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This ITC crime drama series, loosely based on Edgar Wallace’s novel of 1905, assembles quartet of leads who rotate as being the star turn in successive episodes. These are Jack Hawkins (“The Cruel Sea”), Richard Conte (“The Godfather”), plus Oscar nominees Vittorio de Sica (nominated for “A Farewell to Arms” in 1958) and Dan Dailey (nominated for “When My Baby Smiles at Me” in 1949). Regular co-stars include Avengers icon Honor Blackman, as glamorous secretary Nicole, Lisa Gastoni as Giulia, June Thorburn as Vicky, and Andrew Keir (“Quatermass and the Pit”) as Jock.

The Four Just Men garnered rave reviews from critics and proved a major success. Making early TV appearances alongside our quartet of stars are the likes of Judi Dench, Frank Thornton, Alan Bates, Jane Asher, Roger Delgado and Patrick Troughton. Making its debut in 1959, and produced by Sapphire Films Ltd at Walton Studios and on location in Britain, Italy and France, it sets the style for some future ITC productions, with its cosmopolitan flavour and picture postcard settings.

The Four Just Men make their way to DVD at lastThe series premiere, “The Battle of the Bridge”, sees four men who met in battle during the Allied invasion of Italy in 1943 summoned to Foxgrove Manor. They are there to hear a message recorded by their wartime commanding officer, Colonel Bacon, shortly before his death. He appeals to them to form a quartet dedicated to fighting injustice and the abuse of power, and has bequeathed a large sum of money for that purpose.

London-based independent MP and amateur sleuth Ben Manfred (Jack Hawkins) is joined by Paris-based American journalist Tim Collier (Dan Dailey), New York Professor of Law at Columbia University Jeff Ryder (Richard Conte) and Rome-based hotelier Ricco Poccari (Vittorio De Sica). They agree to carry out the Colonel’s dying wish, and their epic missions take The Four Just Men across Europe and beyond.

This is nicely summarised in the opening narration to the episodes: "Throughout time there have been men to whom justice has been more important than life itself. From these ranks come four men prepared to fight valiantly on the side of justice, wherever the need may be. Joined together in this cause they are The Four Just Men."

The four leads take roughly a quarter of the episodes each. This meant they were able to get the 39 half hour episodes ‘in the can’ in a production schedule of just five months, that began in January 1959. There were up to seven film units working simultaneously, in studio and on location.

Executive Producer was Hannah Fisher (aka Hannah Weinstein), who had made the Richard Greene The Adventures of Robin Hood such a critical success for ITC, as well as The Adventures of Sir Lancelot, The Buccaneers and Sword of Freedom. The producers were Sidney Cole (The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Buccaneers, Sword of Freedom) and Jud Kinberg (Playhouse 90, Quincy ME).

Special features include an extensive stills gallery, and a PDF on Disc 5 of the promotional PR information given out to the media at the time that the series made its debut.

Shot on 35mm film, the clarity of the picture quality is admirable for a series of this age – everything about the show wreaks class, and the stories never outstay their welcome. The character interaction is one of its great strengths, turning some passages of dialogue that could have been mundane into something far more sparkling than it might have been in lesser hands. The casting, including that of the guest stars, is a revelation, and there are plenty of chances to see acting talent that would go on to bigger things.By the way, Star Trek fans will be intrigued by the involvement of writer Gene Coon with the pilot episode.

With a running time of 975 minutes approx and a ‘PG’ certificate, The Four Just Men is a five disc set from Network, priced £49.99 or less, and is available exclusively from the Network Online Shop.



Jack Hawkins as Ben Manford

Dan Dailey as Tim Collier

Richard Conte as Jeff Ryder

Vittorio de Sica as Ricco Poccari

Lisa Gastoni as Giulia

Honor Blackman as Nicole

June Thorburn as Vicky


01. THE BATTLE OF THE BRIDGE (All Four Just Men)

Four men who fought together during the Allied invasion of Italy are reunited by their wartime commanding officer, who asks them to form a group to fight injustice and tyranny.

Guest starring: Anthony Bushell (Colonel Cyril Bacon), Joseph Cuby (Young Guido), Vivian Matalon (Older Guido), Jack May (The Priest), Ernst Walder (German Officer), George Mikell (First Sentry), John Karlsen (Second Sentry), Henry De Bray (Butler).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: Miriam Geinger & Don Castle, adapted by Gene Coon

Original Transmission: 17 September 1959


02. THE PRIME MINISTER (Tim Collier)

Journalist Tim Collier is assigned to protect the Prime Minister of a Middle Eastern country, in Paris to address the UN Security Council.

Guest Starring: Honor Blackman (Nicole), Peter Illing (Mozek), Maurice Kaufmann (Alem), Robert Ayres (The Chairman), Michael Rittermann (Middle East Delegate), Arthur Gomez (The Stout Man), David Ritch (Akbal), Desmond Roberts (Airline Official), Robert Robinson (The Gendarme), Clive Baxter (The Reporter).

Director: Jud Kinberg

Writer: Oliver Skene, from a story by Alec Coppel

Original Transmission: 24 September 1959


03. THE VILLAGE OF SHAME (Ben Manfred)

Ben investigates the death of a friend who had uncovered a wartime collaborator living in a French village.

Guest Starring: Andrew Keir (Jock), Leo Britt (Cabane), Malou Pantera (Janine), George Pastell (Cesar), Paul Stassino (Edmond), Hugh Manning (Albert), John Gabriel (Cure), Arthur Gomez (Gendarme), Andre Charisse (The Fisherman), Robert Cawdron (Farmer), Kurt Siegenberg (The Boy).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: Lindsay Galloway

Original Transmission: 1 October 1959


04. THE JUDGE (Jeff Ryder)

Jeff defends a young woman charged with poisoning her husband, and challenges the evidence of the local doctor.

Guest Starring: James Dyrenforth (Doctor Chase), Estelle Brody (Mrs Chase), Naomi Chance (Helen), Kay Callard (Jean Lawson), Robert Robinson (Hill), Peter Dyneley (Police Chief), Ruda Michelle (Joan), Robert Ayres (The District Attorney), Bruce Boa (Policeman), Mark Baker (Reporter), Denis Holmes (Clerk), Virginia Bedard (The Woman), Nicholas Stuart (Bart).

Director: Harry Watt

Writer: Marc Brandel

Original Transmission: 8 October 1959


05. THE CRYING JESTER (Ricco Poccari)

When hotelier Ricco buys The Crying Jester, two men die as a result and he fights to save the life of a third.

Guest Starring: Betty McDowall (Betty Green), Morton Lowry (Harry Green), Lee Montague (Berto), George Pravda (Rapelli), Dudley Foster (Luigi), Keith Smith (Thin Man), Leonard Sachs (The Art Dealer), David Cole (Anselmo), Frank Thornton (Coroner), Max Brimmell (Inspector Nardi).

Director: William Fairchild

Writer: William Fairchild

Original Transmission: 15 October 1959


06. THE BEATNIQUES (Tim Collier)

Tim is in Cannes to cover the Film Festival when a famous film actress asks him to help stop a blackmailer who has stolen some incriminating love letters.

Guest Starring:  Delphi Lawrence (Nedra), Cec Linder (Bannon), Malou Pantera (Mouche), David Graham (Pantin), Oscar Quitak (Amant), David Ritch (Youth), Max Faulkner (Bob), Dennis Edwards (Journalist), Tony Thawnton (Photographer), Frank Thornton (Clerk), Keith Rawlings (Gendarme).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: Wilton Schiller, based on an idea by Alec Coppel

Original Transmission: 22 October 1959


07. THE DESERTER (Ben Manfred)

Ben agrees to defend a young army officer facing a court-martial for desertion.

Guest Starring: Richard Johnson (Captain Bannion), Ronald Howard (Colonel Parkes), Melissa Stribling (Mrs Bannion), Basil Dignam (Judge Advocate), Noel Howlett (President), Arthur Gomez (Clerk), Clive Baxter (Security Officer), Neil Hallett (The Sergeant), Michael Bates (Corporal Bates), Harold Goodwin (Corporal Jeavons), Anne Padwick (The Woman), Thomas Hale (Stavro).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: John Bains

Original Transmission: 29 October 1959


08. DEAD MAN'S SWITCH (Jeff Ryder)

Jeff comes to the aid of a Puerto Rican attacked after a series of inflammatory anti-immigration newspaper articles.

Guest Starring:  Richard Pasco (Rivers), Bill Nagy (Garnes), Mary Barclay (Mrs Garnes), Robert Henderson (The Doctor), Gordon Tanner (Flynn), John McLaren (Andy), Lee Hamilton (Father Martin), Margaret Wolfit (Maria), Robert Gallico (Mac), Charles Irwin (Gus), Jim Henderson (The Demolition Officer).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: Wilton Schiller

Original Transmission: 5 November 1959



Ricco looks to find the gang behind a daring jewellery theft carried out during a charity ball held at the hotel.

Guest Starring:  Bruce Boa (Connolly), Patrick Troughton (Inspector Nardi), Michael Rittermann (Kubek), Sean Lynch (Renzino), Morton Lowry (Watkins), Brian Worth (Crandall), Gordon Sterne (Franconi), Orest Orloff (Le Bon), Brenda De Banzie (Duchess Olga Della Riviero).

Director: William Fairchild

Writer: Guy Morgan

Original Transmission: 12 November 1959


10. THE DEADLY CAPSULE (Tim Collier)

Tim investigates the death of a leading atomic scientist, and tries to find a missing radioactive capsule.

Guest Starring: Honor Blackman (Nicole), Elwyn Brook-Jones (Scheye), Lily Kann (Mrs Weiss), Paul Martin (Technician), John Martin (Phillipe), Kurt Siegenberg (Pierre), Newton Blick (Father), Joan Haythorne (Wife), Andre Charisse (Cure), Frederick Schrecker (Mr Weiss).

Director: Compton Bennett

Writer: Jan Read, from a story by Oliver Spence & Samuel B West

Original Transmission: 19 November 1959


11. THEIR MAN IN LONDON (Ben Manfred)

Ben is asked to rescue a young man who has been kidnapped by members of a corrupt South American regime.

Guest Starring: June Thorburn (Hilary Colson), Mark Dignam (Falworth), Ralph Truman (Dos Petros), Eira Heath (Rosanna Lopez), Andrew Keir (Jock), Maurice Kaufmann (Hernandez), Paul Stassino (Jose Pereza).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: Leon Griffiths

Original Transmission: 26 November 1959


12. MAYA (Ricco Poccari)

Ricco tries to persuade a woman to return home after rebels murder her brother, who was the ruler of a Middle Eastern kingdom.

Guest Starring:  Mai Zetterling (Maya), Peter Illing (Gathis), Raymond Young (Bruno), Michael Peake (Zolta).

Director: William Fairchild

Writer: William Fairchild

Original Transmission: 10 December 1959



A dying millionaire advises Ben that a Rembrandt hanging in a London art gallery is a forgery, and that he holds the original.

Guest Starring: William Lucas (Paul), Andrew Keir (Jock), Richard Wordsworth (The Curator), Toke Townley (Seers), Charles Callum (Lord Eastleigh), Michael Atkinson (Bowles Jr), Kenneth Edwards (Bowles Sr), Patricia Hayes (Miss Lee), Frank Thornton (The Auctioneer), David Waller (Gentleman), Arthur Gomez (Taxi Driver), Denis Holmes (The Doctor).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: Owen Holder from a story by Janet Green

Original Transmission: 24 December 1959


14. PANIC BUTTON (Jeff Ryder)

Jeff tries to calm a mass panic when a research scientist in his home town is exposed to radiation.

Guest Starring:  Paul Carpenter (Ray Pearson), Sheila Gallagher (Sue Pearson), Louise Howard (Val Pearson), Tucker McGuire (Norma Willett), Jess Conrad (Carl Willett), Warren Mitchell (George Rudley), Ewen Solon (Sheriff), Richard Wordsworth (Walter), Mark Baker (1st Man), Jonathan White (The Milkman), Tom Gerard (Student), Valerie Craig (Madame Hubert).

Director: Anthony Bushell

Writer: Marianne Mosher and Samuel B West

Original Transmission: 31 December 1959



Ricco investigates the theft of a valuable urn.

Guest Starring:  Richard O'Sullivan (Pietro), Philip Latham (Valio), Brewster Mason (Clements), Gillian Owen (Mother), Bruno Barnabe (Terranti), Ewen Solon (Inspector), Paul Cole (Bellboy), Frank Thornton (The Auctioneer), Joseph Attard (The Dealer).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: Jan Read, adapted by Louis Marks

Original Transmission: 7 January 1960


16. MARIE (Tim Collier)

Tim stops a young woman from committing suicide, who disappears shortly afterwards. He decides to track her down.

Guest Starring: Honor Blackman (Nicole), Perlita Neilson (Marie), Alec Mango (Doctor Fawzil), Peggy Ann Clifford (Madame Suza), Frank Thornton (Azim), Harry Tardios (Travel Agent), Julian Sherrier (Rene), Keith Rawlings (Plain Clothes Officer), Michael Peake (Phillipe).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: Gene Levitt and Louis Marks

Original Transmission: 14 January 1960


17. THE SURVIVOR (Ben Manfred)

Ben decides to track down a number of Nazis identified by the survivor of a wartime concentration camp.

Guest Starring: Donald Pleasence (Paul Koster), Patricia Burke (Ann), Allan Cuthbertson (Cowen), Andrew Keir (Jock), Arthur Gomez (Stoyen Matchek), Kevin Stoney (Sir Harold Tyler), Frank Thornton (The Announcer), Denis Holmes (The MI5 Man), Dorothy Darke (The Landlady).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: Marc Brandell

Original Transmission: 21 January 1960


18. THE DISCOVERY (Jeff Ryder)

Jeff defends a doctor who is charged with killing an elderly patient. The modus operandi is believed to be the injection of a rare and dangerous drug.

Guest Starring:  June Thorburn (Vicky), John Gabriel (Legari), Budd Knapp (Doctor Hart), Lionel Murton (District Attorney), Helena Hughes (Maria Trescal), Robert Henderson (The Judge), Craig Adams (Andy Winters), Timothy Grey (Bond), Vivienne Drummond (Mrs Fellows), Gary Thorne (Linden), Gordon Sterne (Doctor Wayne).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: Marc Brandell

Original Transmission: 28 January 1960


19. THE RIETTI GROUP (Ricco Poccari)

Ricco attends a reunion dinner for his former partisan comrades. However, he finds himself having to announce that one of them is a traitor.

Guest Starring:  Robert Rietty (Francesco), Geoffrey Keen (Count Trontesco), Simon Lack (Jim), Ronan O'Casey (Joe), Olaf Pooley (Lorenzo), Denis Holmes (Bianchi), Arthur Gomez (Rodrigo), Madeline Leon (The Maid).

Director: William Fairchild

Writer: William Fairchild

Original Transmission: 4 February 1960


20. THE MAN IN THE ROAD (Tim Collier)

Tim sets out to clear the name a woman charged with a hit-and-run, but uncovers a plot to discredit her husband, an American ambassador.

Guest Starring: Honor Blackman (Nicole), Jane Asher (Yvonne), Patrick Barr (Marcus Richmond), Simone Lovell (Marcia Richmond), Richard Clarke (Robert), Charles Gray (Paul Lederer), James Dyrenforth (Frank Appleby), Frank Thornton (Gendarme), Denis Holmes (Proprietor), Gordon Tanner (Sam Brady).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: George Slavin & Samuel B West

Original Transmission: 11 February 1960


21. MONEY TO BURN (Ben Manfred)

Ben investigates a plot to undermine the economy of a South American republic, by flooding their market with currency.

Guest Starring: Charles Gray (Dominguez), Andrew Keir (Jock), Frank Thornton (Enrique Vidal), Ian Hunter (Sir Walter Barling), Helena Pickard (Lady Barling), Alan Tilvern (Colonel Gomez), Wolf Frees (General De Santos), Susan Travers (Receptionist), Bee Duffell (Secretary), André Mikhelson (Ambassador), Denis Holmes (The Postman).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: Jan Read

Original Transmission: 17 February 1960


22. CRACK-UP (Jeff Ryder)

Jeff investigates the five-year-old disappearance of an aircraft carrying five million dollars worth of gold bullion.

Guest Starring: Robert Shaw (Stuart), June Thorburn (Vicky),  Delena Kidd (Ingrid Brandt), Charles Irwin (Flynn), Paul Eddington (Rusty), Richard Clarke (Krager).

Director: Anthony Bushell

Writer: Louis Marks, based on a story idea by Lee Loeb.

Original Transmission: 24 February 1960



Tim investigates the theft of a sacred relic, thought to have healing powers, from a French village.

Guest Starring: Honor Blackman (Nicole), Paul Daneman (Dante), Manning Wilson (Captain), Richard Caldicot (Briand), John Gabriel (Le Clerc), Jacques B Brunius (The Mayor), Maureen Davis (Lucy), Margaret Tyzack (The Wife).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: Jan Read & Louis Marks

Original Transmission: 9 March 1960


24. THE SLAVER (Ricco Poccari)

Rico investigates the disappearance of a young American journalist, who was due to testify against a group of slave-traders.

Guest Starring:  Charles Gray (Sadim Bey), June Rodney (Rosalina), Roger Delgado (Inspector Russo), Ronan O'Casey (Dexter), Orlando Martins (Elder Negro), Anthony Jacobs (Menardi), Edric Connor (Captain Abdul), Tony Thawnton (Officer).

Director: Harry Watt

Writer: Lindsay Galloway

Original Transmission: 31 December 1959


25. THE PRINCESS (Tim Collier)

Tim suspects that someone is trying to murder a visiting princess from a small Asiatic kingdom.

Guest Starring: Honor Blackman (Nicole), Betta St John (Princess Toma), Leonard Sachs (Amishar), Lee Montague (Mendri), Madeline Leon (Lady In Waiting), Manning Wilson (Hotel Manager), Arthur Gomez (Train Conductor).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: Frank Tarloff & Louis Marks

Original Transmission: 6 April 1960


26. THE PROTECTOR (Jeff Ryder)

Jeff suspects that a woman is being made to doubt her own sanity by people who want to steal her fortune.

Guest Starring: June Thorburn (Vicky), Maureen Connell (Janice), Ferdy Mayne (Bannerman), Larry Cross (Meadows), John Welsh (Moffatt), Charles De Temple (Wilson).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: Alan Moreland & Leon Griffiths

Original Transmission: 20 April 1960


27. THE MAN IN THE ROYAL SUITE (Ricco Poccari)

Ricco shelters a clerk, who is being targeted by a racketeer.

Guest Starring: Kenneth Connor (Milotti), Eric Pohlmann (Ponta), Susan Marryott (Zizi), Robert Rietty (Francesco), Barry Shawzin (Tony), Oliver MacGreevy (Max), Edward Evans (Barber), Thomas Hare (Pietro).

Director: William Fairchild

Writer: John Collier & Samuel B West

Original Transmission: 27 April 1960


28. THE GRANDMOTHER (Tim Collier)

Tim investigates the supply of faulty ammunition to a French battalion, currently fighting in Algiers.

Guest Starring: Honor Blackman (Nicole), Marie Ney (Madame De Seiberd), Fred Kitchen Jr (Colonel De Seiberd), Trader Faulkner (Guy De Seiberd), Joanna Dunham (Madeleine De Seiberd), John Van Eyssen (Raoul), John Dearth (Waiter), Arthur Gomez (Manservant).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: Marc Brandell

Original Transmission: 4 May 1960


29. THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE (Ben Manfred)

Ben investigates the disappearance - and possible kidnap - of a metallurgist carrying out top secret government work.

Guest Starring: Lionel Jeffries (Arkwright), Gerard Heinz (Menger), Sheila Allen (Ilse), William Mervyn (Under Secretary), Michael Ripper (Barker), Anthony Sharp (Rice), Andrew Keir (Jock), Ellen McIntosh (Fiona), Richard Thorp (The Officer).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: Lindsay Galloway

Original Transmission: 11 May 1960


30. THE BYSTANDERS (Jeff Ryder)

Jeff defends an American tennis champion, who is accused of attacking a 12-year-old girl.

Guest Starring: Ronald Allen (Ted), Jeanette (Janet) Bradbury (Katy), Margaret Vines (Mrs Fennimore), Phil Brown (Albert Peterson), Mary Kenton (Mrs Peterson), Robert Gallico (Ed Forrest), Nancy Bacal (Sue Forrest), Patrick Holt (District Attorney), Catherine Ferrez (Romano), David Franks (Tony), Errol MacKinnon (Frank Klieng), Robert Percival (Dan Reeves).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: Francis Rosenwald

Original Transmission: 18 May 1960


31. ROGUE’S HARVEST (Ricco Poccari)

Ricco gets involved in trying to stop a bitter young ex-convict from getting into further trouble.

Guest Starring:  Richard Pasco (Enrico Baldini), Elizabeth Wallace (Maria), Roger Delgado (Inspector Russo), Vera Fusek (Coralie Marlowe), George Pastell (Berto Follini), William Peacock (aka William Dexter) (Giorgio Rizzi), Victor Baring (Hotel Clerk).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: T E B Clarke

Original Transmission: 25 May 1960


32. THE GODFATHER (Tim Collier)

Tim gets embroiled in a kidnap plot involving black market arms dealers.

Guest Starring:  George Murcell (Ernst Frenke), Honor Blackman (Nicole), Cecile Chevreau (Martha Frenke), Sheila Allen (Marie Clement), Michael Lewis (Joshua), Eric Pohlmann (Trenet), Laurence Payne (Skovic), Manning Wilson (Doran), Arthur Gomez (Kalmar), Tom Clegg (Hugo), Bruno Barnabe (Mark).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: Frank Tarloff & Louis Marks

Original Transmission: 1 June 1960


33. RIOT (Jeff Ryder)

Jeff is taken hostage during a riot in a state prison.

Guest Starring: Neil McCallum (Nelson), Peter Dyneley (Dougan), Mark Baker (Minelli), Percy Herbert (Brady), Sheldon Lawrence (Whiting), Morton Lowry (Captain), Larry Cross (Prison Warder), Max Faulkner (Guard).

Director: Anthony Bushell

Writer: Leon Griffiths

Original Transmission: 8 June 1960


34. THE HERITAGE (Ben Manfred)

Ben assists a young Irish nationalist, who has foiled a plot to blow up a police station, but is now being tracked by both the authorities and his former colleagues.

Guest Starring: Barry Keegan (Kevin Malone), Shay Gorman (O'Rourke), Concepta Fennell (Cathy O'Shaughnessy), Ronald Leigh-Hunt (Captain Davies), Jack Melford (Plomer), Desmond Jordan (Shamus), Cecil Brock (Sean).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: Louis Marks

Original Transmission: 15 June 1960



Jeff goes to Italy to track down a gangster's missing wife and child.

Guest Starring: Reed De Rouen (Nick Pompey), Betty McDowall (Maria), Eddie Byrne (Santolla), Yvette Hosler (Lita), Terence Cooper (John), Lee Hamilton (Customs Officer), Arthur Gross (Passport Officer), Madeline Leon (Stewardess), Peter La Trobe (Man), Oliver MacGreevy (Policeman), Norma Parnell (Sales Girl).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: Jackson Gillis

Original Transmission:  6 July 1960


36. THE MOMENT OF TRUTH (Tim Collier)

Tim is asked to help a young bull fighter who has developed a fear of the sport.

Guest Starring: Honor Blackman (Nicole), Jeremy Spenser (Cesarito Arenos), Patrick Troughton (Vito), Arthur Gomez (Bartender), Cecil Brock (Impressario).

Director: Don Chaffey

Writer: Francis Rosenwald

Original Transmission: 13 July 1960


37. JUSTICE FOR GINO (Jeff Ryder)

Jeff sets out to persuade a friend to not take the law into his own hands, after his gangster brother is killed.

Guest Starring: June Thorburn (Vicky), Vivian Matalon (Arthur Vivian), Alan Gifford (Gino), Louise Collins (Inga), Alan Tilvern (Zoldi), John McLaren (Andy), Mavis Villiers (Louise), Al Mulock (Lieutenant), Redmond Phillips (Little Man), Sean Kelly (First Man), Edward Evans (Priest).

Director: Harry Watt

Writer: Lindsay Galloway from a story by Michael Conner

Original Transmission: 27 July 1960



Ben learns of a cabin boy who has run away from the bullying captain of a tramp steamer. He decides to help him apply for permission to stay in Britain, which brings him into conflict with the captain.

Guest Starring: Martin Benson (Captain Renald), Andrew Keir (Jock), Joseph Cuby (Vito), Peter Illing (Doctor Cramer), Victor Brooks (The Sergeant), Frank Thornton (Policeman),  Rosemary (Rosemarie) Dunham (1st Tart), Myrtle Reed (2nd Tart), Graham Stewart (The Helper), Wilfred Fletcher (The Tramp).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: Marc Brandell

Original Transmission: 2 March 1960


39. TREVISO DAM (Ricco Poccari)

Ricco investigates the death of a young man who had been employed in the construction of the Treviso Dam

Guest Starring: Fenella Fielding (The Contessa), Alan Bates (Giorgio), Judi Dench (Anna), George Pastell (Max Mazza), Brian McDermott (Carlo), John Brown (Enrico).

Director: Basil Dearden

Writer: Lindsay Galloway

Original Transmission: 17 August 1960



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