Friday Night Live on DVD

Saturday, 31 May 2008 06:26

Network has just released THE VERY BEST OF FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE. This two disc set contains the highlights of this successful show, released for the first time in any format.

And this is your chance to win one of two copies we have up for grabs in our Comedy Competition.

Moving nights from the Saturday placement where it started, some 20 years on we see many of today’s comedy juggernauts in their formative years within this release. Indeed, Network has previously released two two-disc compilations from SATURDAY LIVE, so this is very much a sequel to those releases.

Friday Night live comes to DVDHosted by Ben Elton before he became a successful author and playwright, from a historical point of view it’s interesting to see the sheer political despair that had set in at the time, which was nearly a decade into Thatcher’s Tory Britain.In the current climate, it’s easy to forget how disenfranchised vast sections of society had become under Conservative rule, and in many ways it’s a useful reminder that although the colour of the rosettes of those in Government many change, it seems we are destined to continue to suffer more of the same!

FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE featured the first ever appearance of the now iconic, loud–mouthed “Loadsamoney” – character that sent Harry Enfield on his way to comedy superstardom. Alongside Enfield, we are entertained by the likes of Stephen Fry, Lee Evans, Moray Hunter, Jack Docherty, Josie Lawrence, Hugh Laurie, Josie Lawrence, Dame Edna Everage, Robbie Coltrane and Jo Brand (in her television debut).

This two disc set has a RRP of £19.99 (or less from

Thanks to Cult TV and Network DVD, you could have had the opportunity to put one of two copies of this DVD set, available to win and put on to your mantelpiece, in our prize competition. All you had to do was tell us the answer to the following question: Who made her television debut on FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE? The answer was Jo Brand, and the winners were Kim Wallace of Lee, and Adam Frost of Watford.  Well done both!




Ben Elton - Storming Parliament

Harry Enfield - Stavros - Back with a Venge

Jack Docherty and Moray Hunter - The Proper Theatre

Ben Elton, Stephen Fry and Jimmy Mulville - Fingers on the Knobs

Julian Clary - Leader of the Pack

Harry Enfield - Loadsamoney - A Day in the Life of a Plasterer

Joe Bolster - Don't Forget to Breathe

Hugh Laurie - Tension and Nervousness

Harry Enfield - Stavros - Time Genitals, Please

Hugh Laurie, Harry Enfield and Ben Elton – Royalty

Jo Brand - Good Evening, I'm the Sea Monster

Hugh Laurie - I Have Sinned!

Josie Lawrence - The Video Box

Ben Elton and Hugh Laurie - Pubic Coiffeur

Hugh Laurie, Josie Lawrence and Ben Elton - Carpe Diem

Harry Enfield - Loadsamoney - Last You a Lifetime, That

Ben Elton - Hateful Adverts

Ben Elton - Royal Outrage

Harry Enfield - Loadsamoney - I Don't Like Communists

Michael Redmond - A SmallVillage Just Outside Ireland

Jack Docherty and Moray Hunter - Performing in Public

Ben Elton - Driving Test Fascists

Lee Evans - I Can't Believe I'm Here!

Josie Lawrence - Florence's Tan

Ben Elton - Captain Paranoia

Ben Elton - Nuclear Madness

Robbie Coltrane - Story Time with 'Uncle' Don Corleone

Patrick Marber - Brian Invader

Jack Docherty, Moray Hunter and Robbie Coltrane - A Rich Man's Budget

Harry Enfield - Loadsamoney – Loadsacelebrityladies

Robbie Coltrane - F.U. Taxis

Ben Elton - Loathsome Recreation

Josie Lawrence - Quiz Mistress

Howie Mandel - Swatch Crotch Watch

Hattie Hayridge - Junkie Hairdresser

Julian Clary - It's a Hard Life Being a Policeman

Harry Enfield - Stavros - In the Clunk

Jack Docherty and Moray Hunter - A Slight Accent

Jo Brand - Cruelty Without Beauty

Lenin and Stalin - Hello Comrade Stalin, Matey-Peep

Harry Enfield - Buggerallmoney - Loadsahandbags, More Like

Harry Enfield - Loadsamoney - Shut Your Mouth, Vicar

Sean Hughes - I Am Not Alison Moyet

Harry Enfield - Stavros - Power to the Peeps

Ralf Ralf - Power Play

Harry Enfield - Readallabahtit!

Ben Elton - Alternative Comedy

Harry Enfield - Buggerallmoney - Search and Destroy

Dame Edna Everage - Ben Elton's Opportunity Knocks



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