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Avengers Series 4 DVDs

Saturday, 12 June 2010 08:10

You can win Diana Rigg’s debut season of The Avengers, retailing at £59.99, for nominating in this year’s Cult TV Awards. We have three copies to give away to the trio pulled out of our electronic hat, and this is one hell of an incentive to get your ‘thinking cap’ on! The Avengers Series 4 hit UK audiences in 1965-6, with some major changes from what had gone before.

More than 80 actresses auditioned for the role before Rigg was discovered.  Her screen test with Macnee showed the two immediately worked well together, and a new era in Avengers history began.  It was also this series, the first to be on film, but the last to be in black and white, which was sold to US television for the then unheard of sum of $2 million. This made it one of the first British series to be aired on prime-time American Television.

Avengers Season 4 DVDs

A new direction, and a new surge of money meant a new look for the series, moving from studio-bound sets to location shots and a shift to shooting on 35mm film from videotape.  This series notably became more light-hearted due to the new Macnee and Peel relationship.  This more jovial attitude also opened doors for more humour and to poke fun at its American counterparts, such as “Mission...Highly Improbable” (Mission: Impossible) and “The Winged Avenger” (Batman).

The introduction of Diana Rigg as Emma Peel, replacing former sidekick to John Steed (Patrick Macnee), Dr Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman) changed the entire dynamic of the series.  The name Emma Peel derived from producers wanting to create a character with ‘man appeal’, and formed part of a new, sexier, riff.

The increased popularity of ‘spy-fi’, primarily a response to the success of the James Bond movies, meant many episodes were characterised by a more futuristic, science fiction bent than in previous series. This included mad scientists and their creations leaving havoc in their wake, giant carnivorous plants, and invisible foes. 

The sexy undercurrent was also demonstrated in Emma Peel’s costumes, including very avant-garde fashions for the time: bold accents and high-contrast geometric patterns emphasising her youthful contemporary personality, and representing modern sixties England.  Fetishism is even hinted at in some episodes especially “A Touch of Brimstone”, where Rigg was dressed as a dominatrix to become the ‘Queen of Sin’.  This was one of five episodes from Series 4 that were not initially broadcast in the USA by the ABC Network, due to censors deeming it too racy for American audiences.

The Avengers - Complete Series 4 is out on DVD on 5 July 2010 from Optimum Home Entertainment at an RRP of £59.99 for a seven disc set, and features the first full restoration of all this season’s episodes. We can relish the expanded wardrobes, lavish sets, top notch scriptwriting and stories that benefit from the combined input of writers, directors and actors all at their peak.  The longest running espionage series produced for English-language television, The Avengers eventually reached audiences in 120 countries, a record that still stands to this day.  Now you can watch this timeless classic again and again.

To be in with a chance of winning one of three sets of these DVDs that we have up for grabs, all you have to do is make your nominations in this year’s Cult TV Awards – the live ceremony of which will be part of the brand new CINEOLOGY LIVE! Weekender, 3-6 September 2010 at Pontin’s Pakefield Holiday Park, Pakefield, Suffolk, UK.  We’ll also send you details of a special offer for booking up for the weekend that you’ll be sent following emailing your nominations.




Special Features Summary      

  • Exclusive audio commentary for “The Town of No Return” with Director Roy Ward Baker and Scriptwriter/Producer Brian Clemens.
  • Exclusive audio commentary for “The Master Minds” with Scriptwriter Robert Banks Stewart.
  • Exclusive audio commentary on “Dial A Deadly Number” with Scriptwriter Roger Marshall.
  • Exclusive audio commentary on “The Hour That Never Was” with Director Gerry O’Hara.
  • Exclusive audio commentary on “The House That Jack Built” with Director Don Leaver.
  • ”The Series of No Return” - Exclusive audio interview with Elizabeth Shepherd
  • Armchair Theatre – “The Hothouse” (Starring Diana Rigg)
  • American ‘Chessboard’ opening sequence.
  • “Strange Case of the Missing Corpse” promotional trailer.
  • Alternative end tag from “Death At Bargain Prices”.
  • Episode reconstructions for Series 1 scripts “Kill The King” and “Dead of Winter”.
  • Colourised test footage from “Death At Bargain Prices” and “A Touch of Brimstone”.
  • Reconstructed “The Avengers are back” John Stamp trailer.
  • Alternative UK opening and closing credits.
  • Alternative UK animated bumpers.
  • UK animated bumper.
  • Variant opening title credits for “The Gravediggers”.
  • French opening credits.
  • German opening credits.
  • ITN Newsreel footage.
  • Stills Galleries.
  • PDF material (scripts, ‘TV Times’, ABC Production paperwork).


Competition Rules: The winners will be the first three entries at random from the entries received by 11.59pm BST on 1 July 2010. One entry per person only - multiple entries will be disqualified. The Editor's decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. Current Cineology Production Team and staff of Optimum Home Entertainment and their associated companies are not allowed to enter. No cash equivalent for the prizes on offer. All entrants agree to be added to Cineology’s postal mailing list, and will be sent details of Cineology’s events – currently our new Cineology Live weekender happening 3-6 September 2010 at the Pontin’s Pakefield Holiday Park, Lowestoft, UK - please note our mailing list is NOT used by anyone else. Competition only open to UK postal addresses.


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