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Full Stretch on DVD

Thursday, 05 November 2009 18:43

Anyone remember Full Stretch?  For a brief six weeks in early 1993, the show ran on ITV, boasting superb writing, a magnificent cast, and seemingly an ability to go under the radar of most viewers! No-one talks about it, a Google search brings you virtually no relevant hits containing any background so as to clue up on the series.

Kevin McNally stars as Baz Levick, an ex-footballer who is now the proprietor of the Ivory Towers Limousine Car Service. The fast-talking Baz has to use all his ingenuity and charm to fend off competitors and keep his business on the road, while his team of hard-working drivers find themselves chauffeuring everyone from rock stars to insufferable aristocrats. It’s a simple idea, but works well, allowing us to easily sympathise with the regular characters who have to put up with some of the worst excesses of the sort of people who can afford a Limo!

Full Stretch comes to DVDFull Stretch is penned by the classic comedy writing team of Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais (Porridge, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, The Likely Lads),

The show also stars Sue Johnston (The Royle Family) as Grace, the wheelchair-bound voice back at base keeping the drivers (and Baz) in line, and Reece Dinsdale (Home to Roost) as the well-meaning but accident-prone chauffeur Tarquin.

It’s very much an ensemble piece, the characters create the situations from their personalities and their reactions to what crosses their paths. Everything feels very natural in the way the storylines build, and whilst it’s not crash-bang-wallop drama, it is still a pleasant viewing experience. 

Look our for guest appearances by Saffron Burrows, Patsy Palmer, Brian Croucher, Alibe Parsons, Richard O’ Brien and, playing himself as one of Baz’s clients, the iconic rock star David Bowie!

The 2-DVD set contains all six episodes, and is released by Network with a running time of approx 300 minutes, Certificate ‘12’ at a RRP of £19.99, or less from



Kevin McNally as Baz Levick

Reece Dinsdale as Tarquin Woods

Sue Johnston as Grace Robbins

Wendy Morgan as Tanya Levick

Rowena King as Tessa Knowles

David Howey as Norman Love

Clarence Smith as Darryl Judd

James Aubrey as Morris Legge

Brendan Healy as Frank Berry

Arthur Whybrow as Geoffrey

Tilly Vosburgh as Jools Legge

Katy Jones as Nicola Levick

Katy Louise Edwards as Stephanie Levick

Amanda Drew as Natasha


A Clement/La Frenais Production

Written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais

Executive Producer: Allan McKeown

Executive Producer for Meridian: Tony Charles

Producer: Martin McKeand

Director: Antonia Bird (1-2), Jim Hill (3-6)

Music: Andy Roberts


01: Ivory Tower

Guest starring: William Armstrong (Gary Pearson), David O’Hara (Steve Bissell), Jacqueline Leonard (Lisa Nelkin), John Cater (Doorman), David Bowie (Himself).

Original ITV Transmission: 5 January 1993


02: Cadillac Dreams

Guest starring: Richard O’Brien (Rousseau), Brian Croucher (Keith Archer), Honey Hazel (Lorraine Archer), Brian Hal (Perry Peters), Bernard Strother (Reg Wagget), Dickson Tolson (Skinner), Bruce Alexander (Dave Salmon), Vincent Pickering (Frank Capshaw)

Original ITV Transmission: 12 January 1993


03: Family Affairs

Guest starring: Paul Kember (Paul Gibson), Trudie Styler (Trish Gibson), Saffron Burrows (Rachel Quick), June Watson (Mrs Moncur), Ingrid Lacey (Camilla Standing), Andrew Seear (Simon Standing), Eyston Vaughan-Huxley (Oliver Standing), Mark Drewry (D.I. Jacques), Lorelei King (Ms Pfister), Shend (Doorman)

Original ITV Transmission: 19 January 1993


04: Risky Business

Guest starring: Patsy Palmer (Heather Love), Emil Wolk (Avakian), Helen McCrody (Vicki Goodall), Brian Lipson (Ewing), Richard Howard (Patterson), Chris Tummings (Scooter), Michael Jenner (Australian Doctor)

Original ITV Transmission: 26 January 1993


05: Headlines

Guest starring: Annabel Brooks (Lady Amanda Troop), Alibe Parsons (Mrs Sutherland), Selina Cadell (Davina), Phil Bowen (Nicky Henderson), George Jackos (Alex), Matthew Sim (Roland), Armen Gregory (The Terminator)

Original ITV Transmission: 2 February 1993


06: Deals on Wheels

Guest starring: Paul Freeman (Freddie Reid), David Bradley (Don Naylor), Julian Wadham (Nick Jessell), Dickon Tolson (Skinner), Frank Shelley (Lord Tuddenham), Frederick Warder (Gordon), Janie Booth (Woman At Reception)

Original ITV Transmission: 9 February 1993

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