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Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes DVD

Thursday, 05 November 2009 12:06

Jimmy Carr marks ten years in comedy with the release of his fifth live stand-up DVD, “Jimmy Carr Telling Jokes”, out now through 4DVD. Featuring 90 minutes of fresh material that’s just too rude for television, the new title sees Jimmy Carr do what he can’t do on broadcast telly: machine-gunning relentless one liners and putting down brave hecklers with equal panache.  

Filmed earlier in 2009 at the Bloomsbury Theatre during his latest tour, the DVD also features never-been-seen-before DVD extras including Jimmy’s Twitter Diary, a Comedy Central Special and bonus stand-up material from the tour.

Jimmy Carr - Telling Jokes on DVDThe estimate suggests that he has performed to 300,000 people so far during his “Joke Technician” tour. Jimmy will celebrate his millionth tour ticket sold this autumn. As well as marking the 10th anniversary since his first paid gig,  2009 is set to be his biggest year to date, with his total DVD sales predicted to reach one million copies by Christmas – once this new DVD sells 150,000 that will become a ‘mission accomplished’.

We were fortunate to see Jimmy at the Broadway in Peterborough (before fire has now closed it, probably for good).  The night was sold out, and Jimmy coped well with some of his audio-visual support failing – the images that peppered one section packed up, thanks to a wonky projector, so Jimmy improvised - filling in for not having his visual punchlines available.  On this DVD you can see how it should have worked, so it was very much a case of “darn that projector” for us Peterborough folk, after having seen how it should have gone.

Part of his live performance involves taking questions from the audience, which means no two shows are ever the same.  Unfortunately (for Jimmy), one of the questioners at Peterborough asked: “Was 9/11 an inside job?” Personally I was amazed to see an example of how widely the messages of the Truth Movement had actually spread, and Jimmy’s attempts to defend the official fairytale fell flat (“the reason that the twin towers came down so quickly was that no building had been hit by a f**king plane like that before”, he stated, almost exasperated from the responses he was receiving). Members of the audience from all over the auditorium relayed some cast-iron evidence to him.

Indeed, when he was told of the discovery of military-grade thermite explosive residue in the rubble, his response was to mishear that “termites” had brought the towers down; this probably helped more than anything in cementing in people’s minds what to go and Google when they got home! 

It also demonstrated the cult of ‘wilful ignorance’ currently infesting so many people in the UK.  One woman screamed for the Truthers to shut up about 9/11, not wanting to hear what was being said.  Those of you who have ever tried to relate facts about that wicked day in September 2001 will know what that is like.  No matter what the scientific evidence you can point to, no matter what footage is uncovered showing explosive squibs going off all the way down the Twin Towers as they began to fall, no matter what eye witnesses say about explosions going off under the buildings BEFORE the plane impacts, many people just do not want to know about this stuff. 

The problem is simple: once you accept that the ‘official conspiracy theory’ of 9/11 is a crock, it means that your view of our entire civilisation cracks apart.  And THAT is something that creates huge fear in people, a fear that is actually greater than that found in the enlightened people who now realise what we’re dealing with.

But that probably isn’t something that is suitable for a night of comedy. Certainly, you won’t find it on this DVD – what you do have, though, is every sexual taboo covered – I have to admit being a little uncomfortable seeing under-18s in the audience on the disc; still, in a free society that is the responsibility of the parent, so my libertarian leanings say “so be it”!

Meanwhile, Jimmy continues to entertain households across the UK as the host of the 8th series of 8 out of 10 Cats, one of the UK’s longest running comedy series and the most successful comedy panel show in Channel 4 history.  

He is also breaking waves in America, having made more appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno than any other British comedian, and has been a guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien ten times – with Conan now having taken over The Tonight Show, you can expect those totals to continue to rise.  He also hosted two series of Distraction on Comedy Central in the last few years, and two half-hour Comedy Central specials.  His Canadian following also continues to grow, and he received critical acclaim for this year’s performance at the Montreal “Just for Laughs” Comedy Festival.

Jimmy’s “Writer’s Room” Podcast became a number one on iTunes this year.  To date, the Podcast has received over 856,205 visits and 1,783,718 track downloads.   He also continues to have a huge following on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, where he amuses his fans with daily quips and updates. 

Jimmy has won a host of awards including a British Comedy Award for best Live Stand Up Tour, several Loaded LAFTAS Awards for Best Stand Up, a Perrier Award nomination, Best Stand Up at the Time Out Awards, and Best On-Screen Newcomer from the Royal Television Society. 

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Jimmy’s other TV accolades include the prestigious Silver Rose of Montreux award and a Rose d’Or nomination for Best Host at last year’s awards. He also recently supported The Killers at the Royal Albert Hall during their DVD record. 

“Jimmy Carr – Telling Jokes” is certificate ‘18’ and is definitely NOT for the easily offended! The RRP is £19.99, or less from www.culttvstore.com

Thanks to 4DVD, we had two copies of “Telling Jokes” to give away in our prize competition – all you had to do was answer the following question on the Competition Entry Form via the link below: Which band did Jimmy provide support to at the Royal Albert Hall recently for their new DVD?  The answer was The Killers, and the winners were Marita Duff of Newport, and Terina Davidson of Coalville - well done both and thanks to everyone that entered.



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