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Fury is a horse that no-one has yet been able to tame. Much like Black Beauty, he is a magnificent, fiery black stallion, but this one has a temper as hot as the desert sun. Joey Clark is a young orphan with no ties to anyone or anything, who finds himself accused of wrongdoing wherever he goes – mainly by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Meeting on the ranch owned by widower Jim Newton (whose wife and son were killed in a road accident by a drunk driver), horse and boy both share a rebellious spirit, but together forge a bond of trust.

Set amid the rugged range of California and featuring action-packed storylines that emphasised the importance of doing the right thing, this much-loved children’s series was a success on both sides of the Atlantic. Fury was the first show produced by the newly created TPA (Television Programs of America) and the show’s rights were later bought by Lew Grade’s ITC.

Fury Season 1 DVD set The series starred the late Peter Graves (the only true Jim Phelps in Mission: Impossible) as Jim Newton, owner of the Broken Wheel Ranch alongside newcomer Bobby Diamond as Joey.

However, the undeniable star of the series was Fury, registered as ‘Highland Dale’ but also credited as ‘Beauty’ and ‘Gypsy’, and known to the cast and crew simply as ‘Beaut’ - the highly intelligent and charismatic American Saddlebred stallion whose other famous credits include the films “Giant” and “Gypsy Colt”.

Newton had acquired Fury as a wild stallion. It took three years of effort to do so, and foreman Pete Wilkey (William Fawcett) inspired the choice of name when he described the beast as "Fire and Fury."  Impeccably trained by owner Ralph McCutcheon, ‘Beaut’ was insured for more than a quarter of a million dollars. The horse also won several “Patsy Awards” - the animal equivalent of the Oscars, established by the American Humane Association - and gained devoted admirers worldwide.

This release contains the first 30 episodes, the majority unseen in the UK for decades, and includes the pilot episode which first aired in the UK in 1957. It made its debut in the States in 1955, running to 1960 and clocking up 114 episodes. When put into syndication Stateside, which saw the programme appear on local American stations, it was renamed Brave Stallion.

The pilot and initial episodes were filmed near Idlyllwild in California. A fire on the Broken Wheel Ranch in the episode “Scorched Earth”, all part of the script, was the cue to move base camp for location filming to north of Chatsworth in California. Studio-based filming took place at KTTV TV in Hollywood, now known as the Metromedia Studios.

This four DVD disc release has a running time of 750 minutes approx and a ‘PG’ certificate. The only special feature is a picture gallery, where you can actually see how the cast and locations looked in colour. Fury was one of the shows that had a couple of minutes of itself test-colourised by ITC in the mid-1990s, so it’s a bit of a shame that this footage wasn’t included on this release – perhaps something to consider for Season Two? The RRP is £39.99, or buy it for less at www.culttvstore.com



Bobby Diamond as Joey

Peter Graves as Jim Newton

Ann Robinson as Helen Watkins

William Fawcett as Pete Wilkey

Jimmy Baird as Rodney "Pee Wee" Jenkins

William Hudson as Henry Jenkins

Nan Leslie as Stella Lambert

Richard Powers / James Seay as The Sheriff

Roger Mobley as Homer "Packey" Lambert

William Leslie / John Compton as Chris Lambert

Guy Teague as Deputy Sheriff

Mike Taylor as Frankie

Ronald Keith as Freddie

Lane Bradford as Verne/Clancy/Bart


Fury - Season One Episode Listing


01. Pilot

Original US Transmission: 15 October 1955


02. Killer Stallion

Original US Transmission: 22 October 1955


03. Joey Goes A-Hunting

Original US Transmission: 5 November 1955


04. Horse Caper

Original US Transmission: 29 October 1955


05. Scorched Earth

Original US Transmission: 12 November 1955       


06. Joey's Dame Trouble

Original US Transmission: 19 November 1955       


07. Joey and the Gypsies

Original US Transmission: 26 November 1955


08. Joey Saves the Day

Original US Transmission: 10 December 1955       


09. Joey's Father

Original US Transmission: 3 December 1955


10. Ghost Town

Original US Transmission: 31 December 1955       


11. The 4-H Story

Original US Transmission: 17 December 1955       


12. Junior Rodeo

Original US Transmission: 24 December 1955       


13. The Hobo

Original US Transmission: 7 January 1956  


14. Tungsten Queen

Original US Transmission: 14 January 1956 


15. Joey Sees It Through

Original US Transmission: 21 January 1956 


16. Stolen Fury

Original US Transmission: 28 January 1956 


17. The Choice

Original US Transmission: 4 February 1956 


18. Boy Scout Story

Original US Transmission: 11 February 1956         


19. Search for Joey

Original US Transmission: 18 February 1956         


20. The Miracle

Original US Transmission: 25 February 1956         


21. The Test

Original US Transmission: 3 March 1956    


22. Fury Runs to Win

Original US Transmission: 10 March 1956   


23. Timber

Original US Transmission: 17 March 1956   


24. Wonder Horse

Original US Transmission: 24 March 1956   


25. Pirates’ Treasure

Original US Transmission: 31 March 1956   


26. The Baby

Original US Transmission: 7 April 1956       


27. Joey and the Little League

Original US Transmission: 13 October 1956


28. Earthquake

Original US Transmission: 20 October 1956


29. Trial by Jury

Original US Transmission: 27 Oct0ber 1956


30. Joey and the Wolf Pack

Original US Transmission: 3 November 1956





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