Jamaica Inn comes to DVD

Sunday, 01 June 2008 11:21

Network has released the atmospheric, haunting 1983 mini-series of JAMAICA INN containing a version which is the complete and uncut series first broadcast.

A lighthouse keeper is taken by surprised and murdered. With the guiding light now purposely doused, there really isn’t much chance for an unsuspecting ship against a group of criminals, hell-bent on plundering the goods off the ship with little or no regards to the safety of the ship’s inhabitants.

And how can you resist a production that has the audacity to bring together the acting talents of Jane Seymour, Trevor Eve, and the monumental Patrick McGoohan?

Jamaica Inn on DVDIt is here that Mary Yellan’s father meets his death, as one of the crew massacred by the wreckers. Her mother’s health deteriorates and eventually she dies from grief not long after the death of Mary’s father. Mary leaves her village to join her only surviving relative, Aunt Patience, in a forlorn inn on Bodmin Moor, the eponymous Jamaica Inn. The inn turns out to be the secret headquarter of the wrecking gangs in which her Uncle Joss, a half-crazed murderer, is heavily involved…

Award–winning director Derek Marlow proves to be a firm hand for this realistic television adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s evocative novel. The actual locations are used to ensure that the adaption has that cold feeling that jumps off the pages of the book at you, and are successfully invoked here.

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The production is well-served by a stellar cast. Screen Goddess Jane Seymour (who made her breakthrough in the James Bond “Live and Let Die” movie) turns in an emotional and career-best performance as Mary Yellan, the heroine of the piece. Trevor Eve (Shoestring and Waking the Dead) is love interest Jem, and the legendary Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner) gets a chance to cement his credentials as one of the world’s finest performers as the brutal Uncle Joss.

The adventure runs for around 150 minutes, a “12” certificate, and has a RRP of £12.99 (or less from www.culttvstore.com).

Cast list

Jane Seymour as Mary Yellan

Patrick McGoohan a Joss Merlyn

Trevor Eve as Jeremiah 'Jem' Merlyn

Billie Whitelaw as Aunt Patience

Peter Vaughan as Squire Bassatt

John McEnery as Reverend Francis Davey

John Abineri as Richards

Norman Bowler as The Captain

Vivian Pickles as Martha Yellan

Michael Goldie as Harry

Christopher Douglas as Walter

Hubert Tucker as Dr Rawlings

Nick Brimble as Hussar

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