 1), JONATHAN ALWYN (series 2)


Executive Producer - TONY WHARMBY

Original Music - WILFRED JOSEPHS



01. By Order of the Führer

June 1940: Guernsey is preparing for the arrival of the German forces.

02. The Librarian

The Germans focus on the "subversive" publications at the library.

03. After The Ball

A young soldier is put on trial for his life.

04. Steel Hand from the Sea

A British landing on occupied Guernsey starts to go awry.

05. The Laws and Usages of War

Plans for an amphibious landing of British forces don't go to plan.

06. V for Victory

The Commandant of the German forces is angry at an outbreak of civil disobedience. `

07. The Polish Affair

It's winter and food is in short supply.

08. Officers of the Law

For a small Guernsey boy who is dangerously ill, a new German drug is a matter of life or death.

09. Jerry Bag

After her father dies Betty takes a job at Nazi headquarters.

10. Treason

A German general comes to the island on a mission of deadly secrecy.

11. Pains and Penalties

Edward Bree and his mother become pawns in a German scheme.

12. The Prussian Officer

A new adjutant arrives in Guernsey for battle-training with his regiment.

13. The Judgement of Solomon

A British destroyer has been sunk by a new fast German torpedo boat.


14. Call of the Dead

Dr Martel is serving a six-month term of imprisonment in France.

15. Reception for the General

A new appointee to the committee causes friction.

16. Angels that Soar Above

Philip Martel returns from his six-month term of imprisonment in France.

17. No Quarter Given

The Germans order the confiscation of all radios.

18. Committee Man

The Germans and the Islanders have a problem in common.

19. Post Mortem

With his prison sentence completed, Peter Porteous returns to Guernsey.

20. The Raid

The Island of Sark is the target of a British commando raid.

21. Jealousy

Hitler decrees the deportation of all non-Island born residents.

22. War Game

The revival of the chess tournament becomes an irritant for Richter.

23. The Right Blood

A high-ranking SS Officer arrives on a mysterious personal mission.

24. From a View to a Death

A Russian prisoner of war kills a guard and makes his getaway.

25. The Education of Nils Borg

A neutral Swedish journalist arrives in Guernsey.

26. Escape

Peter Porteous tries to make a bid for freedom.

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