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Man Of The World chronicles the adventures of Michael Strait, ace freelance photographer and reporter, with a worldwide reputation. As befits someone in such a position, he only needs to accept assignments that appeal to him. If there’s an unusual story to be told, Strait will travel the world to get the scoop others don’t get to be anywhere near.

Strait was played by Craig Stevens, who had previously taken the title role in the detective series Peter Gunn. Tracy Reed played Strait's sometime companion Maggie, with Graham Stark appeared in a couple of episodes as Hank. Not seen since the 1960s, Man of the World is much sought-after by ITC appreciators and fans of action-based television the world over. This five-disc set, available at exclusively (the Network DVD website) contains all 20 episodes in production order.

Man of the World DVDFeaturing performances from many high-calibre guest stars (including Alfred Burke, Anthony Quayle, Warren Mitchell, Patrick Troughton, Derren Nesbitt and Patrick Wymark), the stories are tightly plotted by writers such as Brian Clemens (The Avengers, he Professionals), Tudor Gates (The Sweeney), Michael Pertwee (The Saint), Julian Bond (Tales of the Unexpected) and Marc Brandel (Danger Man). Amongst the directors are feature-film maestros Charles Crichton (“The Lavender Hill Mob”) and Charles Frend (“The Cruel Sea”).

Several storylines had Strait accepting photo-shoot work for leading fashion magazines and this led to a real-life association with the Fashion House Group of London - a group of designers who had specialised in exposing their work via television. Indeed, the Group would later supply fashions for other ITC series including The Baron and Man In A Suitcase.

There are also some “Special Features” on the set.  Of most note is a colour version of “Masquerade in Spain” - although it was transmitted in black and white, this pilot episode was filmed in colour and on location in Spain, rather than the backlot. It is a brand new transfer from the original 35mm film elements and has never been seen before in this format. Add to this a collection of extensive image galleries on all five discs, and PDF material on disc three, and this is a fine way to celebrate the series.

Several episodes were re-edited into TV features entitled “Dangerous Hideaway”, “Double Exposure”, “The Fanatics”, “Flashpoint” and “Love Me - Love Me Not.

The series is also notable for the episode “The Sentimental Agent” – this was the pilot for a spin-off series of the same name starring Carlos Thompson.  No doubt this series will also see the light of day on the Network label soon.

It’s a fun show, and certainly star-spotting is one of its great appeals. It’s easy to forget that this is a 47 year-old show, and in many ways it’s a shame that only the one episode was made in colour.  Rest assured, if it had been more colourfied, it would have definitely been repeated right up into the 1970s like many of its ITC stablemates.  However, it was probably just a little bit too soon to risk the extra budget on it that would have been needed at the time.  Much like Gideon’s Way, also a monochrome marvel from ITC, Man of the World is worth the investment.

This five DVD set runs for approx 1,000 mins, is priced £39.99, or less and available exclusively from




Episode Guide


Executive Producer: Leslie Harris

Producer: Harry Fine

Story Editor: Ian Stuart Black

Director of Photography: Brendan J Stafford, ASC

Theme Music: Henry Mancini

Director of Music: Ivor Slaney


Regular Cast

Craig Stevens as Michael Strait

Tracy Reed as Maggie

Graham Stark as Hank


Season One



When Michael Strait is assigned to take the first pictures of one of the richest girls in the world, he finds himself involuntarily taking part in a kidnap plot.

Guest Starring: Clifford Evans (Denzo), Marie France (Cleo), Christina Gregg (Melissa), George Coulouris (Gomez), George Pastell (Sebastian), Guy Kingsley Poynter (Martin), Noel Coleman (Stavros), Andreas Melandrinos (Miguel), Malou Pantera (Beauty Shop Girl)

Written by Lindsay Hardy

Directed by David Greene

Original Transmission: 6 October 1962



When an Algerian revolutionary leader is found dead, Michael Strait, sent on an assignment to cover the story, plunges into a mystery full of unexpected twists and turns.

Guest Stars: Warren Mitchell (Alex), John Phillips (General Montreux), Patrick Troughton (Thiboeuf), John Carson (Said), Zena Marshall (Madame Thiboeuf), Carl Jaffe (Hadi), Mark Dignam (Dalguib), Gerald Flood (Duchamp), Alan Rowe (Captain), David Graham (Hafiz).

Written by Tudor Gates and Robert E Thompson (Story by Tudor Gates)

Directed by David Greene

Original ITV Transmission: 29 September 1962



Strait is embroiled with a young couple who have become romantically involved – but is it love at first sight?  The young man’s history suggests not …

Guest Starring: Noel Harrison (Lord Allwood), Erica Rogers (Joanne), Garry Marsh (Johnson), Harvey Hall (Jim Smedley), Leon Peers (Martin King), Rene Houston (Mrs Van Kempson), Donald Stewart (Van Kempson)

Written by Michael Pertwee

Directed by Charles Crichton

Original ITV Transmission: 20 October 1962



Strait enters the world of motor racing, where an established driver’s sight is failing him, leading to a crash. This creates an opportunity for a young man to get a race in a top rally.  However, others have interests in the newcomer for different reasons.

Guest Starring: Eric Pohlmann (Mario Chirrano), Peter Dyneley (Tony Gardner), Norman Florence (Ricky Chirrano), Dermot Kelly (Shorty), Martin Miller (Dr Stelitz), Patricia Donahue (Kim), Sheree Winton (Shorty’s Friend), Jane Merrow (Nurse), Victor Baring (Policeman)

Written by John Roddick

Directed by Harry Booth

Original ITV Transmission: 13 October 1962



Strait is assigned to report on the Scottish clan system. His investigations into how much clan tradition survives results in a tense investigation into some its ‘sacred’ meaning.

Guest Cast: Finlay Currie (Donald), Noelle Middleton (Fiona), John Laurie (The MacGillie), Ray Barrett (Charlie West), Andrew Downie (Alastair), Ruth Lodge (Elspeth), Peter Sinclair (Piper Archie), John Rae (Lachy), Kenneth Watson (Willie), Barry Linehan (Australian), Patsy Smart (Australian Wife)

Written by Lindsay Galloway

Directed by Charles Frend

Original ITV Transmission: 10 November 1962



While on assignment on the China-India border, Strait assists a beautiful doctor who is an agent for piece in a village threatened by would-be dictators.

Guest Starring: Peter Arne (Chang), Leela Naidu (Dr Bahandi), Gary Raymond (Hossain), Alfred Burke (High Lama), Burt Kwouk (Liu), Eric Young (Chou), R Bobby Naidoo (Headman), George Little (Sergeant), Donald Chin (Doctor), Mellan Mitchell (Medical Officer)

Written by Lindsay Galloway

Directed by Anthony Bushell

Original ITV Transmission: 27 October 1962



Does a recently discovered stone tablet provide clues to early civilisations? O’Connor thinks so, and Strait is assigned to investigate both him and the discovery.

Guest Starring: Bernard Archard (Sheikh Ibrahim Ben Said), Robert Flemyng (O'Connor), Jacqueline Ellis (Jane), Ewen Solon (Gault), Michael Mellinger (Ali), Glenn Beck (Martin)

Written by Tudor Gates

Directed by Harry Booth

Original ITV Transmission: 17 November 1962



Havana. A pilot for the series of the same name, photographs taken by Strait lead to him being thrown into prison. He asks Maggie to seek out an import merchant called Borella (and not Varela, as he would become in he spin-off), who can help secure his release. However, help comes at a price …

Guest Starring: Carlos Thompson (Carlos Borella), Peter Jones (The Minister), Shirley Eaton (Lee), Cyril Shaps (Zapata), John Hollis (Lopez), Richard Montez (Driver), Steve Plytas (Customs Officer), George Eugeniou (Stefano), Neville Becker (Consulate Official), Wilfred Grove (Ramon)

Written by Jack Davis

Directed by Charles Frend

Original ITV Transmission: 3 November 1962



Carla claims that she can read the minds of others. Strait has to find out for sure in order to protection both her reputation – and her life.

Written by Wilton Schiller & Robert Thompson

Directed by Anthony Bushell

Guest Starring: Juliet Mills (Carla), Patrick Wymark (Downing), Moira Redmond (Linda), Jack Watson (Inspector Melton), Leslie French (Blyvus), Alec Ross (Policeman), Eve Lucette (Suzy), Carolyn Methven (Tina), Magda Konopka (Paula), Charles Heslop (Porf Harding), David Sumner (Paul), Ray Lewis (Galvano)

Original ITV Transmission: 24 November 1962



Berlin is the venue for a fashion shoot for a magazine.  However, Strait uncovers plans for an assassination of a visiting wealthy industrialist.

Guest Starring: Paul Maxwell (Colonel Cutler), George Pravda (President Majcek), Derren Nesbitt (Polikoff), Kenny Baker (The Croat), Didi Sullivan (Nina), Gordon Tanner (General Oliver), Marianne Deeming (Frau Dorfer), Oscar Quitak (Stoll), Gabor Baraker (Abramov), Frank Olegario (Guzik), Sean Kelly (Collins)

Written by Lindsay Hardy

Directed by Jeremy Summers

Original ITV Transmission: 8 December 1962



In this is sequel to the episode “The Runaways”, Joanne comes back into Strait’s life, as they uncover a scheme that sees fake paintings being foisted upon visiting tourists.

Guest Starring: Erica Rogers (Joanne), Colin Gordon (Langford), Donald Stewart (Van Kempson), Michael Goodliffe (Galsworth), Bessie Love (Mrs Van Kempson), Oliver Johnston (Sir Hugo Kempson), Joyce Barbour (Lady Kempson), Neil McCarthy (Casey), Carole Lorimer (Lois Wilson), John Dyrenforth (Wilson), Tom Gill (Proprietor), June Cunningham (Artist’s Model), John Glyn-Jones (Hotel Clerk)

Written by Michael Pertwee

Directed by Charles Crichton

Original ITV Transmission: 1 December 1962



Paris is the latest venue for a fashion shoot, but a run-of-the-mill assignment is interrupted by the salon that is the venue for the session being blown apart by a bomb. Strait is then asked to help find a missing man.

Guest Starring: Eugene Deckers (Corbet), Richard Warner (Inspector Sanglett), Liza Page (Helene), Richard Leech (Duval), Keith Pyott (Baron De Charlot), Allan Gifford (Harry Burton), Hira Talfrey (Madame Duclos), Maria Corvin (Mlle Danois), Paul Whitsun-Jones (Midwesterner), Clemence Bettany (Monique).

Written by Norman Borisoff and Robert E Thompson

Directed by Anthony Bushell

Original ITV Transmission: 15 December 1962



This episode features the return of Colonel Cutler from “Specialist For The Kill”. One of Strait’s friends is arrested in Berlin for espionage. Mike rushes over to assist, and is soon embroiled in a plot to discredit a Government Minister.

Guest Starring: Suzanne Neve (Linda), Joseph Fürst (Wilhelm), Paul Maxwell (Colonel Cutler), Charles Lloyd Pack (Jorgens), Sheila Raynor (Bertha), Scott Finch (Vosper).

Written by Ian Stuart Black

Directed by Harry Booth

Original ITV Transmission: 22 December 1962


Season Two



In Mexico, on assignment Strait gets involved withy a temperamental film star, who is not concerned in the least by threats that have been made on her life.  Mike feels obliged to rescue her when she is kidnapped by a bandit.

Guest Starring: Natasha Parry (Maria), Sam Wanamaker (Nicko), Nigel Hawthorne (Assistant Director), Raymond Ray (Peasant), Michael Ritterman (Captain), Robert Rietty (Chivaro), Gertan Klauber (Arturo), John Woodvine (Gioti), John McCarthy (Polo), Peter Kriss (Tonio),

Written by John Pudney and Ian Stuart Black

Directed by Charles Crichton

Original ITV Transmission: 11 May 1963


2.02 - THE ENEMY

A respected Italian Doctor has decided to reject civilisation and go to work in the African jungle.  Strait is asked to go and find him, and at the same time find out if the rumours of him working on a new virus are true.

Guest Starring: Anthony Quayle (Dr Moretti), Tsai Chin (Souen), John Meillon (Major Teong), Dolores Dicen (Nurse), John Hollis (Lt Hang)

Written by Julian Bond

Directed by John Moxey

Original ITV Transmission: 18 May 1963



Strait is made aware of an order of nuns who want to establish a mission in the jungle. Someone is out to stop them, so he gets distracted into helping them rather than continuing to gather material on a rebel Amazon leader.

Guest Starring: Paul Maxwell (Perez), Isobel Black (Acquilma), Noelle Middleton (Mother Superior), Alexander Davion (Padron), Kenneth Farrington (Pilot), Richard Montez (Miguel), Alan Rowe (Garcia), George Eugeniou (Luis), Leo Carera (Ananga), Frank Singuineau (Simon), Tony Cyrus (Auleau)

Written by Lindsay Galloway

Directed by Harry Booth

Original ITV Transmission: 1 June 1963



Strait is on vacation behind the iron curtain, and is contacted by an old lady who needs his help.  She needs to solve the mystery of her missing son – a military leader.

Guest Starring: Erika Remberg (Trina), Nigel Davenport (Grabowsky), Cicely Courtneidge (Mrs Rosewall), John Tate (Washington Official), Philo Hauser (Hotel Manager), Dorothea Phillips (Karinski), Honora Burke (Night Club Singer), Marshall Jones (Communist Officer), Michael Segal (Austrian Officer), Brian Wright (Motorcyclist).

Written by Jack Davies

Directed by Jeremy Summers

Original ITV Transmission: 25 May 1963



One of Strait’s pictures holds the key to a plot to assassinate a European president. Strait is in danger as those behind the murder scheme realise that the photographer has to be taken care of.

Guest Starring: Albert Lieven (Troyan), Peter Madden (Debar), Nadja Regin (Maria), Maxwell Shaw (Klos), Wensley Pithey (President Ruscher), Edward Cast (Pec), Maurice Kaupmann (Lecha), Bartlett Mullins (Chamacy), Andre Maranne (Sphela)

Written by Brian Clemens

Directed by John Moxey

Original ITV Transmission: 8 June 1963



What was anticipated to be a simple assignment in Spain gets complicated when Strait realises there is considerable mystery surrounding his subject, a young bullfighter. Someone looks like they will go to any lengths to stop the youngster becoming a success.

Guest Starring: Marla Landi (Carmen), Ferdy Mayne (Ramos), Eileen Way (Catrina), Richard Montez (Garcia), Joseph Cuby (Luiz), John Bailey (Rivera), Michael Peake (Dr Sanchez), George Street (Rodriguez), Reginald Jarman (General).

Written by Marc Brandel

Directed by Harry Booth

Original ITV Transmission: 15 June 1963



Strait finds himself a key person in stopping an armed rebellion, by finding out whether a young boy is the rightful heir to the country’s throne. Having been kidnapped years earlier, Strait has to find out whether the claim is valid.

Guest Starring: Michael Sirr (Tulan), Geoffrey Keen (Count Maximillian Korvin), Larry Cross (Burton), Warren Stanhope (Forrester), Ann Gillis (Susan Forrester), Enid Lorimer (Miss Bentley), Sylvia Langova (Anna), Robert Arden (Carter), Marie Yang (Asian Woman), Bill Edwards (Sergeant)

Written by Arthur Berlin

Directed by Charles Crichton

Original ITV Transmission: 22 June 1963

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