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Thursday, 26 January 2012 00:00

Seeing Philip Glenister in a TV drama as anyone else but Gene Hunt from “Life on Mars” and “Ashes to Ashes” is very difficult. That was a larger than life iconic character, and consequently, the only way you can go as an actor is to be understated. So it is with the role of Harry Venn, a jobbing solicitor who gets involved in a conspiracy that will take him right into the middle of a fight for control of a coalition government. 

Very much an echo of the current situation we find ourselves in. As Venn, Glenister swaps the Quattro for a BMW, is estranged from his wife, bedhops with Lauren (Lisa Kay, formerly Carol Cassidy in Heartbeat), and then finds himself employed to find a key witness by Gina Hawkes (Thekla Reuten, a Dutch actress) - despite it being outside his remit, he agrees to take on the job, as £20,000 is difficult to refuse.

Hidden comes to DVDHowever, it soon leads to him being unwittingly drawn into investigating the death of his brother, Mark, some 20 years ago.

In the background is the political intrigue, as Prime Minister Brian Worsley is being lined up for a fall, with talk of various allegations about to break about his business affairs. Lined up to take over as PM is Alexander Wentworth, a young parliamentarian, being fed all the right lines by a bunch of financiers and other mysterious backers.

Anna Chancellor cements her CV as one of those who is playing kingmaker in the role of Elspeth Verney. Meanwhile, David Suchet gets as far away from Poirot as he can possibly get playing Sir Nigel Fountain, a top judge with Gina’s best interests at heart.

All is not well in the UK, with rioting on the streets now deemed to have become commonplace. Helping add to the realism are real-life political analysts Adam Boulton (Sky), Kirsty Wark (BBC) and Nina Hossain (ITV).

The supporting cast are terrific, but this is very much Glenister’s show. Venn has a casual cocaine habit, a murky past he’d rather leave alone, a son who he is only just getting to know who is already attracted to the wrong side of the tracks, and a real reluctance to get too involved in what is unfolding right in front of him.

It’s another complex storyline which does pay off when you stick with it – flashbacks are used as clues to what is forthcoming in terms of the plot, but they do keep you guessing as to what their significance is.

It’s a good four hours of gripping stuff, and the extras include a “Making of” plus interviews with the Director, as well as Mr Glenister, Ms Reuten, director Niall MacCormick, and David Suchet himself.

The two-disc edition of Hidden, is a certificate ’15’, features all four hour-long episodes of the mini-series, and is out now from FremantleMedia Entertainment with a RRP of £19.99, or less from www.culttvstore.com

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