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Famous Five - Season 2 out now on DVDEnid Blyton’s Famous Five Series 2 is out now on DVD, and the release includes the final 13 episodes of the 1970s TV variant on the popular book series.  This season was originally broadcast on ITV across 1978 and 1979, which led many to believe it was two separate seasons, which was not the case. 2012 marks the 70th anniversary of the first release of the “Famous Five” books, so it’s perfect timing to see these episodes finally release.  Many feared the worst for the show, as the Southern Television archive has not been the most well-curated over the years, but now its fans can breathe easily.

Based on the best-selling Enid Blyton series of books, this second series features the guest starring talent of the likes of Patrick Troughton, Brian Croucher, Alfie Bass, Kenneth Cope, Mona Bruce, David Rappaport, Stephen Greif, Leslie Schofield, Rita Webb, Kenneth MacDonald, and Rupert Graves in a very early role (only preceded on his CV by a walk-on part in an episode of Return of The Saint).

The five stars were, as was the case in the books, Dick Kirrin (Gary Russell – now a big wheel in the Doctor Who universe), Julian Kirrin (Marcus Harris – once Deputy Mayor of Wallingford), Anne Kirrin (Jennifer Thanisch - Jack Regan's daughter, Susie, in The Sweeney), their cousin George (Michele Gallagher, who tragically died in 2000) and her dog Timmy (played by Toddy).

Supporting the adventures were Uncle Quentin (German actor Michael Hinz) and Aunt Fanny (Sue Best) who were always around to offer unwitting assistance and lashings of ginger beer. Quentin was in all but one of the episodes, Fanny’s appearances were a little more patchy over the run of the series. 

An Anglo-German co-production, the stories had everything its audience could want - ruined castles, rolling moors, mysterious islands, and hidden caves. The Five could find adventure wherever they were. Whether using Kirrin Cottage as a base, or away on holiday, they always encountered various never-do-wells, including smugglers, scoundrels and spies.

Enid Blyton’s Famous Five - Series 2 is out now on DVD from Koch Media.  The three-disc set has a ‘U’ certificate, a running time of 350 minutes approx, and an RRP of £29.99, or get it for less at www.culttvstore.com 


Enid Blyton’s Famous Five – Series 2 Episode Guide

14. “Five Get into Trouble (Episode One): Prisoners”

Oh no! The Famous Five are now Four – because Dick has been kidnapped – mistaken for the son of one of the richest men in the country! Of course the Five must be re-united, so Julian, Anne, George and Timmy set off to find Dick and bring him home…

Original ITV Transmission: 19 November 1978


15. “Five Get into Trouble (Episode Two): Conspiracies”

Julian, Anne, George and Timmy find dick in an old, abandoned house – but when they try to rescue him, they too are caught and held hostage! How will the five get themselves out of this one..?

Original ITV Transmission: 26 November 1978


16. “Five Get into a Fix”

The Famous Five have gone ski-ing! But it’s not all fun in the snow – when the children spot a strange face in the window of a nearby house, they decide to investigate the mysterious figure.  The mystery deepens when the Five discover a network of secret tunnels under the house – but are they brave enough to venture inside?

Original ITV Transmission: 3 December 1978


17. “Five Are Together Again (Episode One)”

Dick, George, Julian, Anne and Timmy are camping near Professor Hayling’s house, as there has been an outbreak of Scarlett Fever at Kirrin Cottage. In an adjoining field a circus has set up, and the five become acquainted with Sam and his chimp Charly, as well as the mysterious magician Wu. When Professor Hayling’s research papers are stolen from his tower one night, however, Charly is accused of being the thief. Now it’s up to the Famous Five to prove poor Charly’s innocence and uncover the true criminal.

Original ITV Transmission: 10 December 1978


18. “Five Are Together Again (Episode Two)”

The stolen papers reappear – brought back to Professor Hayling by the magician, Wu. However, the Famous Five are suspicious of Wu, and set out to find out where he acquired the papers from. Convinced he is the thief, they set a trap to magician Wu and his assistant.

Original ITV Transmission: 17 December 1978


19. “Five Have a Wonderful Time”

The Famous Five are caravanning, next to a travelling fair. On site is also a seemingly deserted castle, and when Dick is bird watching he spies a face in the window through his binoculars!  But when the others try to look the face has disappeared. Who is the mysterious face in the window? Could it possibly be a colleague of Uncle Quentin’s, who has gone missing? It’s up to the Five to find out!

Original ITV Transmission: 31 December 1978


20. “Five Fall into Adventure (Episode One)”

The Famous Five are panic-stricken – George and Timmy have been kidnapped! Following a break in at Kirrin cottage, where Uncle Quentin’s study was broken into, nobody can find George and Timmy. Then Jo – a tomboy just like George who the Five met at the beach – turns up at the door with a note that demands some of Uncle Quentin’s research in exchange for the kidnapped pair. Now the Five must work out who is in charge of the break in and get their cousin back!

Original ITV Transmission: 27 June 1979


21. “Five Fall into Adventure (Episode Two)”

Jo leads Julian, Dick and Anne to an old caravan in the woods where she thinks George may be hidden. Alas, George is nowhere to be seen… but there is a note from George that says simply “Red Tower”. Can the children decipher the message and save George before it’s too late! 

Original ITV Transmission: 4 July 1979


22. “Five Run Away Together”

Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin have employed a housekeeper, Mrs Stick, so that there is somebody to look after the Five whilst they are out of town. Sadly, Mrs Stick also comes with a mean-spirited son whom the Five do not like one bit! So the Five run away together – to Kirrin Island – and have a wonderful time until they start to notice odd lights out to sea, and then hear a child screaming.  What is happening on Kirrin Island – it’s up to the Five to find out.

Original ITV Transmission: 11 July 1979


23. “Five Go to Demon’s Rocks (Episode One)”

Professor Hayling has come to Kirrin Cottage to stay – bringing along his son Tinker and his monkey, Mischief. However, when the children are making far too much noise for Uncle Quentin and Professor Hayling to concentrate on their important meeting, they are sent to stay in the lighthouse that Tinker owns. One night, the lighthouse is burgled, and the key stolen – who is behind the break in?

Original ITV Transmission: 18 July 1979


24. “Five Go to Demon’s Rocks (Episode Two)”

In the light house George, Dick, Julian, Anne and Tinker find a map showing an entrance to a secret passage. Is this what the criminals that broke into the lighthouse were after? Who were they? And where does the secret passage lead?

Original ITV Transmission: 25 July 1979


25. “Five Go Down to the Sea (Episode One)”

The Famous Five are holidaying in Cornwall, alongside a troop of “barnies” – a travelling circus whose performances take place in barns, and the star of the show is Clopper, the pantomime horse. The five learn, from the Granddad of a local boy, that many many years ago “wreckers” used to shine lights out to sea to lure ships onto rocks, killing crews and plundering the ships for treasure. The light, Granddad says, can still be seen on a stormy night. The Five, intrigued by Granddad’s story, resolve to visit the beach at night and find the source of the light…

Original ITV Transmission: 1 August 1979


26. “Five Go Down to the Sea (Episode Two)”

The Famous Five find a tower, which seems to be the source of the mysterious light – and an underground pathway which leads to the hideout of a gang of smugglers. Suddenly the doors are closed behind them and our Five are trapped! Will they be able to escape one more time? And will they find out who is behind the smugglings?  There’s an awful lot to do for the Famous Five.

Original ITV Transmission: 8 August 1979

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