Star Stories Series 2 DVD

Friday, 14 November 2008 10:17

If you read Hello or OK, or indeed most of the tabloid press, you will no doubt be familiar with the stories behind the celebrities chosen as subject matter for this second series of Star Stories - a comedy show that parodies the lives of the rich and shameless.

Each show takes a different celebrity and gives us a potted life story up to the present day. Although it is not an accurate telling it is perhaps an apt re-telling.

Star Stories Series 2Episode One deals with Gary Barlow (Steve Edge) and how Take That came into being, thrived and split only to regroup again. Kevin Bishop’s Robbie Williams steals the show with the manager, played by Fergus Craig, really camping it up, coming a close second.

Episode Two follows Tom Cruise (Bishop) finding Scientology, and gaining ever more success. Nicole Kidman is played with much sex appeal by Dolly Wells, followed by Laura Patch as Katie Holmes - who is reduced to nothing more than a brainwashed robot.

Episode Three charts the ever present Simon Cowell  (Bishop again) being a general genius and having an opinion on everything. The depiction of Louis Walsh (Alex Woodhall) as an indecisive leprechaun was perhaps a little harsh but none the less entertaining.

The final episode in this all-too-short series lets us into the world of Britney Spears played with coyness by Daisy Beaumont.

There is an instant problem with a topical show such as this: if you are not following the lives of the people featured you will lose out on many of the jokes; however the people featured are in the press so frequently that this does not become too much of an issue. Even if you do not get all the jokes you will still find the caricatures of the subjects entertaining and well presented.

The impersonations are done with intelligence and, I believe, are not intended to cause offence. This is, after all, a clever parody of these people’s lives.

The series is really sending up the sensationalism of the press and our own greed for gossip. Humans are essentially a cruel and insulting species; we are drawn to horrific accidents. We slow down and ogle a car crash across the road in the same way that we pour over the latest disaster in a celebrity’s life. We are being sent up as much as the subject in this series.

The disc also includes a behind-the-scenes featurette which shows the cast and crew working, relaxing and talking about their favourite bits of the series. There are also several out-takes, and the application of fake appendages for the men which has to be seen to be believed.

The deleted and extended scenes are also worth a look as, although they would not have moved the plot along, there are some little gems.

Overall a well presented DVD of an entertaining series that will bear watching many times and will easily attain Cult status.

Star Stories Series 2, released by 4DVD on 17 November 2008, priced £17.99, or less from .

Please note that, in true Festive spirit, there is also a Series 1 and 2 Boxed Set available, priced £29.99

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