Danger Mouse: 30th Birthday

Monday, 17 October 2011 06:41

In his mind, he is the greatest secret agent the world has ever known. He’s certainly one of Britain’s best loved animated characters is immortalised in Danger Mouse – The Complete Collection 30th Anniversary Edition, a 10-disc DVD set featuring every single episode and, for the first time ever, in the correct screening order. The collection also comes with a brand new extra feature exclusive to this release, the never-seen-before “Danger Mouse And Friends”.

First broadcast on 28th September 1981, David Jason voiced the intrepid hero. Terry Scott was his faithful but bumbling assistant Penfold. The series was an instant hit with children and adults alike, and has since become a national institution. Indeed, Danger Mouse joined the Hall of Fame Animated Character pantheon way back in the Cult TV Awards back in 2001. The show’s popularity was confirmed when it ranked third in Channel 4’s poll of the “100 Greatest Kids’ TV Shows”.

Danger Mouse's 30th Birthday celebrated on DVDIn that poll, DM was just behind The Simpsons and The Muppet Show, respectively, and ahead of the likes of Bagpuss, Scooby Doo, Wallace and Gromit and bizarrely even Doctor Who!

Operating from a secret base concealed in a red post box outside 221B Baker Street, home of that other fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, Danger Mouse and Penfold are committed to fighting evil and villainy wherever they raise their ugly heads. Their commanding officer and the Head of World Security is Colonel ‘K’ (a role much like ‘M’ in James Bond), a gruff and absent-minded old chinchilla who remains in contact with his two best agents via a videophone link into Danger Mouse’s flat and car.

Amongst the world’s villains, their number one arch-nemesis is a despicable toad known as Baron Silas Greenback (‘Greenteeth’ in the unscreened pilot on this DVD set). Assisted by Nero his pet caterpillar, and Stiletto, a skinny Italian crow with a heart as black as his feathers, Greenback is known in criminal circles as the greatest evil genius in the universe. That’s all down to his dastardly inventions and the diabolical schemes he uses to make his dream of ruling the world a reality. Only Danger Mouse and Penfold stand between the Baron and world domination.

Produced by the BAFTA and Emmy award winning Cosgrove Hall Films (The Wind In The Willows, Postman Pat, Chorlton And The Wheelies, Terry Pratchett’s Truckers) and also featuring the very first appearances of that other much-loved animated character, Count Duckula, this DVD set is bound to be on many an adult’s Christmas list, either for them or their offspring.

It is perhaps no surprise that in the DVD extras the creators admit that the initial jump-off point for the format was Patrick McGoohan’s Danger Man series of the early 1960s. The unscreened pilot makes interesting viewing – the unmistakable tones of William Franklyn are applied to our rodent hero, which gives the whole piece a different ambience to what was to come when David Jason helmed the series.

Special Features include:

  • Danger Mouse And Friends
  • Pilot Episode
  • Interviews with Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage
  • Danger Mouse game
  • Original theme tune ideas
  • Biographies
  • Stills galleries.

You can find out more about Danger Mouse via the official cyberspace presence at TotalFanHub.

Danger Mouse – The Complete Collection 30th Anniversary Edition is out now from FremantleMedia Enterprises. It has a ‘U’ certificate, and a RRP of £49.99, or get it for less at www.culttvstore.com

Don’t forget that you can win one of three sets we have up for grabs for simply voting in this year’s Cult TV Awards – you have until Sunday 23 October to do so.

Danger Mouse – Episode Listing

00. The Mystery of the Lost Chord (unaired pilot)

01. Rogue Robots

02. Who Stole the Bagpipes?

03. The Trouble with Ghosts

04. The Chicken Run

05. The Martian Misfit

06. The Dream Machine

07. Lord of the Bungle

08. Die Laughing

09. The World of Machines

10. Ice Station Camel

11. The Plague of Pyramids

12. Custard

13. Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind

14. The Duel

15. The Day of the Suds

16. The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow God

17. The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse

18. The Invasion of Colonel ‘K’

19. Danger Mouse Saves the World... Again

20. The Odd Ball Runaround

21. The Strange Case of the Ghost Bus

22. Trip to America

23. The Wild, Wild Goose Chase

24. The Return of Count Duckula

25. Demons Aren't Dull

26. 150 Million Years Lost

27. The Planet of the Cats

28. Four Heads Are Better than Two

29. Tower of Terror

30. The Great Bone Idol

31. Public Enemy No 1

32. Long Lost Crown Affair

33. By George it's a Dragon

34. Tiptoe through the Penfolds

35. Project Moon

36. The Next Ice Age Begins at Midnight

37. The Aliens are Coming

38. Remote-Controlled Chaos

39. The Man from Gadget

40. Tampering With Time Tickles

41. Nero Power

42. Once Upon a Time Slip

43. Viva Danger Mouse

44. Play it Again, Wufgang

45. Hear, Hear

46. Multiplication Fable

47. The Spy who stayed in with a Cold

48. It’s all White, White Wonder

49. The Hickory Dickory Dock Dilemma

50. What a Three-Point Turn-Up for the Book

51. Quark! Quark!

52. Alping is Snow Easy Matter

53. Aaargh! Spiders!

54. One of Our Stately Homes is Missing

55. Afternoon Off - With the Fangboner

56. Beware of Mexicans Delivering Milk

57. Cat-Astrophe

58. The Good, the Bad and the Motionless

59. Statues

60. The Clock Strikes Back!

61. Ee! Tea!

62. Bandits, Beans and Ballyhoo!

63. Have You Fled Any Good Books Lately?

64. Tut, Tut, It's Not Pharaoh

65. Lost, Found and Spellbound

66. Penfold, B.F.

67. Mechanized Mayhem

68. Journey to the Earth’s... ‘Cor

69. Danger Mouse on the Orient Express

70. The Ultra Secret Secret

71. Duckula Meets Frankenstoat

72. Where There’s a Well There’s a Way

73. All Fall Down

74. Turn of the Tide

75. Gremlin Alert

76. Cor! What a Picture

77. I Spy With My Little Eye

78. Bigfoot Falls

79. The Statue of Liberty Caper

80. Penfold Transformed

81. A Dune with a View

82. Don Coyote and Sancho Penfold

83. Crumhorn Strikes Back!

84. Ants, Trees and... Whoops-A-Daisy

85. There's a Penfold In My Suit

86. Rhyme And Punishment

87. Pillow Fright!

88. Heavy Duty

89. The Intergalactic 147


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