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Strangers was a big hit for ITV – it generated five seasons over five years and a sequel in the form of the spin-off Bulman. This third series continues the intriguing and gritty stories of three tough, determined detectives, as they are drafted from the police force of a northern city into the new London-based Inter-City Detective Squad.

Being unknown, they are ‘Strangers’ to the local people. There are crimes the local force might not be able to solve due to the locals’ familiarity with members of the police, and this is when the Strangers step in and lend a hand.

Strangers Series 3 now out on DVDThis new release is a DVD two–disc set from Network containing all seven episodes of the third series, complete and uncut.

Written by celebrated author and scriptwriter Murray Smith (Dempsey and Makepeace), Strangers stars the inimitable Don Henderson as DS George Bulman, the man with the trademark string gloves, who goes nowhere without his Vicks inhaler and a plastic bag. Bulman first appeared in The XYY Man, which is also available from Network on DVD.

This is a police drama a breed apart from others of a similar ilk, with Murray Smith’s writing and characterisation being the key to its longevity. For some reason it continues to be overshadowed by The Sweeney, which is a tad unfair as it’s at least on a par with the show that came before it.

STRANGERS – THE COMPLETE THIRD SERIES (12) is available now, has a running time of approx 350 mins, and a RRP £19.99 – or less from

Thanks to Cult TV and Network, you could have had the opportunity to add one of two further copies of the DVD set into your collection, in a prize competition. All you had to do was tell us the answer to the following question: Which brand of inhaler is favoured by George Bulman? The answer was Vicks and the winners were Linda Streater of Bristol, and Verity Longmire of Sutton-In-Ashfield - well done both.



DON HENDERSON as Det Sgt George Bulman

DENNIS BLANCH as Det Const Derek Willis

FIONA MOLLISON as Det Const Vanessa Bennett

JOHN RONANE as Det Sgt Singer

MARK McMANUS as Det Chief Supt Lambie.


Series produced by Richard Everitt


13. Retribution

Bulman and Willis join the new Inter-City Detective Squad and are involved in tracking down a gang of sophisticated villains running an arms-for-sale racket in London.

Writer: Murray Smith

Director: Carol Wilks

Guest starring: Kevin Whately (Michael Hobb), Malcolm Tierney (Orlando Lacey), Sarah Neville (Cressida Lacey), Bruce Bould (Tom Casey), Geoffrey Hutchings (Stanley Roberts), Ron Bain (Ferris).

Original UK Transmission: 14 October 1980


14. You Can’t Win ‘Em All

Bulman and Willis are assigned to a case involving the widespread fraud of major banks.

Writer: Murray Smith

Director: Bill Gilmour

Guest starring: Tracey Childs (Kate), Thorley Walters (Dugdale), Sabina Franklyn (Sophy), Anthony Sharp (Alan Keith), Bruce Bould (Tom Casey) Adam Bareham (Harry Jerome), Helena McCarthy (Mrs Gardner), Arthur Blake (Tom Stoneman), Fred Pearson (Haggard).

Original UK Transmission: 21 October 1980

15. Armed and Dangerous

A routine escort job turns dangerous for Bulman and Willis when they are assigned to bring a villain to London for questioning.

Writer: Murray Smith

Director: William Brayne

Guest starring: Maurice Colbourne (John Rutter), Rachel Davies (Jean Rutter), Keith Buckley (Eddie Verity), Ken Kitson (Joe Green), Barrie Houghton (Harry Degas), Bruce Bould (Tom Casey), Drew Dawson (Tommy Quince), Jonathan Davis (Doug Smithers).

Original UK Transmission: 28 October 1980


16. Racing Certainty

Bulman and Willis find themselves deep undercover to track down a gang who are hedging their bets by ensuring the odds are in their favour in the world of horse racing at Newmarket.

Writer: Murray Smith

Director: Ken Grieve

Guest starring: Maurice Colbourne (John Rutter), Rachel Davies (Jean Rutter), Anton Phillips (Doctor), Barrie Houghton (Harry Degas), Ken Kitson (Joe Green), James Copeland (Willie Mauchlin), Karen Mayo Chandler (Lucy Degas), Pamela Sholto (Mrs Casey), Jonathan David (Doug Smithers)

Original UK Transmission: 4 November 1980


17. Clowns Don’t Cry

One of Bulman’s criminal contacts is beaten up for no apparent reason. The trail leads Bulman and Willis into the world of counter-espionage, and a circus that chooses the towns in which it plays…

Writer: Murray Smith

Director: William Brayne

Guest starring: Thorley Walters (Dugdale), Monica Grey (Lady Wentworth), Geraldine Gardner (Greta), Alan Ford (Johnny James), Boris Isarov (Prince Vyertzhishishke), Khalila Oghab (El Supremo), Bibs Ekkel (Panin), Angela Galbraith (Secretary)

Original UK Transmission: 11 November 1980


18. Tom Thumb and Other Stories

Bulman disguises himself as a tramp hoping to catch the drug smuggler ‘Tom Thumb, who works at Liverpool docklands. He soon discovers that with a fortune at stake the organisation behind the ring will stop at nothing to protect their interests.

Writer: Murray Smith

Director: Laurence Moody

Guest starring: Jim Norton (Cathal Slattery), James Coyle (Malone), David Webb (Sam Clegg), Robert Oates (Smee), John Horsley (Professor), Walter McMonagle (Tom Thumb), John O'Toole (O'Dowd), Doreen Driver (Peggy), Christine Early (Heather), Joe Cook (Police Sgt)

Original UK Transmission: 18 November 1980


19. No Orchids for Missing Blandisch

Bulman gets a tip-off from an informer about a hired killer. With Willis and Bennett he tries to find out the connection between the killer and two arms dealers…

Writer: Murray Smith

Director: Bill Gilmour

Guest starring: Ray McAnally (Miro Blandisch), Richard Wilson (Steven Wardrope), Kenneth Cranham (Willie Bruce), Bobby Pattinson (Arthur Portman), Greta Schmidt (Davina), Martin Oldfield (Glass-Eye Jackson), Ralph H Lawton (Supt Hislop), John Pickles (Hotel Manager), George Hagan (Grenville), Diana Flacks (Typist), Tina Robinson (Receptionist).

Original UK Transmission: 25 November 1980


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