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Sunday, 27 September 2009 10:33

From JJ Abrams, producer of Lost, Alias and the recent Star Trek movie reboot, comes Fringe, a drama that has audiences questioning their own sense of reality. The Complete Season 1 is out now on DVD courtesy of Warner Home Video, with Season 2 coming to Sky One from 4 October, which has an “Access All Areas” documentary supporting the premiere episode. Not only that, but Cineology had two copies of the Season 1 DVD set to give away to a couple of our subscribers!

Featuring Anna Torv as FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, Jon Noble as psychotic science genius Walter Bishop and the iconic Joshua Jackson as Peter, his estranged son, Fringe follows the gripping encounters of an unlikely trio of investigators as they use radical ‘fringe’ science – the likes of telekinesis and mind control - to explore bizarre and unexplainable phenomenon.

Fringe Season 1 DVD SetSeason 1 begins with Gatterburg flight 627 landing in Boston without a single passenger or crew member still alive. Special Agent Dunham is called to the scene to investigate what has left the passengers as skinless corpses. Once her partner, Special Agent John Scott (Mark Valley – he of Boston Legal and Keen Eddie fame), gets the same symptoms, her frantic investigation points her toward critical research by sectioned 1960s scientist Walter Bishop.

After tracking down Walter’s son, Peter, who reluctantly agrees to help, they together sign Walter out of the psychiatric institution where he has spent the past 20 years. However, Agent Scott’s infection is just the beginning of the trio’s examination into a chain of disturbing paranormal occurrences known only as ‘The Pattern’. 

Each episode generates amplified levels of intrigue – a man who harnesses electricity, a woman who spontaneously combusts, and a baby that ages 80 years in a matter of minutes. Investigations find a basis at the illusive William Bell’s multi-billion dollar corporation Massive Dynamic – where conspiracy is rife. As the season closes, loyalties are tested, and questions finally answered, however when the FBI Fringe division is attacked and Walter goes missing, Olivia is left wondering once again.

The ‘big reveal’ at the end of Season 1’s finale is the star name giving life to the character of William Bell, tied in with a realisation that we are dealing with an alternate Earth in probably one of the most seismic closing freeze-frames in television history.  It really is THAT unexpected and extraordinary.

With high production values, Fringe is the amalgamation of the strongest elements of many genres, packaged within the skin of an investigative drama – ensuring a scientific explanation for the most mystifying of scenarios and blurring the boundaries of reality. This is Department S for the 21st Century!

Brought to our screens by JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, with executive producers Jeff Pinker and Bryan Burk, this is a successful and experienced team and the reason why it’s no mystery that Fringe is already becoming the ultimate cult phenomenon.

The DVD features all 20 season one episodes as well as a range of unmissable extras including audio commentaries by the production team, deleted scenes, featurettes and a nifty gag reel. There is also a behind-the-scenes look into the science behind Fringe that gives valuable insight into the real-life world that has inspired the show. Quantum physics, Tesla energy, and hydrogen power are all some of the technologies that are here on Earth right now, and Fringe makes them all just a little bit more understandable and logically acceptable.

Fringe Season 1 is out on DVD and Blu-Ray now, (RRP £49.99 and £59.99 respectively), with a running time of 924 minutes approx and a ‘15’ certificate.

Thanks to WARNER HOME VIDEO, you had a chance to put one of two copies of the DVD version of Fringe Season 1 onto your mantelpiece.  All you had to do was nominate in the Cult TV Awards by close of play on 4 October 2009. The lucky winners were Sally Luke of Chelmsford and Victoria Dekker of Soham - well done both, and thanks to everyone who took part.

Turning now to season two, we will see the Fringe format sticking to its ethos of delving into the disturbing and downright bizarre. They will definitely be exploring The Observer’s (Michael Cerveris) notion that “there is more than one of everything”. Executive producer Joel Wyman elaborated that Fringe will play with the parallel universe theme, with characters meeting alternate versions of themselves, including those presumed ‘Missing in Action’.

Fellow exec Roberto Orci further teased that a “war is coming”, with the trio “taking control of their lives and pursuing their own truths.” In the season opener we are instantly enthralled. Olivia returns from her out-of-this-world journey, and confusion and speculation is rife among her colleagues as to where she has been. Olivia has no time to process the reality-bending revelation, however: a mysterious entity is on stalking duties and will stop at nothing to find her. Meanwhile, the fate of the Fringe Division is precarious when it comes under congressional scrutiny.

See it all on Sky Anytime from Sunday 4 October, the day it will debut at 10.00pm on both Sky1 and Sky1 HD.

“Fringe: Access All Areas” is a New Special screening straight after the second season debut at 11.00pm. This documentary is must-see viewing for fans as well as those new to the show. The special carries out an appreciably invasive probe, mining tasty morsels of information regarding the rug-pulling antics from the season one finale, and what we can expect from Fringe’s ‘sophomore’ showing.

As well as picking the brains of the wildly imaginative writers and the cast, the special avoids those ‘soft spots’ on a revealing Vancouver set visit. Also available on Sky Anytime from Sunday 4 October, and screening live at 11.00pm on Sky1 and Sky1 HD (170).



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