L A Law Season 2 on DVD

Sunday, 22 April 2012 11:23

The second season of L A Law is very much a continuation of the lively, entertaining and frequently thought-provoking drama-soap antics seen in the original box set. The principal changes are the introduction of two new employees at legal firm McKenzie Brackman. Blair Underwood (The Event, Fatherhood) plays hotshot young lawyer Jonathan Rollins, and Larry Drake (“Darkman”, Johnny Bravo) puts in a memorable turn as Benny Stulwicz, a mentally handicapped office assistant.

Jonathan causes quite a stir, firstly by commanding an initial salary greater than his peers and secondly owing to his rather gung-ho, self-assured approach to trials. He also feels he has to prove himself because he is black. Benny inspires some interesting new storylines to do with his condition, and catches quite a few people out when they expect him to be less capable than he is. You could have won one of three copies we had up for grabs in our prize competition.

L A LAW - Season 2 on DVD

In line with the premiere season, the second year sees a number of story arcs winding their way through the 20 episodes. Some of these naturally follow the two new employees, but others include Brackman’s failing marriage and the discovery that his immediate family is larger than he knew, Grace leaving her old post and taking up a new job with a sting in the tail, several members of the company getting caught up in an insider trading scam, and Stuart and Ann’s on-off plans to get married. 

The blend of court-room drama and soap opera is just as winning as it was in year one, and although the tone is generally light and breezy, once again the series occasionally delves into more serious cases or a relationship upset that prevents things becoming too frothy and insubstantial. Having said that, there are plenty of humorous moments in every episode, to help brighten up the darkest of days - not least of which are the groan-worthy episode titles such as “Goldilocks and the Three Barristers” and “Open Heart Perjury”.

The two new characters fit into the existing team brilliantly, and it is very difficult not to love each and every member – even the irascible Brackman. The only minor complaints I can come up with are that senior partner Leland McKenzie (Richard Dysart) is criminally (!) underused and cases are hardly ever lost, robbing proceedings of any suspense. Leland acts as a kind of father figure to the most of the employees, but personally I would have liked to have seen him involved in more of the cases.

As with Season 1, this box set sadly contains no special features.

L A Law - Season 2 (1987) is released out now on DVD, courtesy of Revelation Films. The entire six-disc season has a running time of 16 hours approx, carries a ‘15’ certificate and retails for £34.99, or less from www.culttvstore.com

Thanks to Revelation Films and Cult TV, you had a chance to win one of three copies of the DVD box set of L A Law Season 2 we had up for grabs in our prize competition. To enter the competition, you needed to answer the following question: Which two actors joined the series in Season 2? The answer was Blair Underwood and Larry Drake, and the lucky winners were Stuart Edwards of Wallingford, Jordan Gamble of Liverpool, and Kirsty Sparks of Sittingbourne - well done all!


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