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Catweazle's 40th Birthday

Sunday, 11 April 2010 11:21

Forty years since its inception, creation, popularity and success, Network DVD has released Catweazle – 40th Anniversary Edition. This five disc set is out now. This release includes more special features than the previous Catweazle releases, along with all the episodes that were made.

Catweazle for two blocks of thirteen episodes banished the boredom of Sunday afternoons on ITV, with the whimsy of the show making it essential viewing, and the talk of many a playground with its mixture of fish-out-of-water aspect and pure magic. From the moment Geoffrey Bayldon makes his appearance in the first episode, this iconic character actor – famous for having turned down the role of Doctor Who in 1963, makes the wizard a televisual legend.

Catweazle - 40th Anniversary EditionAs Catweazle, he mistakenly travels through time from the 11th Century to early 1970s England. The bumbling magician and his pet toad initially befriend a young, red-headed boy nicknamed Carrot (Robin Davies).

Filled with humour, warmth, charm and a superb cast, this story of a hapless, misplaced magician trapped nine centuries ahead of his own time captured the imagination of children everywhere. This special edition DVD set contains both series, and is a welcome return - here to enchant a new generation with its unique brand of spellbinding storytelling.

Certainly, it's an interesting mix for new, younger viewers - the early 1970s is something they may only be familiar with from Life on Mars, so Catweazle's unfamiliarity with the era is quite possibly exactly the same feeling as the non-Baby-Boomers will be getting to grips with, as they are exposed to this no-longer-contemporary backdrop.

Special features on this set include:

  • Limited edition packaging;
  • New introduction with Geoffrey Bayldon;
  • Postcards;
  • “Brothers in Magic” – Geoffrey Bayldon and Robin Davies are reunited after thirty years at the Hexwood Farm location. This is a chance for them to reminisce about the filming of Catweazle
  • Commentaries with Richard Carpenter, Geoffrey Bayldon, Joy Whitby and Robin Davies;
  • Expanded Stills Gallery;
  • Expanded and more extensive Annual PDFs;
  • Richard Carpenter’s Original Script PDFs;
  • Extended Merchandise Image Gallery;
  • Miscellaneous Annual/Magazine PDFs
  • Anglia News – Richard Carpenter Interview from 1970;
  • Commemorative Booklet.

Catweazle – 40th Anniversary Edition is a five disc set, which has a ‘U’ certificate, a running time of 650 minutes approx,  and a RRP of £49.99 – or get it for less at www.culttvstore.com





Geoffrey Bayldon as Catweazle

Robin Davies as Carrot Bennett (Season 1)

Charles Tingwell as Mr. Bennett (Season 1)

Neil McCarthy as Sam Woodyard (Season 1)

Gary Warren as Cedric Collingford (Season 2)

Moray Watson as Lord Collingford (Season 2)

Elspet Gray as Lady Collingford (Season 2)

Peter Butterworth as Groome (Season 2)

Gwen Nelson as Mrs Gowdie (Season 2)



01. The Sun in a Bottle

02. Castle Saburac

03. The Curse of Rapkyn

04. The Witching Hour

05. The Eye of Time

06. The Magic Face

07. The Telling Bone

08. The Power of Adamcos

09. The Demi Devil

10. The House of the Sorcerer

11. The Flying Broomsticks

12. The Wisdom of Solomon

13. The Trickery Lantern



14. The Magic Riddle

15. Duck Halt

16. The Heavenly Twins

17. The Sign of the Crab

18. The Black Wheels

19. The Wogle Stone

20. The Enchanted King

21. The Familiar Spirit

22. The Ghost Hunters

23. The Walking Trees

24. The Battle of the Giants

25. The Magic Circle

26. The Thirteenth Sign



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